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DirtonDirt.com exclusive

DIRTcar Summer Nationals coverage index

July 31, 2021, 7:52 am
A look at Macon Speedway. (brendonbauman.com)
A look at Macon Speedway. (brendonbauman.com)

DirtonDirt.com’s coverage of the 36 scheduled races of the DIRTcar Summer Nationals from June 15-Aug. 21; also visit the schedule page and series history section:

Sunday, Aug. 22

Story: Convention wisdom backfires at Merritt

Saturday, Aug. 21

RaceWire: Winger wins finale at Merritt
Sidebar: Moran's decision pays off
Video: Merritt feature highlights
Video: Merritt postrace interviews
Video: Merritt Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Merritt slideshow

Friday, Aug. 20

RaceWire: Winger wins at Tri-City Motor
Video: Tri-City Motor feature highlights
Video: Tri-City Motor postrace interviews
Video: Tri-City Motor Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Tri-City Motor slideshow

Thursday, Aug. 19

RaceWire: Moran dominates at I-96
Sidebar: Back to grindstone, Schlenk riding high
Notebook: English, Winger battle for second
Video: I-96 feature highlights
Video: I-96 postrace interviews
Video: I-96 Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: I-96 slideshow

Wednesday, Aug. 18

RaceWire: Pierce wins at Butler
Video: Butler feature highlights
Video: Butler postrace interviews
Video: Butler Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Butler slideshow

Sunday, Aug. 15

Story: Martin's disheartening tangle at I-55

Saturday, Aug. 14

RaceWire: Pierce grabs I-55 victory
DirtWire: Power line falls in I-55 pits
Notebook: Winger seasoned by series
Sidebar: Fatherhood brings calm to English
Video: I-55 feature highlights
Video: I-55 postrace interviews
Video: I-55 Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: I-55 slideshow

Friday, Aug. 13

RaceWire: B-Shepp tops Pierce at Highland
Video: Highland feature highlights
Video: Highland postrace interviews
Video: Highland Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Highland slideshow

Monday, July 26

DirtWire: Lake Cumberland rained out again

Sunday, July 25

RaceWire: Pierce wins delayed feature
Sidebar: Winger in tune after engine swap
Video: Richmond feature highlights
Video: Richmond postrace interviews
Video: Richmond Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Richmond slideshow

Saturday, July 24

RaceWire: Winger threads needle at Clarksvile
Video: Clarksville feature highlights
Video: Clarksville postrace interviews
Video: Clarksville Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Clarksville slideshow

Friday, July 23

RaceWire: Pierce cruises at Tri-CIty
Story: Fatherhood coming soon for English
Sidebar: Aspiring Missourian takes another step
Video: Tri-City feature highlights
Video: Tri-City postrace interviews
Video: Tri-City Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Tri-City slideshow

Thursday, July 22

RaceWire: Pierce wins at Springfield
Video: Springfield feature highlights
Video: Springfield postrace interviews
Video: Springfield Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Springfield slideshow

Wednesday, July 21

Video: On tour with Brian Shirley

Monday, July 19

Notebook: Oakshade doesn't go Marcoullier's way

Sunday, July 18

Sidebar: Late spin spoils Keller's Oakshade run

Saturday, July 17

RaceWire: Winger wins $10,000 Birthday Race
Story: Making most of series off-days
Video: Oakshade feature highlights
Video: Oakshade postrace interviews
Video: Oakshade Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Oakshade slideshow

Friday, July 16

DirtWire: Hartford event rained out
Notebook: Solid run for Van Wormer

Thursday, July 15

RaceWire: Winger flies at Thunderbird
Notebook: Godsey shines at Circle City
Sidebar: Respectable run for Peeden
Video: On tour with Bobby Pierce
Video: Thunderbird feature highlights
Video: Thunderbird postrace interviews
Video: Thunderbird Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Thunderbird slideshow

Wednesday, July 14

RaceWire: Pierce pulls away at Circle City
Column: Colorful process of tracking tires
Video: Circle City feature highlights
Video: Circle City postrace interviews
Video: Circle City Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Circle City slideshow

Tuesday, July 13

DirtWire: Lake Cumberland reset for July 26

Monday, July 12

Stats: By-the-numbers review of Babb's 100 victories
Video: On tour with Ashton Winger
DirtWire: Lake Cumberland rained out

Sunday, July 11

DirtWire: Tri-State event rained out

Saturday, July 10

Story: For Babb, 100 wins 'blows my mind'
DirtWire: Highland visit postponed

Friday, July 9

RaceWire: Babb scores 100th tour win
Sidebar: Rare clunker at Macon
Video: Farmer City feature highlights
Video: Farmer City postrace interviews
Video: Farmer City Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Farmer City slideshow

Thursday, July 8

RaceWire: Pierce wins third Herald & Review
Sidebar: Pierce edges Unzicker again
DirtWire: Randolph County race cancelled
Video: Macon feature highlights
Video: Macon postrace interviews
Video: Macon Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Macon slideshow

Wednesday, July 7

RaceWire: Pierce tops Unzicker at Spoon River
Video: Spoon River feature highlights
Video: Spoon River postrace interviews
Video: Spoon River Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Spoon River slideshow

Tuesday, July 6

RaceWire: Winger grabs first tour victory
Story: Pileup mars Knox County feature
Story: Knox County upgrades fair race
Video: Knox County feature highlights
Video: Knox County postrace interviews
Video: Knox County Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Knox County slideshow

Monday, July 5

Story: Laundry poses challenge for tour drivers

Sunday, July 4

RaceWire: B-Shepp lands at Lincoln
Sidebar: McGrath enjoys best run
Notebook: Up-and-down for Shirley
Notebook: Budget racer rebuilds old car
Video: Lincoln feature highlights
Video: Lincoln postrace interviews
Video: Lincoln Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Lincoln slideshow

Saturday, July 3

RaceWire: B-Shepp flag-to-flag at Fayette County
Video: Fayette County feature highlights
Video: Fayette County postrace interviews
Video: Fayette County Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Fayette County slideshow

Friday, July 2

RaceWire: Streaking Pierce tops Joliet
Sidebar: Diercks just happy to be back
Sidebar: Teams adapt to tire rules
Video: Route 66 feature highlights
Video: Route 66 postrace interviews
Video: Route 66 Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Route 66 slideshow

Thursday, July 1

RaceWire: Pierce cruises at Davenport
Sidebar: Oregon racer takes his lumps
Sidebar: Disappointing loss for Heckenast
Video: Davenport feature highlights
Video: Davenport postrace interviews
Video: Davenport Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Davenport slideshow

Wednesday, June 30

RaceWire: Pierce wins at Beaver Dam
Video: Beaver Dam feature highlights
Video: Beaver Dam postrace interviews
Video: Beaver Dam Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Beaver Dam slideshow

Saturday, June 26

DirtWire: Sunday's Jacksonville stop rained out
DirtWire: I-55 reset for Aug. 14
Sidebar: Shirley shrugs off slow start

Friday, June 25

RaceWire: Shirley tops Pierce at Sycamore
Video: Sycamore feature highlights
Video: Sycamore postrace interviews
Video: Sycamore Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Sycamore slideshow

Thursday, June 24

DirtWire: Spoon River rainout shuffles slate
Story: Winger's cars take beating at La Salle
Sidebar: Extra miles, extra laps for Dillard

Wednesday, June 23

RaceWire: Shirley dominates La Salle
Video: La Salle feature highlights
Video: La Salle postrace interviews
Video: La Salle Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: La Salle slideshow
Photos: Winger's rollover wreck

Monday, June 21

Fast Talk: Reviewing the opening week
DirtWire: LM-40 required on right rear

Sunday, June 20

DirtWire: Plymouth rained out
Sidebar: Good start for formidable English

Saturday, June 19

RaceWire: Babb rules on bottom groove
Sidebar: Feger makes progress
Video: Fairbury feature highlights
Video: Fairbury postrace interviews
Video: Fairbury Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Fairbury slideshow

Friday, June 18

RaceWire: English grabs Tri-City victory
Sidebar: Free-flow schedule suits Moran
Video: Tri-City feature highlights
Video: Tri-City postrace interviews
Video: Tri-City Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Tri-City slideshow

Thursday, June 17

RaceWire: Moran repels Kankakee challengers
Sidebar: No yellows, no dropouts, no problem
Video: Kankakee feature highlights
Video: Kankakee postrace interviews
Video: Kankakee Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Kankakee slideshow

Wednesday, June 16

RaceWire: Pierce wins tight duel
Notebook: Lance can't close Brownstown win
Video: Peoria feature highlights
Video: Peoria postrace interviews
Video: Peoria Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Peoria slideshow

Tuesday, June 15

RaceWire: Pierce tops Lance at Brownstown
Video: Brownstown feature highlights
Video: Brownstown postrace interviews
Video: Brownstown Summer Nationals Minute
Photos: Brownstown slideshow

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DirtWire: Tour purse gets boost
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