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UMP Summernationals coverage index

July 16, 2013, 1:37 pm
Brandon Sheppard, 20, became the youngest tour champion. (rdwphotos.smugmug.com)
Brandon Sheppard, 20, became the youngest tour champion. (rdwphotos.smugmug.com)

UMP DIRTcar Summernationals index; also visit the schedule page, the series history section and the downloadable statistical recap:

Wednesday, July 23

Quick Time: Summernationals by the numbers

Tuesday, July 22

Story: Consistent Sheppard takes crown

Monday, July 21

Stats: Series points and results

Saturday, July 19

Race story: Miller bags $10,000
Video: Oakshade full recap
Video: Sheppard wins championship
Video: Oakshade feature highlights
Video: Oakshade heat highlights
Video: Oakshade Summernationals Minute
Photos: Oakshade slideshow

Friday, July 19

Race story: Drown gets first series win
Video: Attica full recap
Video: Attica feature highlights
Video: Attica heat highlights
Video: Attica Summernationals Minute
Photos: Attica slideshow

Wednesday, July 17

Race story: R.J. Conley gets first win
Video: Brushcreek full recap
Video: Brushcreek feature highlights
Video: Brushcreek heat highlights
Video: Brushcreek Summernationals Minute
Photos: Brushcreek slideshow

Tuesday, July 16

Stats: Series points and results

Monday, July 15

Race story: Late heroics lift Shirley
Video: Peoria full recap
Video: Peoria feature highlights
Video: Peoria heat highlights
Video: Peoria Summernationals Minute
Photos: Peoria slideshow

Sunday, July 14

Race story: Babb gets 82nd victory
Video: Vermilion County full recap
Video: Vermilion County feature highlights
Video: Vermilion County heat highlights
Video: Vermilion County Summernationals Minute
Photos: Vermilion County slideshow

Saturday, July 13

Race story: Pierce wins again
Video: 34 Raceway full recap
Video: 34 Raceway feature highlights
Video: 34 Raceway heat highlights
Video: 34 Raceway Summernationals Minute
Photos: 34 Raceway slideshow

Friday, July 12

Race story: Pierce wins $10,000
Video: Kankakee full recap
Video: Kankakee feature highlights
Video: Kankakee heat highlights
Video: Kankakee Summernationals Minute
Photos: Kankakee slideshow
DirtWire: I-55 makeup date scrapped

Thursday, July 11

Race story: Babb gets fifth win
Video: Macon full recap
Video: Macon feature highlights
Video: Macon heat highlights
Video: Macon Summernationals Minute
Photos: Macon slideshow

Wednesday, July 10

DirtWire: Terre Haute rained out

Tuesday, July 9

Race story: Bloomquist wins at Florence
Video: Florence full recap
Video: Florence feature highlights
Video: Florence heat highlights
Video: Florence Summernationals Minute
Photos: Florence slideshow

Monday, July 8

Sidebar: Points chase tightens

Sunday, July 7

Race story: Babb wins fourth at Tri-State
Video: Tri-State full recap
Video: Tri-State feature highlights
Video: Tri-State heat highlights
Video: Tri-State Summernationals Minute
Photos: Tri-State slideshow

Saturday, July 6

DirtWire: Rain washes out Highland
Live updates: Reports before Highland's rainout
Video: Highland Summernationals Minute

Friday, July 5

Race story: Unzicker wins $7,500
Video: Fayette County full recap
Video: Fayette County feature highlights
Video: Fayette County heat highlights
Video: Fayette County Summernationals Minute
Photos: Fayette County slideshow

Thursday, July 4

Race story: Pierce wins again
Video: La Salle full recap
Video: La Salle feature highlights
Video: La Salle heat highlights
Video: La Salle Summernationals Minute
Photos: La Salle slideshow
Photos: Ray Guss Jr. rollover

Wednesday, July 3

Race story: Babb wins again
Video: Jacksonville full recap
Video: Jacksonville feature highlights
Video: Jacksonville heat highlights
Video: Jacksonville Summernationals Minute
Photos: Jacksonville slideshow

Tuesday, July 2

Race story: Babb tops Shirley
Video: Quincy full recap
Video: Quincy feature highlights
Video: Quincy heat highlights
Video: Quincy Summernationals Minute
Photos: Quincy slideshow
Photos: Todd Frank rollover
Sidebar: Pierce's breakthrough

Sunday, June 30

Race story: Pierce wins at Lincoln
Video: Lincoln full recap
Video: Lincoln feature highlights
Video: Lincoln heat highlights
Video: Lincoln Summernationals Minute
Photos: Lincoln slideshow

Saturday, June 29

DirtWire: Rain washes out I-55

Friday, June 28

Race story: Moyer wins $10,000
Video: Paducah full recap
Video: Paducah feature highlights
Video: Paducah heat highlights
Video: Paducah Summernationals Minute
Photos: Paducah slideshow

Thursday, June 27

Race story: Sheppard wins Clayhill
Video: Clayhill full recap
Video: Clayhill feature highlights
Video: Clayhill heat highlights
Video: Clayhill Summernationals Minute
Photos: Clayhill slideshow

Wednesday, June 26

Race story: Sheppard wins Clarksville
Video: Clarksville full recap
Video: Clarksville feature highlights
Video: Clarksville heat highlights
Video: Clarksville Summernationals Minute
Photos: Clarksville slideshow
Quick Time: Update on Summernationals stats

Tuesday, June 25

DirtWire: Sponsor raises Lincoln's profile

Monday, June 24

DirtWire: Peoria rained out

Sunday, June 23

Race story: Babb wins at I-96
Video: I-96 full recap
Video: I-96 feature highlights
Video: I-96 heat highlights
Video: I-96 Summernationals Minute
Photos: I-96 slideshow

Saturday, June 22

Race story: Unzicker wins $10,000
Video: Fairbury full recap
Video: Fairbury feature highlights
Video: Fairbury heat highlights
Video: Fairbury Summernationals Minute
Photos: Fairbury slideshow

Friday, June 21

Race story: Simpson wins Tri-City
Video: Tri-City full recap
Video: Tri-City feature highlights
Video: Tri-City heat highlights
Video: Tri-City Summernationals Minute
Photos: Tri-City slideshow
Notebook: More woes for Reddick
Sidebar: Another Weaver setback

Thursday, June 20

Race story: Sheppard wins at Belle-Clair
Video: Belle-Clair full recap
Video: Belle-Clair feature highlights
Video: Belle-Clair heat highlights
Video: Belle-Clair Summernationals Minute
Photos: Belle-Clair slideshow

Wednesday, June 19

Race story: Sheppard wins at Spoon River
Video: Spoon River full recap
Video: Spoon River feature highlights
Video: Spoon River heat highlghts
Video: Spoon River Summernationals Minute
Photos: Spoon River slideshow

Monday, June 17

Fast Talk: First week review

Sunday, June 16

Race story: Weaver wins at Wilmot
Video: Wilmot full recap
Video: Wilmot feature highlights
Video: Wilmot heat highlights
Video: Wilmot Summernationals Minute
Photos: Slideshow from Wilmot

Saturday, June 15

DirtWire: Cedar Lake rained out
Notebook: Krohn solid at Cedar Lake
Sidebar: Miscue robs Weaver at Cedar Lake

Friday, June 14

Race story: Birkhofer wins at Cedar Lake
Video: Cedar Lake full recap
Video: Cedar Lake feature highlights
Video: Cedar Lake heat highlights
Video: Cedar Lake Summernationals Minute
Sidebar: Reigning champ now crew chief
Photos: Cedar Lake slideshow

Wednesday, June 12

Race story: Erb wins at Brownstown
Notebook: Win-win for Francis, Smith
Video: Brownstown full recap
Video: Brownstown feature highlights
Video: Brownstown heat highlights
Video: Brownstown Summernationals Minute
Photos: Brownstown slideshow
Preview: Teens tackle Hell Tour

Tuesday, June 11

VideoCast: Reddick’s series bid

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