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Daily Dirt 06/21/2024 00:11:21

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November 2
The Dirt Track at Charlotte,
Concord, NC
Sanction: World of Outlaws Case Late Model Series (World Finals) - $15,000
Information provided by: Kevin Kovac, Kyle McFadden, series and track reports (last updated November 3, 8:16 am)
Marlar guides new ride to victory at Charlotte
World Finals
  1. Mike Marlar
  2. Chris Madden
  3. Brandon Overton
  4. Hudson O'Neal
  5. Dale McDowell
  6. Daulton Wilson
  7. Kyle Bronson
  8. Cade Dillard
  9. Chase Junghans
  10. Tim McCreadie
  11. Ricky Thornton Jr.
  12. Zack Mitchell
  13. Bobby Pierce
  14. Ryan Gustin
  15. Shane Clanton
  16. Jonathan Davenport
  17. Nick Hoffman
  18. Mason Zeigler
  19. Garrett Smith
  20. Ethan Dotson
  21. Brandon Sheppard
  22. Ricky Weiss
  23. Carson Ferguson
  24. Benji Hicks
  25. Brian Shirley
  26. Donald McIntosh
  27. Tanner English
  28. Drake Troutman
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Mike Marlar celebrates his first race with Skyline Motorsports.
What won the race: Winning his debut with Skyline Motorsports, Mike Marlar of Winfield, Tenn., held off polesitter Brandon Overton in leading all 35 laps Thursday at The Dirt Track at Charlotte in the World of Outlaws World Finals. Marlar pocketed $15,000 for his fourth World of Outlaws Case Late Model Series victory of the season and 17th of his career. In his last-ditch bid to overtake Marlar, Overton slipped to third at the finish behind runner-up Chris Madden, who finished 0.715 of a second back.
Quotable: "When I got behind the lapped cars, the track was really dirty and in their dirty air and the dirty surface, I was really loose," Marlar said. "I was actually kind of backing up on purpose away from them just to not get passed (and) bunched up. It worked out. I was definitely sweating and looking over my shoulder a little bit. My issue was, I was having a flat (right-rear) … and I was like, ‘I’m struggling bad here.’ I was in bad shape those last few laps. If it had been a 40-lapper I would’ve been toast.”
Key notes: Marlar, the 2018 WoO champion, last month ended his 10-year run with car owner Ronnie Delk and announced his ride with Iowa-based Skyline earlier this week. ... Marlar also won last year's World Finals opener. ... Chris Madden, who drew the worst starting spot (sixth) among heat winners, bemoaned the redraw format in his postrace interview. ... Three cautions slowed the action. ... The most serious slowdown came on the first lap when Shane Clanton (the Skyline driver Marlar is replacing) got sideways in turn two and triggered a melee that left Carson Ferguson, Ricky Thornton Jr., Brian Shirley, Drake Troutman, Donald McIntosh and Carson Ferguson in an inside-lane pileup (all continued but Troutman slowed for a lap-eight yellow). Jonathan Davenport slid to the outside wall while other involved drivers including Clanton escaped. ... Tanner English spun on lap the ninth lap. ... World Finals action continues with another $15,000-to-win WoO event Friday ahead of Saturday's $25,000-to-win finale. ... On-track activity begins at 4 p.m. Friday with Saturday’s action at 3. … Watch live on DIRTVision.
On the move: Tim McCreadie of Watertown, N.Y., started 20th and finished 10th.
Winner's sponsors: Marlar's Skyline Motorsports Longhorn Chassis is sponsored by Truck Country, Bruening Rock Products, Mesilla Valley Transportation, Can-Am Auto Salvage and Petroff Towing.
Points chase: After Charlotte Thursday: 1. Bobby Pierce (5,462); 2. Chris Madden (5,328); 3. Brandon Sheppard (5,236); 4. Kyle Bronson (5,158); 5. Ryan Gustin (5,136); 6. Nick Hoffman (5,128); 7. Brian Shirley (5,116); 8. Tanner English (5,088); 9. Dennis Erb Jr. (5,080); 10. Shane Clanton (4,898); 11. Cade Dillard (4,874); 12. Brent Larson (4,728); 13. Gordy Gundaker (4,706); 14. Todd Cooney (4,354); 15. Dustin Walker (4,214).
Car count: 74
Fast qualifier: Brandon Overton
Time: 15.091 seconds
Polesitter: Brandon Overton
Heat race winners: Mike Marlar, Chris Madden, Cade Dillard, Brandon Overton, Daulton Wilson, Dale McDowell
Consolation race winners: Brian Shirley, Tim McCreadie, Donald McIntosh
Provisional starters: Brandon Sheppard, Ryan Gustin, Nick Hoffman, Tanner English
Next series race: November 3, Dirt Track at Charlotte (Concord, NC) $15,000
Editor's note: Corrects Wilson as heat winner sted Dotson.
From staff reports

CONCORD, N.C. (Nov. 2) — Updates from Thursday’s second night of the 17th annual World Finals, featuring a 35-lap, $15,000-to-win semifeature for World of Outlaws-sanctioned Super Late Models (results unofficial):


Winning his debut with Skyline Motorsports, Mike Marlar of Winfield, Tenn., held off polesitter Brandon Overton in leading all 35 laps Thursday at The Dirt Track at Charlotte in the World of Outlaws World Finals. Marlar pocketed $15,000 for his fourth World of Outlaws Case Late Model Series victory of the season and 17th of his career. In his last-ditch bid to overtake Marlar, Overton slipped to third at the finish behind runner-up Chris Madden, who finished 0.715 of a second back.

Feature lineup

(35 laps)

Row 1: Brandon Overton, Mike Marlar
Row 2: Daulton Wilson, Dale McDowell
Row 3: Cade Dillard, Chris Madden
Row 4: Hudson O’Neal, Shane Clanton
Row 5: Kyle Bronson, Carson Ferguson
Row 6: Bobby Pierce, Ricky Thornton Jr.
Row 7: Zack Mitchell, Chase Junghans
Row 8: Drake Troutman, Ricky Weiss
Row 9: Mason Zeigler, Garrett Smith
Row 10: Brian Shirley, Tim McCreadie
Row 11: Donald McIntosh, Jonathan Davenport
Row 12: Benji Hicks, Ethan Dotson
Row 13: Brandon Sheppard, Ryan Gustin
Row 14: Nick Hoffman, Tanner English

Pre-race notes

With single-car time trials wrapped up on Wednesday night, Late Model heat races went green right before 5:30 p.m. on a brisk evening at the 4/10-mile oval. … Winfield, Tenn.’s Mike Marlar sailed to victory in the opening heat race, starting his new tenure at Greg Bruening’s Skyline Motorsports in style. … Gray Court, S.C.’s Chris Maddenfresh off Sunday’s National 100 victory — cruised to a 6.801-second victory in the second heat, which started with an opening lap melee involving Kyle Bronson, Nick Hoffman, Gordy Gundaker, Brian Shirley, Brandon Sheppard, and Freddie Carpenter. Hoffman, who leaked fluid while heading back toward the pits, was the only driver to not continue and later reported he'll need a backup car for the rest of the evening. Bronson and Shirley forged ahead despite noticeable sheet metal damage to transfer to the main event. … Robeline, La.’s Cade Dillard topped virtual WoO champion Bobby Pierce by two seconds to take the third heat, which too started with an accident as Tyler Carpenter sheared off the right-front shock of his race car entering turn three and clobbered into the outside wall. He'll make repairs and try to transfer through the B-main. … Evans, Ga.'s Brandon Overton scored a 3.5-second victory in the fourth heat, which saw Mooresville, N.C.’s Kyle Strickler spin out of the fourth position on lap three and Wade, N.C.’s Daniel Adam suffer a flat left-rear on the opening lap. ... Off the strength of Tuesday's $7,500 victory at South Carolina's Cherkoee Speedway, Daulton Wilson of Fayetteville, N.C., went to victory in the fifth heat. ... Runner-up in the fifth heat, Carson Ferguson of Lincolnton, N.C., executed a sporty move between Ricky Weiss (third), Ethan Dotson (fourth), and Spencer Hughes (fifth) amid a four-wide battle to power from fifth to second on the opening lap. ... Chickamauga, Ga.'s Dale McDowell continued his stellar season by rounding out the sixth and final heat with a 1.5-second victory over Martinsville, Ind.'s Ricky Thornton Jr.

Consolation race results

(10 laps; top two transfer)

First consolation: Brian Shirley, Jonathan Davenport, Jimmy Owens, Chris Ferguson, Ryan Gustin, Logan Roberson. Brandon Sheppard, Tanner English, Gordy Gundaker, Cody Overton, Freddie Carpenter, Matt Cosner, G.R. Smith, Brent Larson, David McCoy, Mike Lupfer, Haiden Cowan, John Garvin Jr., Nick Hoffman.

Second consolation: Tim McCreadie, Benji Hicks, Dennis Erb Jr., Tyler Erb, Ben Watkins, Kyle Strickler, Ross Bailes, Tyler Carpenter, Dan Stone, Forrest Trent, Gavin Cowan, Daniel Adam. Bryan Bernheisel, Jack Harmon, Brian Ledbetter, Keith Jackson, John Price, Todd Cooney, Dustin Walker.

Third consolation: Donald McIntosh, Ethan Dotson, Scott Bloomquist, Spencer Hughes, Robby Hensley, Carson Brown, Trent Ivey, Tyler Wyant, Mike Benedum, Anthony Sanders, David Breazeale, Dalton Jacobs, John Eller, Chuckie Lepsch, Colin Knaub, Austin Kirkpatrick, Jordan Koehler, Joe Leavell.

Consolation race lineups

(10 laps; top two transfer)

First consolation
Row 1: Tanner English, Brian Shirley
Row 2: Ryan Gustin, Jonathan Davenport
Row 3: Jimmy Owens, Mike Lupfer
Row 4: Logan Roberson, Brandon Sheppard
Row 5: Chris Ferguson, Freddie Carpenter
Row 6: John Garvin Jr., David McCoy
Row 7: Haiden Cowan, Gordy Gundaker
Row 8: Matt Cosner, Brent Larson
Row 9: G.R. Smith, Nick Hoffman
Row 10: Cody Overton
Second consolation
Row 1: Tyler Erb, Benj Hicks
Row 2: Tim McCreadie, Ben Watkins
Row 3: Dennis Erb Jr., Keith Jackson
Row 4: Ross Bailes, Kyle Strickler
Row 5: Bryan Bernheisel, Todd Cooney
Row 6: Forrest Trent, John Price
Row 7: Dan Stone, Gavin Cowan
Row 8: Jack Harmon, Daniel Adam
Row 9: Tyler Carpenter, Dustin Walker
Row 10: Brian Ledbetter
Third consolation
Row 1: Ethan Dotson, Donald McIntosh
Row 2: Spencer Hughes, Scott Bloomquist
Row 3: Robby Hensley, Austin Kirkpatrick
Row 4: Carson Brown, Trent Ivey
Row 5: Jordan Koehler, Anthony Sanders
Row 6: Tyler Wyant, Dalton Jacobs
Row 7: Mike Benedum, David Breazeale
Row 8: John Eller, Colin Knaub
Row 9: Chuckie Lepsch, Joey Leavell

Heat results

(Eight laps; top three transfer)

First heat: Mike Marlar, Hudson O'Neal, Zack Mitchell, Tanner English, Ryan Gustin, Jimmy Owens, Logan Roberson, Chris Ferguson, John Garvin Jr., Haiden Cowan, Matt Cosner, G.R. Smith, Cody Overton.

Second heat: Chris Madden, Kyle Bronson, Drake Troutman, Brian Shirley, Jonathan Davenport, Mike Lupfer, Brandon Sheppard, Freddie Carpenter, David McCoy, Gordy Gundaker, Brent Larson, Nick Hoffman.

Third heat: Cade Dillard, Bobby Pierce, Mason Zeigler, Tyler Erb, Tim McCreadie, Dennis Erb Jr., Ross Bailes, Bryan Bernheisel, Forrest Trent, Dan Stone, Jack Harmon, Tyler Carpenter.

Fourth heat: Brandon Overton, Shane Clanton, Chase Junghans, Benji Hicks, Ben Watkins, Keith Jackson, Kyle Strickler, Todd Cooney, John Price, Gavin Cowan, Daniel Adam, Brian Ledbetter, Dustin Walker.

Fifth heat: Daulton Wilson, Carson Ferguson, Ricky Weiss, Ethan Dotson, Spencer Hughes, Robby Hensley, Carson Brown, Jordan Koehler, Tyler Wyant, Mike Benedum, John Eller, Chuckie Lepsch.

Sixth heat: Dale McDowell, Ricky Thornton Jr., Garrett Smith, Donald McIntosh, Scott Bloomquist, Austin Kirkpatrick, Trent Ivey, Anthony Sanders, Dalton Jacobs, David Breazeale, Colin Knaub, Joe Leavell.

Thursday's heat race lineups

(Eight laps; top three transfer)

First heat
Row 1: Mike Marlar, Hudson O’Neal
Row 2: Zack Mitchell, Tanner English
Row 3: Chris Ferguson, John Garvin Jr.
Row 4: Matt Cosner, Jimmy Owens
Row 5: Logan Roberson, Ryan Gustin
Row 6: Haiden Cowan, G.R. Smith
Row 7: Cody Overton
Second heat
Row 1: Chris Madden, Nick Hoffman
Row 2: Brian Shirley, Kyle Bronson
Row 3: Drake Troutman, Brandon Sheppard
Row 4: Jonathan Davenport, Mike Lupfer
Row 5: David McCoy, Freddie Carpenter
Row 6: Brent Larson, Gordy Gundaker
Third heat
Row 1: Cade Dillard, Tyler Erb
Row 2: Mason Zeigler, Bobby Pierce
Row 3: Dennis Erb Jr., Tim McCreadie
Row 4: Bryan Bernheisel, Tyler Carpenter
Row 5: Forrest Trent, Ross Bailes
Row 6: Dan Stone, Jack Harmon
Fourth heat
Row 1: Brandon Overton, Benji Hicks
Row 2: Shane Clanton, Chase Junghans
Row 3: Gavin Cowan, Ben Watkins
Row 4: Daniel Adam, John Price
Row 5: Keith Jackson, Todd Cooney
Row 6: Dustin Walker, Brian Ledbetter
Row 7: Kyle Strickler
Fifth heat
Row 1: Ethan Dotson, Spencer Hughes
Row 2: Daulton Wilson, Carson Ferguson
Row 3: Robby Hensley, Ricky Weiss
Row 4: Carson Brown, Mike Benedum
Row 5: Jordan Koehler, John Eller
Row 6: Tyler Wyant, Chuckie Lepsch
Sixth heat
Row 1: Dale McDowell, Ricky Thornton Jr.
Row 2: Donald McIntosh, Scott Bloomquist
Row 3: Garrett Smith, Trent Ivey
Row 4: Austin Kirkpatrick, David Breazeale
Row 5: Dalton Jacobs, Anthony Sanders
Row 6: Colin Knaub, Joey Leavell

Thursday’s schedule

(All times local)

9 a.m. - Pit pass sales begin
11 a.m. - Pits open
Noon - Souvenir and display areas open (midway)
2:30 p.m. - Grandstands open, ticket sales begin
2:30 p.m. - Race Day Live radio show (Sage Fruit stage)
3:45 p.m. - Sprint car motor heat
4 p.m. - Opening ceremonies, on-track activity
- Modified heat races 1 and 2 (8 laps)
- Sprint car non-qualifier (8 laps)
- Modified heat races 3 and 4 (8 laps)
- Sprint car heat races (8 laps)
- Late Model heat races (8 laps)
- Modified consolations (10 laps)
- Sprint car C-main consolation (10 laps)
- Sprint car dash (6 laps)
- Sprint car B-main consolation (12 laps)
- Late Model consolations (10 laps)
Feature events
- Sprint cars (25 laps)
- Late Models (25 laps)
- Modifieds (30 laps)

Feature lineup

Row 1: B. Overton, Marlar
Row 2: Wilson, McDowell
Row 3: Dillard, Madden
Row 4: O’Neal, Clanton
Row 5: Bronson, Ca. Ferguson
Row 6: Pierce, Thornton Jr.
Row 7: Mitchell, Junghans
Row 8: Troutman, Weiss
Row 9: Zeigler, G. Smith
Row 10: Shirley, McCreadie
Row 11: McIntosh, Davenport
Row 12: Hicks, Dotson
Row 13: Sheppard, Gustin
Row 14: Hoffman, English

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