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Daily Dirt

  • Kevin Kovac
    A convert from big-block modified racing, Kevin is a senior writer and editor with DirtonDirt.com. He lives in Ephrata, Pa.
  • Todd Turner
    Todd lives in Louisville, Ky., and serves as managing editor for DirtonDirt.com.
  • Dave Argabright
    Dave lives in Fishers, Ind., and has been an auto racing broadcaster and writer for more than 30 years.
  • Dustin Jarrett
    Dustin lives in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and is the announcer at the legendary Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.
  • Robert Holman
    Robert lives in Lynchburg, Tenn., and is DirtonDirt.com's weekend editor. He also operates Jimmy Gray Motorsports, a Middle Tennessee team.
  • Joshua Joiner
    Joshua lives in Yulee, Fla., and is in his second stint with DirtonDirt.com, the first starting in 2010 and the second in 2020.
  • Kelley Carlton
    Kelley Carlton lives in Woodruff, S.C., and is the director of the Ultimate Super Late Model Series. He also operates a marketing, public relations and event management firm.
  • Michael Rigsby
    Michael lives in Bloomington, Ill., and serves as CEO and videographer for DirtonDirt.com
Todd Turner Dave Argabright Kevin Kovac Robert Holman Kelley Carlton
May 12, 2022

Walk-up songs

A few weeks ago in a Fast Talk segment on DirtonDirt.com, each member of the editorial staff suggested a walk-up song for a specific driver. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the stick and ball sports, a walk-up song is the music played over the PA system when a batter is making his way from the on-deck circle to home plate for his at-bat. Most walk-up songs are chosen by the batter. That’s one reason you hear such horrible music at high school games. Most young kids today, my son included, MORE

April 28, 2022

Entertainment value

For the record, I love racing. I love going to the track and competing. I love going to the track and just hanging out in the pit area. I even enjoy the drive to the track when we are pulling a car, whether it be a half hour or several hours. It’s all part of the experience for me.

I’ve admitted before that I’m a Late Model snob. I enjoy Late Models and not much else, probably because that’s what my stepdad drove, so that’s all I knew growing up. I will rarely take the time now to stop MORE

April 14, 2022

Check the lugnuts

Ask any Dirt Late Model driver and they’ll tell you: good help is hard to find. It’s beyond cliché. It’s downright fact.

I recently had a conversation with Hall of Fame driver Scott Bloomquist during the Bristol Dirt Nationals in regards to how tough it is to find and keep quality help.

Young guys aren’t experienced, so you have to show ’em the ropes, which could mean completely relearning how to do something a specific way for their new boss. And older guys, often set in their ways, MORE

March 31, 2022

My modeling career

Robert Holman

Building a race car is a lot like building a model car. In fact, I actually learned a lot about real cars by building models. I learned what all the major parts were, the rear end and transmission, the engine — even specific parts like the intake, heads, valve covers and other bolt-on parts like the starter and water pump — and the radiator, hoses and other parts.

I figured out that a Chevrolet engine had a distributor in the back of the engine, while a Ford had a distributor at the front. MORE

March 31, 2022

My brother, the Zamboni driver

My brother, the Zamboni driver

In December, during our 12-hour trek (which turned into 16 because of traffic jams and rerouting) back home from the Gateway Dirt Nationals, I was again reminded the power of laughter and comfort of fellowship.

And of course, along the way we added another story or six to the archive that we have built over the last 25 or so years together.

I always fly into St. Louis, Mo., a few days earlier than my crew guys. They finish up their work week at home and then jump in a MORE

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