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Daily Dirt 04/23/2024 19:51:56

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August 10
Florence Speedway,
Union, KY
Sanction: Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series (North-South Shootout) - $10,000
Information provided by: Alli Collis (last updated August 11, 3:15 pm)
Owens earns $10,000 in North-South Shootout
North-South Shootout
  1. Jimmy Owens
  2. Darrell Lanigan
  3. Tim McCreadie
  4. Hudson O'Neal
  5. Bobby Pierce
  6. Earl Pearson Jr.
  7. Brandon Overton
  8. Don O'Neal
  9. Josh Richards
  10. Zack Dohm
  11. Devin Moran
  12. Dennis Erb Jr.
  13. Mike Marlar
  14. Rick Eckert
  15. Scott Bloomquist
  16. Kent Robinson
  17. Austin Hubbard
  18. Gregg Satterlee
  19. R.J. Conley
  20. Jesse Lay
  21. Scott James
  22. Steve Francis
  23. Michael Page
  24. Chris Ferguson
  25. Michael Chilton
  26. Tyler Erb
  27. Boom Briggs
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Heath Lawson/heathlawsonphotos.com
Jimmy Owens edges ahead of Darrell Lanigan en route to his Florence victory.
What won the race: Pulling ahead of outside polesitter Darrell Lanigan of Union, Ky., for the final time on lap 15 of 50, fifth-starting Jimmy Owens of Newport, Tenn., led the rest of the way for a $10,000 victory in Florence Speedway's North-South Shootout.
Key notes: Owens, a three-time North-South 100 winner, scored his third Lucas Oil Series victory of the season. … The 50-lap feature ran caution-free.
On the move: Bobby Pierce of Oakwood, Ill., charged from the 17th starting position to finish fifth.
Winner's sponsors: Owens drives a Ramirez Motorsports Rocket Chassis powered by an Andy Durham Racing Engine and sponsored by Redbone Fishing & Rental, Power Rig, Red Line Oil, E3 Spark Plugs, Midwest Sheet Metal, Integra Shocks and Boomtest Well Service.
Points chase: After Thursday: 1. Josh Richards (6,235 points); 2. Tim McCreadie (6,040): 3. Scott Bloomquist (5,990); 4. Don O'Neal (5,590); 5. Jimmy Owens (5,545); 5. Earl Pearson Jr. (5,545); 7. Darrell Lanigan (5,405); 8. Dennis Erb Jr. (5,235); 9. Hudson O'Neal (5,010): 10. Gregg Satterlee (4,955); 11. Steve Francis (4,865); 12. Boom Briggs (4,525).
Car count: 67
Fast qualifier: Hudson O'Neal
Time: 15.402 seconds
Polesitter: Hudson O'Neal
Heat race winners: Hudson O'Neal, Brandon Overton, Jimmy Owens, Darrell Lanigan, Tim McCreadie, Rick Eckert
Consolation race winners: Tyler Erb, Devin Moran
Provisional starters: Scott Bloomquist, Gregg Satterlee, Steve Francis, Boom Briggs, Jesse Lay
Next series race: August 18, Batesville Motor Speedway (Locust Grove, AR) $40,000
Editor's note: Results and race details are unofficial.
By Alli Collis
DirtonDirt.com staff writer

UNION, Ky. (Aug. 10) — After swapping the lead with outside polesitter Darrell Lanigan of Union, Ky., in the early running, fifth-starting Jimmy Owens of Newport, Tenn., pulled ahead for the final time on lap 15 of 50, leading the rest of the way for a $10,000 Lucas Oil Series victory in Florence Speedway’s North-South Shootout.

“All lanes were good,” Owens said. "Wherever you’d move, you’d almost leave the other one open. It was just an awesome race. A lot of racing and a lot of passing. We were glad for the track to have a good race and for everyone to be involved."

Charging ahead fellow-front row starter Hudson O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., in turns one and two, Langian took an early lead, with Owens advancing three spots to run in the top two by the second lap.

With Lanigan leading early, Owens began reeling in the hometown driver, racing side-by-side down the backstretch to edge ahead at the line on lap 10. But the battle was far from over.

As the pair worked their way through lapped traffic, Lanigan shot back to the front of the field on lap 12, only to fall back one lap later. Lanigan would again assume the point on lap 14, with Owens moving ahead for the final time on the following circuit.

“I know the bottom was pretty good, because we got the lead on the bottom,” Owens said. “But then it felt like we was super slow and when I’d look up top, the top looked like it was going to be good right against that cushion. I was just running that, trying not to abuse my stuff. We was able to edge by Darrell (Lanigan) there while he was running the high side, but then we was able to jump up there and maybe extend our lead a little bit.

“But then it kept getting a little slower and a little slower and a little slower, and the next thing you know I think, ‘Man, I need to be back down on the bottom. But this top’s pretty good too, so I don’t need to leave it open for somebody that’s got their stuff rolling up there. I was kind of a sitting duck. I didn’t know where to be. But it was a good race. I had a good time."

It was a lap-15 mishap that brought the lead swapping battle to its end, as Lanigan fell back to run in third when his No. 14 got sideways in turns one and two.

With the race leaders running close together in the final stages of the 50-lapper, Lanigan worked his way past O’Neal to finish runner-up at the checkers. Tim McCreadie of Watertown, N.Y., ran third, with O’Neal finishing fourth. Bobby Pierce of Oakwood, Ill., rallied from the 17th starting spot to round out the top five.

“I was just trying to get a run on the bottom and (Owens) didn’t know I was there,” Lanigan said of the lap-15 bobble. "He was cutting down and I was trying to stay off of him and about spun myself out. But we built a new car and it seems like it’s a good piece. We struggled last week pretty good after that crash at Fairbury, so we went home, built a new car, and it seems to be pretty good.”

McCreadie, who finished second in the 2013 edition of the North-South 100, as well as May’s Ralph Latham Memorial, was happy to start the weekend on a high note.

“The more we run, the better I feel,” McCreadie said. “It was a good night. Jimmy kind of snookered us there right at the beginning. I wasn’t expecting that bottom to even go like it did. He did a great job. It was a dog fight for a while. I had a great seat to watch. We were close, but we’ll work on our car. I’m happy."

Preliminary notes and results:

Pre-feature notes

Former North-South 100 winners qualifying for Thursday’s feature through heat race action include Jimmy Owens of Newport, Tenn., Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., and Bobby Pierce of Oakwood, Ill. ... A red flag fell during the first consolation for a frontstretch tangle involving Jason Jameson of Lawrenceburg, Ind., and John Whitney of Clarksville, Ohio. Both drivers were uninjured, but were done for the night with heavy damage. … Making his first-ever appearance at Florence, Michael Page of Douglasville, Ga., qualified for the main event. … Retiring early from the consolation, former Florence winner Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tenn., will take a provisional to start Thursday’s 50-lap feature. … Other provisionals went to Gregg Satterlee of Indiana, Pa., Steve Francis of Bowling Green, Ky., Boom Briggs of Bear Lake, Pa. (series), and Jesse Lay of Walton, Ky. (track).

Consolation results

Second consolation finish (top two transfer): Devin Moran, Scott James, Billy Moyer Jr., Cody Mahoney, Eddie Carrier Jr., Jonathan Davenport, Brian Shirley, Craig Vosbergen, Timothy Culp, Jackie Boggs, Boom Briggs, Trevor Landrum, Jason Miller, Ray Cook, Dustin Nobbe, Nick Latham, Devin Gilpin, Connor Meade, Adam Bowman, Tommy Bailey, Kody Evans, Kyle Bronson, Steve Landrum, Robby Hensley

First consolation finish (top two transfer):
Tyler Erb, Michael Page, Dale McDowell, Steve Casebolt, Mason Zeigler, Joey Moriarty, Steve Francis, Zak Blackwood, James Rice, Jesse Lay, Roger Williams, Gregg Satterlee, John Whitney, Jason Jameson, Jeep Van Wormer, John Gill, Austyn Mills, Billy Green, Scott Bloomquist, Shanon Buckingham, Jeff Alsip, Paul Stubber, Brandon Kinzer, Chad Stapleton

Consolation lineups

(12 laps; top two transfer)
First consolation
Row 1: Tyler Erb, Michael Page
Row 2: Dale McDowell, Shanon Buckingham
Row 3: Steve Casebolt, Scott Bloomquist
Row 4: Steve Francis, Gregg Satterlee
Row 5: Joey Moriarty, Chad Stapleton
Row 6: Mason Zeigler, Paul Stubber
Row 7: Brandon Kinzer, Jeep Van Wormer
Row 8: Jesse Lay, John Whitney
Row 9: Jeff Alsip, Zak Blackwood
Row 10: James Rice, John Gill
Row 11: Austyn Mills, Jason Jameson
Row 12: Roger Williams, Billy Green
Row 13: Colin Green
Second consolation
Row 1: Devin Moran, Scott James
Row 2: Timothy Culp, Billy Moyer Jr.
Row 3: Cody Mahoney, Eddie Carrier Jr.
Row 4: Jonathan Davenport, Dustin Nobbe
Row 5: Brian Shirley, Jason Miller
Row 6: Trevor Landrum, Boom Briggs
Row 7: Craig Vosbergen, Jackie Boggs
Row 8: Nick Latham, Ray Cook
Row 9: Kody Evans, Adam Bowman
Row 10: Devin Gilpin, Connor Meade
Row 11: Tommy Bailey, Kyle Bronson
Row 12: Robby Hensley, Steve Landrum

Heat race results

Sixth heat finish (top three transfer): Rick Eckert, Zack Dohm, Kent Robinson, Timothy Culp, Eddie Carrier Jr., Brian Shirley, Boom Briggs, Nick Latham, Adam Bowman, Tommy Bailey, Steve Landrum

Fifth heat finish (top three transfer):
Tim McCreadie, Dennis Erb Jr., R.J. Conley, Scott James, Cody Mahoney, Dustin Nobbe, Trevor Landrum, Jackie Boggs, Kody Evans, Connor Meade, Robby Hensley

Fourth heat finish (top three transfer):
Darrell Lanigan, Earl Pearson Jr., Michael Chilton, Devin Moran, Billy Moyer Jr., Jonathan Davenport, Jason Miller, Craig Vosbergen, Ray Cook, Devin Gilpin, Kyle Bronson

Third heat finish (top three transfer):
Jimmy Owens, Mike Marlar, Bobby Pierce, Dale McDowell, Scott Bloomquist, Joey Moriarty, Paul Stubber, Jesse Lay, Zak Blackwood, Austyn Mills

Second heat finish (top three transfer):
Brandon Overton, Chris Ferguson, Don O’Neal, Michael Page, Steve Casebolt, Gregg Satterlee, Mason Zeigler, Jeep Van Wormer, Jeff Alsip, John Gill, Roger Williams

First heat finish (top three transfer):
Hudson O’Neal, Josh Richards, Austin Hubbard, Tyler Erb, Shanon Buckingham, Steve Francis, Chad Stapleton, Brandon Kinzer, John Whitney, James Rice, Jason Jameson, Billy Green

Heat race lineups

(10 laps; top three transfer)
First heat
Row 1: Hudson O’Neal, Josh Richards
Row 2: Jason Jameson, Austin Hubbard
Row 3: Shanon Buckingham, Steve Francis
Row 4: Chad Stapleton, Brandon Kinzer
Row 5: Tyler Erb, James Rice
Row 6: John Whitney, Billy Green
Second heat
Row 1: Brandon Overton, Mason Zeigler
Row 2: Chris Ferguson, Gregg Satterlee
Row 3: Don O’Neal, Jeep Van Wormer
Row 4: Michael Page, John Gill
Row 5: Steve Casebolt, Roger Williams
Row 6: Jeff Alsip
Third heat
Row 1: Jimmy Owens, Dale McDowell
Row 2: Paul Stubber, Mike Marlar
Row 3: Joey Moriarty, Bobby Pierce
Row 4: Scott Bloomquist, Jesse Lay
Row 5: Zak Blackwood, Austyn Mills
Row 6: Colin Green
Fourth heat
Row 1: Darrell Lanigan, Billy Moyer Jr.
Row 2: Michael Chilton, Earl Pearson Jr.
Row 3: Craig Vosbergen, Kyle Bronson
Row 4: Devin Moran, Jonathan Davenport
Row 5: Devin Gilpin, Ray Cook
Row 6: Jason Miller
Fifth heat
Row 1: Dustin Nobbe, Tim McCreadie
Row 2: Scott James, R.J. Conley
Row 3: Robby Hensley, Kody Evans
Row 4: Dennis Erb Jr., Cody Mahoney
Row 5: Connor Meade, Jackie Boggs
Row 6: Trevor Landrum
Sixth heat
Row 1: Rick Eckert, Zack Dohm
Row 2: Timothy Culp, Eddie Carrier Jr.
Row 3: Kent Robinson, Steve Landrum
Row 4: Boom Briggs, Brian Shirley
Row 5: Tommy Bailey, Adam Bowman
Row 6: Nick Latham

Pre-race notes

With 67 cars on hand, the Florence car count is up two entries from last year’s North-South 100. It ties the Show-Me 100 for the second highest car count so far this season, behind June’s Dream XXII at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio. … Michael Page of Douglasville, Ga., Paul Stubber of Bunbury, Australia, and Joey Moriarty of Peoria, Ariz., are among drivers making their first-ever appearance at Florence. … Wrapping up his American tour, Australian driver Craig Vosbergen returns to Florence for the first time in five years. … Scott James of Bright, Ind., is debuting a new Rocket XR1 at Florence this weekend. … Fresh off a weekend sweep in his new G.R. Smith ride, 2015 North-South 100 winner Jonathan Davenport of Blairsville, Ga., is back at Florence for the first time since last year’s crown jewel. … Among Saturday's National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame inductees is Rick Eckert of York, Pa. The World of Outlaws veteran last qualified for the North-South 100 in 2012, finishing fourth. … Two-time North-South 100 winner Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., enters the weekend as the most recent crown jewel winner, scoring his first career USA Nationals victory at Cedar Lake Speedway on Aug. 5. … Jeep Van Wormer of Pinconning, Mich., is among the weekend's surprise entrants. He last qualified for the North-South 100 in 2003. ... Current track points leader Robby Hensley of Walton, Ky., was the winner of the July 29 weekly event at Florence.

Pre-race setup

For the second straight year, Florence Speedway kicks off its North-South 100 weekend with a Thursday program. The 50-lap North-South Shootout pays $10,000-to-win.

Two-time North-South 100 winner Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tenn., enters the weekend as the most recent series winner at the northern Kentucky oval, capturing May’s Ralph Latham Memorial. Defending North-South champion Bobby Pierce of Oakwood, Ill., is also among entrants.

Thursday’s program will run like a regular Lucas Oil Series show, including hot laps, time trials, six heat races, two consolations and the main event. UMP modifieds will also be in action.

Time trial results

Driver (car no.), hometown, time
Group A
Hudson O’Neal (71), Martinsville, Ind., 15.402
Brandon Overton (116), Evans, Ga., 15.599
Jimmy Owens (20), Newport, Tenn., 15.623
Josh Richards (1), Shinnston, W.Va., 15.691
Mason Zeigler (25z), Chalk Hill, Pa., 15.779
Dale McDowell (17m), Chickamauga, Ga., 15.871
Jason Jameson (12), Lawrenceburg, Ind., 15.874
Chris Ferguson (22), Mount Holly, N.C., 15.895
Paul Stubber (31AUS), Bunbury, Australia, 15.915
Austin Hubbard (11), Seaford, Del., 15.933
Gregg Satterlee (22), Indiana, Pa., 15.939
Mike Marlar (157), Winfield, Tenn., 15.943
Shanon Buckingham (50), Morristown, Tenn., 15.999
Don O’Neal (5), Martinsville, Ind., 16.008
Joey Moriarty (51), Peoria, Ariz., 16.032
Steve Francis (15), Bowling Green, Ky., 16.036
Jeep Van Wormer (55), Pinconning, Mich., 16.042
Bobby Pierce (32), Oakwood, Ill., 16.1
Chad Stapleton (32), Edinburgh, Ind., 16.131
Michael Page (18), Douglasville, Ga., 16.191
Scott Bloomquist (0), Mooresburg, Tenn., 16.241
Brandon Kinzer (18), Allen, Ky., 16.31
John Gill (75), Mitchell, Ind., 16.321
Jesse Lay (33), Walton, Ky., 16.33
Tyler Erb (91), New Waverly, Texas, 16.341
Steve Casebolt (C9), Richmond, Ind., 16.487
Zak Blackwood (93), Columbus, Ind., 16.499
James Rice (11r), Verona, Ky., 16.532
Roger Williams (12), Walton, Ky., 16.596
Austyn Mills (1AM), Alexandria, Ky., 16.631
John Whitney (15), Clarksville, Ohio, 16.766
Jeff Alsip (78), Florence, Ky., 16.988
Colin Green (52), Walton, Ky., 17.243
Billy Green (49), Walton, Ky., 17.328
Group B
Darrell Lanigan (14), Union, Ky., 15.872
Dustin Nobbe (5N), Batesville, Ind., 16.006
Rick Eckert (7E), York, Pa., 16.068
Billy Moyer Jr. (21), Batesville, Ark., 16.12
Tim McCreadie (39), Watertown, N.Y., 16.13
Zack Dohm (17), Cross Lanes, W.Va., 16.135
Michael Chilton (97), Salvisa, Ky., 16.178
Scott James (83), Bright, Ind., 16.179
Timothy Culp (C8), Prattsville, Ark., 16.196
Earl Pearson Jr. (1), Jacksonville, Fla., 16.206
R.J. Conley (71C), Wheelersburg, Ohio, 16.276
Eddie Carrier Jr. (10), Salt Rock, W.Va., 16.355
Craig Vosbergen (8), Perth, W. Australia, 16.365
Robby Hensley (21), Walton, Ky., 16.401
Kent Robinson (7R), Bloomington, Ind., 16.435
Kyle Bronson (40B), Brandon, Fla., 16.449
Kody Evans (4G), Camden, Ohio, 16.466
Steve Landrum (18), Erlanger, Ky., 16.47
Devin Moran (9), Dresden, Ohio, 16.482
Dennis Erb Jr. (28), Carpentersville, Ill., 16.573
Boom Briggs (99B), Bear Lake, Pa., 16.601
Jonathan Davenport (49), Blairsville, Ga., 16.603
Cody Mahoney (4), Hanover, Ind., 16.661
Brian Shirley (3S), Chatham, Ill., 16.748
Devin Gilpin (1G), Columbus, Ind., 16.77
Connor Meade (1), Clay City, Ky., 16.787
Tommy Bailey (11), Corbin, Ky., 16.854
Ray Cook (53), Brasstown, N.C., 16.859
Jackie Boggs (4B), Grayson, Ky., 16.934
Adam Bowman (77), Seymour, Ind., 17.003
Jason Miller (94), Winchester, Va., 17.017
Trevor Landrum (18L), Erlanger, Ky., 17.204
Nick Latham (31), Winchester, Ohio, 17.319

Thursday’s schedule

6 p.m. - Drivers’ meeting
6:30 p.m. - Hot laps/time trials
- Late Model hot laps
- Modified hot laps
- Late Model time trials
7:30 p.m. - Racing begins
Heat races
- Late Model heats (10 laps)
-  Modified heats (eight laps)
- Late Model consolations (12 laps)
- Modified consolations (10 laps)
- Late Model feature (50 laps)
- Modified feature (20 laps)

Feature lineup

Row 1: H. O’Neal, Lanigan
Row 2: Overton, McCreadie
Row 3: Owens, Eckert
Row 4: Richards, Pearson
Row 5: Ferguson, D. Erb
Row 6: Marlar, Dohm
Row 7: Hubbard, Chilton
Row 8: D. O’Neal, Conley
Row 9: Pierce, Robinson
Row 10: T. Erb, Moran
Row 11: Page, James
Row 12: Bloomquist, Satterlee
Row 13: Francis, Briggs
Row 14: Lay

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