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FAQ: DirtonDirt.com live streaming information

November 1, 2019, 12:00 am

Frequently asked questions, details and other information relating to DirtonDirt.com's live video broadcasts:


How do I get to the live video?: Click the watch link in the top-right corner of the website (it will be active when there is live programming) and select your broadcast from the dropdown menu, if necessary.

What time does the broadcast begin? When can I get to the live video page?: Start times will vary but are typically noted on DirtonDirt.com's home page and social media platforms each day. The live video page becomes active mid-to-late afternoon, a few hours before the program begins.

Where can I find the schedule of upcoming events?: DirtonDirt.com's live events page.

Do I need to be a DirtonDirt.com subscriber to watch live productions?: All live broadcasts are available to both subscribers and non-subscribers. Non-subscribers have the option of creating a special account to order only a live package.

Are pay-per-view packages included with my subscription? What about a FastPass?: No, pay-per-view packages and FastPasses must be purchased separately from a subscription.

What kinds of live broadcast packages are available?: For most World of Outlaws, Summer Nationals and Xtreme winter events, both single-day packages ($24.99 per package) and FastPasses ($39 billed every 28 days) are available. While pricing varies for other events, both single-day and complete packages are typically available for events. For more specific package pricing and details, follow this link and click on the event logo of your choice.

What do the colors of the order page buttons mean?: Dark red buttons signify standard pay-per-view events. Purple buttons signify events included with a FastPass. Green buttons signify events which are broadcast FREE for DirtonDirt.com's premium subscribers. Yellow buttons signify pay-per-view events that subscribers can watch for just $10. Grey buttons signify that event ordering is currently inactive and will become available at a later date.

On days with multiple events, am I able to purchase/watch more than one stream at a time?: Yes. While each event must be purchased individually (with the exception of FastPass events), it is possible to purchase multiple events and open multiple browser windows to view multiple streams on a computer.

What if it rains?: Those who order event-specific packages will be granted access to watch the event whenever it is made up. If the event is not made up, those who have purchased event-specific pacakages will receive a full refund. FastPass purchasers are not refunded but will receive access to watch if the event is made up during an active billing period. If a FastPass purchaser elects to cancel and the event is made up outside of their billing period, they will not receive access to watch. Note: When purchasing week-long event packages, four of six events is considered complete.

Which events do subscribers receive discounts for when purchasing a complete pay-per-view package?: DirtonDirt.com premium subscribers receive exclusive discounts when purchasing multi-day coverage of the Wild West Shootout, Silver Dollar Nationals, USA Nationals and Knoxville Nationals events, along with several other events, including some with packages costing subscribers as little as $10 per program. Additionally, DirtonDirt.com periodically offers FREE live broadcasts that are exclusive to premium subscribers.

What will I get if I purchase a live broadcast?: While each event varies slightly, you can typically expect multiple announcers, multiple cameras, live scoring, instant replays, driver interviews and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to chat with other viewers.

Will I be able to watch replays of the live broadcast(s) that I purchase at a later date?: Each broadcast is archived and uploaded after its completion. Those who purchased packages are then able to watch on-demand coverage.

Am I allowed to rebroadcast the event on platforms such as Periscope or Facebook Live?: No, DirtonDirt.com broadcasts are exclusive to those purchasing packages. Anyone found rebroadcasting the action is subject to copyright law and will have access revoked without refund.


Can I cancel my FastPass at any time?: Yes, the recurring billing on FastPasses can be stopped at any time, but please provide at least 48 hours notice prior to your renewal date to ensure that your cancellation is processed and not charged. No refunds will be granted past renewal or without notice. If a FastPass is cancelled, access will expire at the end of the current paid period.

Where can I buy a FastPass?: Visit our live events page and select an upcoming World of Outlaws, Summer Nationals or Xtreme winter event. An option will appear for purchase on the event order page.

How much does a FastPass cost? How is it billed?: FastPasses cost $39 and bill on a recurring basis every 28 days.

How do I update my payment information on my FastPass?: Click on the "my account" option in the top-left corner of the website. Scroll down to the live video package(s) section and select the "update billing info" button with your FastPass details. On the following page, complete the payment form with your new credit card information and click update now.

Why should I buy a FastPass?: Quite simply, it offers both the best value and most racing of any purchase option. For $39 per month, FastPassers receive access to nearly all World of Outlaws, Summer Nationals and Xtreme winter events. A FastPass serves as the most cost-effective option for any race fan who expects to purchase two or more of FastPass events each month.

How does a subscription differ from a FastPass?: DirtonDirt.com subscribers receive access to all of the website's premium content, including exclusive stories, video highlights, post-race interviews, breaking news and more. FastPassers receive access to live broadcasts of World of Outlaws, Summer Nationals and Xtreme winter events. Subscriptions do not include FastPass live broadcasts and FastPasses do not include access to DirtonDirt.com's premium content.

Which events are included with my FastPass? Any are there any exclusions?: All events on the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, DIRTcar Summer Nationals and Xtreme DIRTcar Winter Series with the exception of the USA Nationals which operates under a standard pay-per-view structure. Note: It's possible there will be sporadic additional events where Internet and/or technical limitations prevent live broadcasts.

Are DirtonDirt.com's FastPass broadcasts different than those at DirtVision.com? No, they are not. DirtonDirt.com and DirtVision.com co-stream all events with identical broadcasts appearing on both websites.

Does my DirtVision.com Late Model FastPass work at DirtonDirt.com?: Yes it does. To connect your DirtVision FastPass to DirtonDirt.com, visit the event order page you desire to watch and select the FastPass option. Next, choose "I have a Late Model FastPass account at DirtVision.com" and enter your credentials. Finally, click connect and follow the prompts from there.

Do I also receive access to DirtVision.com's sprint car broadcast with my DirtonDirt.com FastPass?: No, a separate subscription must be purchased at DirtVision.com in order to watch sprint car events. However, special exceptions may be made with bonus coverage of occasional events.


Can I pause the live broadcast?: We do not recommend it. Use of the video player DVR system could lead to the broadcast abruptly cutting out before your conclusion. If your broadcast is prematurely cut off, don't panic. Simply click to our live archives and an on-demand version of the complete show will be available momentarily. Purchasers are then able to fast forward and resume the program where they were cut off.

Can I watch on my TV via my Smart TV, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox 360, Google Chromecast or a hardwired cable?: Many viewers do, but we cannot provide technical support beyond video on your computer or mobile computing device. For those who encounter trouble attempting to watch with a Samsung Smart TV, our best recommendation is to use an HDMI cable, AirPlay or wireless connection instead of the built-in TV browser.

What browser is suggested for viewing live video? We strongly encourage the use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the best viewing experience.

What if the video is buffering or doesn't appear to be working?: Try these suggestions successively. First, click the refresh button above the video player. Close as many other computer applications as possible and refresh your browser window. Reboot your computer. Switch to a different web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Shut down your computer and turn off your router (where the internet comes into your home) for one minute, then power it up again in the reverse order.. In most cases, those will solve issues. If there's a problem that appears to be affecting everyone, check the live chat and our Twitter feed or Facebook page for details.

Is the live production available on mobile devices?: A computer and full web browser provide the best experience, but most smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads, can be used as well. On iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), you must quickly click the play arrow upon arriving to the video page; if you see only a still image, refresh the page and tap the play arrow before it disappears.

I'm having problems with my Android device; do you have any tips?: For phones, if you get an error message, you must have a Chrome browser available. Click on the lower-left Menu button and click "request desktop site." When you see a spinning wheel, click it, then click the play button to begin streaming. For Android tablets, follow the same instructions, but Chrome isn't required.

I briefly logged out and when I attempted to log back in, it said my subscription expired?: Non-subscribers who've created an account only to watch live broadcasts may encounter this message. There is no trouble with your access, simply click on the watch link in the top-right corner of the website and select your broadcast from the dropdown menu, if necessary.

Is my network fast enough?: If you suspect your Internet connection via your home network isn't fast enough, visit speedtest.net. A higher number for your download speed is better and anything under 1.5 mbps is likely unusable (we recommend 3 mbps or better). If you think your connection should be faster, unplugging your router for a few moments and restarting your network might clear up problems.

Why don't I see a video player? Only a white area in the middle of the screen?: You may need to update the background program that plays video for your web browser. Go to this page and follow the instructions.

What if I'm hearing an echo?: You likely have two browser windows open to the live video feed, so you're hearing the audio twice. Close one of the windows.

My stream is working, but I don't have audio?: First, check to see if your computer or device is muted. Additionally, be sure the video player audio is turned up. Lastly, it is also possible that your computer or device is wirelessly connected to a speaker or headphones via Bluetooth. If either are used, be sure to disconnect and audio should return locally to your computer or device.

Can I watch from work?: Likely not. Many places of business use security firewalls on computer systems that prevent live video. If you receive a server message (something like rtmp://dirtondirt.streamguys.com:80/live) it's likely a firewall issue. Most home networks won't have such firewall issues.


What if I can't figure things out?: Click the button above the live video player or the button below for further assistance. After entering your basic information, you will promptly be put in touch with a technical support representative. If none are available, please email ppvhelp@dirtondirt.com.


Is advertising available during the live broadcasts?: Limited space may be available. Visit this page for more information.

If my technical difficulty unfortunately cannot be resolved, will I receive a refund?: Should you experience an issue with your live broadcast purchase, please notify us promptly in technical support or at the address above. If we are contacted, attempts to resolve prove to be unsuccessful and the purchaser is ultimately unable to watch, a refund is possible. However, no refunds will be granted beyond one week of the broadcast date.

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