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Daily Dirt 03/21/2023 03:41:07

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July 20
I-80 Speedway,
Greenwood, NE
Sanction: Malvern Bank Series (Prelude to the Silver Dollar Nationals) - $5,300
Information provided by: Staff and other reports (last updated July 21, 2:22 pm)
Berck earns $5,300 in I-80 weekend opener
Prelude to the Silver Dollar Nationals
  1. Kyle Berck
  2. Ben Schaller
  3. Tad Pospisil
  4. Jason O'Brien
  5. Jesse Sobbing
  6. Brian Kosiski
  7. J.C. Wyman
  8. Bill Leighton Jr.
  9. Chris Spieker
  10. Ben Sukup
  11. Josh Krug
  12. Matt Buller
  13. Jordan Grabouski
  14. Jason Wallace
  15. Brad Perdue
  16. Jim Johnson
  17. Corey Zeitner
  18. Kyle Segebart
  19. Allan Hopp
  20. Nate Beyenhof
  21. Nick Beyenhof
  22. Billy Koons Jr.
  23. Paul Glendenning
  24. Bob Milander
presented by
Todd Boyd/photosbyboyd.smugmug.com
Kyle Berck celebrates the richest victory in tour history.
What won the race: Outrunning third-starting Ben Schaller of Omaha, Neb., fifth-starting Kyle Berck of Marquette, Neb., captured a $5,300 Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series victory in I-80 Speedway's Prelude to the Silver Dollar Nationals.
Key notes: Berck scored an unprecedented 71st career Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series victory, his third of the 2017 season. … Berck was also the winner of the June 2 series stop at I-80. … Thursday’s winner’s purse was the richest in series history. … Malvern Bank competitors will return to I-80 on Sept. 30 for the tour’s season finale.
On the move: Tad Pospisil of Norfolk, Neb., charged from the 10th starting spot to round out the podium in third.
Winner's sponsors: Berck’s Missile Chassis has a Scott Bailey Racing Engine with aonsorship from Aurora Agronomy, Strobel Manufacturing, Herk’s Welding and Irrigation and Preferred Popcorn.
Points chase: Tad Pospisil had 940 points to lead Corey Zeitner (916) and Kyle Berck (910) as of July 1.
Car count: 41
Polesitter: Jesse Sobbing
Heat race winners: Brian Kosiski, Kyle Segebart, Bill Leighton Jr., Ben Schaller, Jason O'Brien
Consolation race winners: Allan Hopp, Corey Zeitner
Next series race: July 29, I-35 Speedway (Winston, MO) $1,200
Editor's note: Results and race details are unofficial.
From staff and other reports

GREENWOOD, Neb. (July 20) — Outrunning third-starting Ben Schaller of Omaha, Neb., fifth-starting Kyle Berck of Marquette, Neb., captured a $5,300 Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series victory in I-80 Speedway's Prelude to the Silver Dollar Nationals.

Preliminary lineups and results:

Feature lineup

Row 1: Jesse Sobbing, Bill Leighton
Row 2: Ben Schaller, Brian Kosiski
Row 3: Kyle Berck, Jordan Grabouski
Row 4: Kyle Segebart, Jason O’Brien
Row 5: Brad Perdue, Tad Pospisil
Row 6: Ben Sukup, J.C. Wyman
Row 7: Josh Krug, Mike Benson
Row 8: Allan Hopp, Corey Zeitner
Row 9: Nick Beyenhof, Paul Glendenning
Row 10: Chris Spieker, Billy Koons Jr.
Row 11: Nate Beyenhof, Matt Buller
Row 12: Jim Johnson, Jason Jacob

Consolation results

Second consolation finish: Corey Zeitner, Paul Glendenning, Billy Koons Jr., Matt Buller, Jason Jacob, Sterling Perkins, Al Zeitner, Jacob Brown, Bob King, Jason Wallace, Vic Lovejoy, Dan Battaglia, Steve McConnell, Bob Milander

First consolation finish:
Allan Hopp, Nick Beyenhof, Chris Spieker, Nate Beyenhof, Jim Johnson, Mike Stader, Bill Koons, Jake Bridge, Jeff Segebart, Curt Drake, Tyler Smith, Travis Collins, Amanda O’Neal, Josh Most, Andrew Kosiski

Consolation lineups

First consolation
Row 1: Allan Hopp, Nate Beyenhof
Row 2: Nick Beyenhof, Jim Johnson
Row 3: Bill Koons, Tyler Smith
Row 4: Mike Stadel, Jeff Segebart
Row 5: Chris Spieker, Jake Bridge
Row 6: Josh Most, Amanda O’Neal
Row 7: Curt Drake, Travis Collins
Row 8: Andrew Kosiski
Second consolation
Row 1: Corey Zeitner, Paul Glendenning
Row 2: Jason Jacob, Sterling Perkins
Row 3: Billy Koons Jr., Bob Milander
Row 4: Al Meitner, Dan Battaglia
Row 5: Bob King, Jacob Brown
Row 6: Vic Lovejoy, Steve McConnell
Row 7: Jason Wallace, Matt Buller

Heat race results

Fifth heat finish: Jason O'Brien, Jesse Sobbing, Brad Perdue, Josh Krug, Tyler Smith, Dan Battaglia, Josh Most, Jason Wallace

Fourth heat finish: Ben Schaller, Ben Sukup, Paul Glendenning, Corey Zeitner, Billy Koons Jr., Jeff Segebart, Jacob Brown, Curt Drake

Third heat finish: Bill Leighton, Jordan Grabouski, Allan Hopp, Nick Beyenhof, Bill Koons, Al Meitner, Chris Spieker, Steve McConnell, Andrew Kosiski

Second heat finish: Kyle Segebart, Tad Pospisil, Nate Beyenhof, J.C. Wyman, Sterling Perkins, Mike Stadel, Jake Bridge, Vic Lovejoy, Matt Buller

First heat finish: Brian Kosiski, Kyle Berck, Mike Benson, Jim Johnson, Jason Jacob, Bob Milander, Bob King, Amanda O’Neal, Travis Collins

Heat race lineups

First heat
Row 1: Amanda O’Neal, Brian Kosiski
Row 2: Bob Milander, Bob King
Row 3: Jim Johnson, Mike Benson
Row 4: Kyle Berck, Travis Collins
Second heat
Row 1: Nate Beyenhof, Kyle Segebart
Row 2: Tad Pospisil, Sterling Perkins
Row 3: Mike Stadel, Matt Buller
Row 4: Jake Bridge, J.C. Wyman
Row 5: Vic Lovejoy
Third heat
Row 1: Bill Koons, Andrew Kosiski
Row 2: Al Zeitner, Allan Hopp
Row 3: Bill Leighton, Nick Beyenhof
Row 4: Jordan Grabovski, Steve McConnell
Fourth heat
Row 1: Ben Sunup, Paul Glendenning
Row 2: Curt Drake, Billy Koons Jr.
Row 3: Jacob Brown, Jeff Segebart
Row 4: Corey Meitner, Ben Schaller
Fifth heat
Row 1: Tyler Smith, Jason O’Brien
Row 2: Josh Most, Dan Battaglia
Row 3: Jason Wallace, Jesse Sobbing
Row 4: Brad Perdue, Josh Krug

Feature lineup

Row 1: Sobbing, Leighton
Row 2: Schaller, B. Kosiski
Row 3: Berck, Grabouski
Row 4: K. Segebart, O’Brien
Row 5: Perdue, Pospisil
Row 6: Sukup, Wyman
Row 7: Krug, Benson
Row 8: Hopp, C. Zeitner
Row 9: Ni. Beyenhof, Glendenning
Row 10: Spieker, Koons Jr.
Row 11: Na. Beyenhof, Buller
Row 12: Johnson, Jacob

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