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Daily Dirt 05/28/2020 14:39:39

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September 14
Virginia Motor Speedway,
Jamaica, VA
Sanction: Fastrak Racing Series (Fastrak World Championship ) - $50,000
Information provided by: Robert Holman (last updated September 16, 5:57 pm)
Overton banks $50,000 in flag-to-flag VMS win
Fastrak World Championship
  1. Brandon Overton
  2. Ross Bailes
  3. Trent Ivey
  4. Justin Williams
  5. Logan Roberson
  6. Michael Brown
  7. Mark Whitener
  8. Dillon Brown
  9. Ches Chester
  10. Kyle Lukon
  11. Tyler Bare
  12. Jimmy Sharpe Jr.
  13. Alex Ferree
  14. Brett Hamm
  15. Corey Dunn
  16. Christian Hanger
  17. Jason Fitzgerald
  18. Corey Almond
  19. Kyle Lear
  20. Dale Hollidge
  21. Donnie Dotson
  22. Forrest Trent
  23. Jensen Ford
  24. Kyle Hardy
  25. Tyler Carpenter
  26. Russell Erwin
  27. Clay Harris
  28. Benji Hicks
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Larry Burnett/wrtspeedwerx.com
Brandon Overton hoists his $50,000 check.
What won the race: Pulling away following a late caution, Brandon Overton of Evans, Ga., topped Ross Bailes to win Saturday's Fastrak World Championship and its record $50,000 check. Trent Ivey finished third.
Key notes: Instead of time trials, the weekend format included two sets of heat races (16 total heats) that were used to determine the first eight rows for the 75-lap main event. ... Heat winners were Carson Ferguson, Jared Powell, Russell Erwin, Timbo Mangum, Tyler Bare, Kyle Hardy, Brandon Overton and Kenny Moreland in Round 1 and Corey Gordon, Ross Bailes, Matt Long, Jensen Ford, Kyle Lukon, Justin Williams, Jason Fitzgerald and Logan Roberson in Round 2. … The event was presented by James River Equipment.
On the move: Ches Chester of Twin City, Ga., started 26th and finished ninth.
Winner's sponsors: Overton drove a Grant Pearl-owned Longhorn No. 8 sponsored by Tommy Pope Construction, Cobb Automotive, C&S Transportation and EZ-GO.
Points chase: Carson Ferguson (404 points) of Charlotte, N.C., leads the Fastrak tour standings ahead of Nick Schlager (340), Matt Long (176), Logan Roberson (173) and Michael Bland (168). The Fastrak World Championship was a non-points race.
Current weather: Clear, 73°F
Car count: 113
Polesitter: Logan Roberson
Heat race winners: Carson Ferguson, Jared Powell, Russell Erwin, Timbo Mangum, Tyler Bare, Kyle Hardy, Brandon Overton, Kenny Moreland
Consolation race winners: Jason Fitzgerald, Tyler Bare, Russell Erwin, Alex Ferree, Mark Whitener
Provisional starters: Donnie Dotson, Corey Almond
Next series race: September 28, Richmond Raceway (Richmond, KY) $5,000
Editor's note: Results and race details are unofficial.
By Robert Holman
DirtonDirt.com weekend editor

JAMAICA, Va. (Sept. 14) — Brandon Overton knew his most likely path to victory in Saturday’s Fastrak World Championship was to get an early lead. But while controlling his own pace and racing out front in clean air — the typical driver worries — were important, they weren’t his only concerns. Overton was more anxious as he thought more about tire wear and his car’s stumbling carburetor than anything else.

It turns out that neither troubled the Evans, Ga., driver as he raced to a career-tying $50,000 victory in the 75-lap main event at Virginia Motor Speedway. He grabbed the lead from his outside front row starting spot paced every circuit, keeping Ross Bailes of Clover, S.C., at bay the entire distance while carefully negotiating nine cautions that slowed the action.

“We had to swap from the E85 fuel to the CHP right before the feature because we wasn’t gonna make it. Well, we had to put a different carburetor on there and it would take off good if it was real good and cleaned out. But sometimes it would stumble,” said Overton. “The time Ross got to me in the door, that was when it like, laid (down) on me some. That’s why I was restarting so fast. I wanted to drag everybody down if we’d had that other carburetor on, but with this one I couldn’t.

“If I slowed down … I was so worried about it, when I went out there to go line up to stage, I pulled it in high gear and stomped it and it died. Like it almost cut off and I was like, this is gonna be a long 75 laps. To be honest with you, it was stumbling (so bad) in the corners that I thought, they’re gonna drive by me. I beat Ross over here for a Super (Late Model) race and we talked a little bit about it afterwards and I was like, ‘You just got hung up in them lapped cars.’ So I thought he was just playing with me. I figured he was just back there sandbagging, waiting for me to catch some traffic.”

Bailes was back there, but aside from the multiple restarts, he was never close enough to make a move for the lead once they got rolling. He finished 1.969 seconds behind Overton, while staying comfortably ahead of ninth-starting Trent Ivey of Union, S.C., who grabbed third from Justin Williams on a restart with 13 laps remaining. Williams, of Concord, Va., finished fourth while polesitter Logan Roberson of Waynesboro, Va., last year’s World Championship winner, completed the top five.

“We all thought we was gonna blow out on tires, so I thought (Bailes) was just back there riding around,” added Overton. “But after we got those restarts, they kept telling me I was gapping him and I was like, I’m not even driving. I mean, I would let off literally right past the flag stand and roll around there and be as smooth and easy as I could. Like I told (car owner Grant) Pearl, the car, everything we did to it after the top 16 locked in didn’t I feel very good.

“We bled the brakes and the brake pedal was real spongy and the carburetor that we had on it for the first go around would not run at all. And we were still third quick. And we weighed 2,600 pounds because everybody had been getting thrown out for being light. So we rolled across the scales and had to come back in and take all this led off the car and all kinds of stuff. To win, I knew when I rolled out there to take the green that I better go ahead and lead ‘cause I ain’t gonna win this thing.”

The uneasy feelings were all for naught. After bolting into the lead, Overton pulled away until the first caution on lap 21. It was the longest green-flag run in the 75-lapper as nine more cautions slowed things over the final 54 laps. Each yellow flag and subsequent restart gave would-be challengers an opportunity to steal the lead away. Williams took second from Bailes on the lap-21 restart, while Bailes repaid the favor a lap 31 restart. Overton had stretched his lead to 4 seconds ahead of Bailes, when the seventh caution slowed the pace on lap 58.

“I felt like if I was gonna get him, that’s where I was gonna get him at, on a restart or either in lapped traffic,” said Bailes. “But we never … I think we got in lapped traffic maybe once. And then that one time I pulled up beside him on a restart I might of could have slid him, but I might not have cleared him so I didn’t pressure him too bad there. After the first lap, he checked out pretty good. Once we had one lap (after a restart) he’d get wound up and get going pretty good.”

On a restart four laps later, the two made contact exiting turn four — one of the few times Overton’s carburetor issues flared up when he mashed the throttle to get rolling again — but Overton shot ahead entering turn one and pulled away again, while behind him, Ivey took the third spot from Williams.

“I felt like I had to protect my position the whole time,” said Ivey, who advanced six positions from the fifth row. “I was always racing somebody, so I couldn’t conserve tires. I knew I had to go. I had to get to the front before (the track) really locked down. I just tried to play it cool and tried not to give any positions up and I ended up sneaking by a couple of them. (Tire wear) was a concern just because I had to battle so much in the beginning. But I still kept my stuff under me for the most part. I’ve been racing Supers and I kinda know how to maneuver on restarts now a little better. That experience is really what got me up there. Once I got to third, I could feel I didn’t have anything left.”

Ivey got one more shot as the final caution came out on lap 65, but couldn’t climb any higher. The caution for Donnie Dotson and Corey Almond’s tangle on lap 65, however, did give Overton 10 laps of mostly clear track to the finish. By then he was finally able to put his mind as ease as well.

“Those last 10 (laps) I knew … when I won the last 20 grand race over here, it was about the same circumstance,” said Overton. “It was kinda rubbered through the middle and I was so loose (getting) in in (turn) three that I kept sliding out. Like I just kept missing the corner and kept missing the corner and when I came in, that tire was bald. Tonight, ’til lap 75 my car stayed stuck and stayed under me the whole time. So I knew I did a pretty good job conserving.

“So I really wasn’t worried about it. If it would’ve started getting loose, then I would’ve been panicking, but I never got that feeling so I thought I was in good shape. Ross told me I had more (tire remaining) than him. When I got to the lapped cars actually, they were slipping and sliding. They looked how I felt the last time I was here and I was just eating ‘em up on that bottom. I could go in above ‘em and just turn right down the hill and pass ‘em. I was really happy with that.

“When I seen 10 (laps) to go, when we single-file restarted, like I was nervous to death ’til 10 to go. When I seen 10 to go, I was like, I’ve done led it this long and I’m not loose in, I’m OK. The last 10 laps was fine. (Pearl) kept telling me I had a big lead. I told myself on that start, just get a good start and if I put some distance on ‘em, I’m just gonna stay there and I’ll be fine. So I just slowed myself down and just drove around there 10 more laps.”

Notes: During opening ceremonies, series officials and VMS’s Sawyer announced that the 2020 Fastrak World Championship will again pay $50,000. … Overton’s previous $50,000 victory came last season in the Hillbilly 100 at West Virginia’s Tyler County Speedway. … A week after winning more than $80,000 in a 50/50 drawing during the World 100 at Eldora Speedway, Georgia driver Jimmy Sharp Jr., finished 12th at VMS. … Twenty of the 28 starters finished the race, with 19 completing all 75 laps. … Eight of the nine cautions were the result of tire issues, with the worst incident coming on a lap-31 restart when Tyler Carpenter slowed with a flat, causing a log jam in turn two, resulting in Carpenter getting spun by a competitor and then collecting Russell Erwin. Both Carpenter and Erwin were done for the night. … Nick Hoffman of Mooresville, N.C., won the $6,000-to-win modified main event.

Correction: Fixes fourth-place finisher.

Preliminary results and notes:

Feature lineup

Row 1: Logan Roberson, Brandon Overton
Row 2: Ross Bailes, Kyle Lukon
Row 3: Kyle Lear, Justin Williams
Row 4: Brett Hamm, Christian Hanger
Row 5: Trent Ivey, Jimmy Sharpe Jr.
Row 6: Michael Brown, Benji Hicks
Row 7: Clay Harris, Dillon Brown
Row 8: Kyle Hardy, Forrest Trent
Row 9: Jason Fitzgerald, Tyler Bare
Row 10: Russell Erwin, Alex Ferree
Row 11: Mark Whitener, Tyler Carpenter
Row 12: Jensen Ford, Corey Dunn
Row 13: Dale Hollidge, Ches Chester
Row 14: Donnie Dotson, Corey Almond

Fifth consolation

Finish (top two transfer): Mark Whitener, Ches Chester, Davis Lipscombe, Parker Martin, Jared Powell, Mike Franklin, Andy Anderson, Charlie Sandercock, Donnie Dotson, David Whitener, Michael Goudie, Corey Gordon, Justin McRee, Corey Almond, Austin Holcombe. Scratched: Colton Flinner, Travis Pennington, Justin Hudspeth.

Fourth consolation

Finish (top two transfer): Alex Ferree, Dale Hollidge, Matt Quade, Garrett Paugh, Pearson Lee Williams, Kyle Thomas, Nick Schlager, Jake Knowles, Ethan Wilson, Derrick Shaw, Brad Rigdon, Troy Frazier, Michael Smith, Bryan Benton, Petie Coffey, Cameron Ramsey, Matt Long. Scratched: Frankie Beard, Nick Hoffman.

Third consolation

Finish (top two transfer): Russell Erwin, Corey Dunn, Bobby Thompson, Jacob Hawkins, Chris Blackwell, David Watts, Trey Pearson, Joey Love, Ryan Frazee, Nick Love, Tyler Smith, Vaughan Haygood, Joe Martin, Will Prichard, Joe Pete, Brandon Umberger. Scratched: Dale Timms, Trevor Feathers, Ron Geehring.

Second consolation

Finish (top two transfer): Tyler Bare, Jensen Ford, Spencer Hughes, Walker Arthur, Chuck Bowie, Shane Hitt, Matt Glanden, Nick Davis, Jacob Brown, Jason Welshan, T.J. Brittain, Jeff Matthews, Jeremy Pilkerton, Luke Hyre.

First consolation

Finish (top two transfer): Jason Fitzgerald, Tyler Carpenter, Carson Ferguson, David Smith, Dennis Franklin, Tyler Millwood, Clay Coghlan, Trevor Collins, Michael Duritsky Darrell Dow, Andy Picklesimer, Timbo Mangum, Billy Beachler, Samuel Bryant, Mark Parks, Andy Ogle, Chris Chandler. Scratched: Matthew Nance.

Saturday’s consolation lineups

(15 laps; top two transfer)
First consolation
Row 1: Timbo Mangum, Jason Fitzgerald
Row 2: Billy Beachler, Dennis Franklin
Row 3: Carson Ferguson, Tyler Millwood
Row 4: Mark Parks, Tyler Carpenter
Row 5: David Smith, Kenny Moreland
Row 6: Joshua Bishop, Samuel Bryant
Row 7: Michael Duritsky, Andy Ogle
Row 8: Trevor Collins, Andy Picklesimer
Row 9: Darrell Dow, Clay Coghlan
Row 10: Chris Chandler, Matthew Nance
Second consolation
Row 1: Spencer Hughes, Jensen Ford
Row 2: Walker Arthur, Tyler Bare
Row 3: Jacob Brown, Chuck Bowie
Row 4: Shane Hitt, Jesse Lowe
Row 5: T.J. Brittain, Matt Glanden
Row 6: Jason Welshan, Luke Hyre
Row 7: Jonathan Raley, Nick Davis
Row 8: Al Sawver, Jeff Matthews
Row 9: Jeremy Pilkerton, Sid Scarbrough
Row 10: Marcus Minga, Cody Overton
Third consolation
Row 1: Corey Dunn, David Watts
Row 2: Bobby Thompson, Russell Erwin
Row 3: Brandon Umberger, Joe Martin
Row 4: Jacob Hawkins, Dale Timms
Row 5: Chris Blackwell, Trey Pearson
Row 6: Tyler Smith, Joe Pete
Row 7: Trevor Feathers, Joey Love
Row 8: Ryan Frazee, Will Prichard
Row 9: Nick Love, Vaughan Haywood
Row 10: Ron Geehring
Fourth consolation
Row 1: Matt Quade, Alex Ferree
Row 2: Garrett Paugh, Dale Hollidge
Row 3: Jake Knowles, Pearson Lee Williams
Row 4: Cameron Ramsey, Troy Frazier
Row 5: Matt Long, Kyle Thomas
Row 6: Derrick Shaw, Ethan Wilson
Row 7: Nick Schlager, Brad Rigdon
Row 8: Petie Coffey, Frankie Beard
Row 9: Michael Smith, Bryan Benton
Row 10: Nick Hoffman
Fifth consolation
Row 1: Ches Chester, Jared Powell
Row 2: Parker Martin, Mike Franklin
Row 3: David Whitener, Donnie Dotson
Row 4: Mark Whitener, Austin Holcombe
Row 5: Corey Gordon, Colton Flinner
Row 6: Davis Lipscombe, Andy Anderson
Row 7: Corey Almond, Justin McRee
Row 8: Charlie Sandercock, Justin Hudspeth
Row 9: Troy Williams, Michael Goudie
Row 10: Travis Pennington

Combined passing points

(Pill draw used as tiebreaker)
1. Logan Roberson, 135.12
2. Brandon Overton, 133.36
3. Ross Bailes, 133.36
4. Kyle Lukon, 129.36
5. Kyle Lear, 123.60
6. Justin Williams, 123.60
7. Brett Hamm, 113.84
8. Christian Hanger, 113.84
9. Trent Ivey, 112.08
10. Jimmy Sharpe Jr., 112.08
11. Micheal Brown, 112.08
12. Benji Hicks, 112.08
13. Clay Harris, 112.08
14. Dillon Brown, 106.32
15. Kyle Hardy, 106.32
16. Forrest Trent, 104.56

Round 2 recap

Ross Bailes of Clover, S.C., and Kyle Lukon of Burgettstown, Pa., picked up convincing wins in the second round of heats. Bailes won the second heat by a whopping 8.281 seconds ahead of Donnie Dotson, while Lukon finished 3.260 seconds head of Brandon Overton in the fifth heat. Other heat winners in Round 2 included Corey Gordon of Charlotte, N.C.; Matt Long of Concord, N.C.; Jensen Ford of Piney Flats, Tenn.; Justin Williams of Concord, Va.;  Jason Fitzgerald of Middleburg, Fla.; and Logan Roberson of Waynesboro, Va.

After solid efforts in the first round, things went south for drivers Dennis Franklin and Jesse Lowe in the second round. Franklin, of Gaffney, S.C., was second in passing points after the first round, but a crash left him with an 11th-place finish in the sixth heat and dropped him to 32nd on points. Lowe, driving the CVR Race Car normally driven by Michael Page, was 17th overall in the standings heading into the second round, but a crash in the final heat of the night hampered the Crossville, Tenn., driver’s efforts.

The checkered flag fell on the final heat of the night at 2:18 a.m. Roberson earned the most passing points and will start on the pole of Saturday's main event with Brandon Overton on the outside front row.

Eighth heat

Finish (15 laps): Logan Roberson, Kyle Lear, Bobby Thompson, Benji Hicks, Trent Ivey, Brandon Umberger, Kyle Hardy, Jeff Matthews, Chuck Bowie, Jesse Lowe, Joshua Bishop, Brad Rigdon, Nick Love, Bryan Benton.

Seventh heat

Finish (16 laps): Jason Fitzgerald, Ches Chester, Michael Brown, Walker Arthur, Chris Blackwell, Pearson Lee Williams, Garrett Paugh, Michael Duritsky, Joe Martin, Jacob Brown, Carson Ferguson, Joey Love, Colton Flinner, Justin Hudspeth. Disqualified: Frankie Beard (light).

Sixth heat

Finish (15 laps): Justin Williams, Troy Frazier, David Smith, Kenny Moreland, Jimmy Sharpe Jr., Christian Hanger, Cameron Ramsey, Andy Ogle, Samuel Bryant, Petie Coffey, Dennis Franklin, Andy Picklesimer, Al Sawver, Trevor Feathers.

Fifth heat

Finish (14 laps): Kyle Lukon, Brandon Overton, Mike Franklin, Alex Ferree, Derrick Shaw, Joe Pete, Corey Almond, Mark Parks, Will Prichard, Trey Pearson, Sid Scarbrough, Darrell Dow, Charlie Sandercock.

Fourth heat

Finish (14 laps): Jensen Ford, Parker Martin, Corey Dunn, Jacob Hawkins, Dale Hollidge, Dillon Brown, Trevor Collins, Nick Schlager, Kyle Thomas, Justin McRee, Tyler Smith, Jason Welshan, Michael Goudie.

Third heat

Finish (13 laps): Matt Long, Mark Whitener, Clay Harris, Spencer Hughes, Jake Knowles, Forrest Trent, T.J. Brittain, Jared Powell, Ethan Wilson, Tyler Carpenter, Troy Williams, Vaughan Haywood.

Second heat

Finish (15 laps): Ross Bailes, Donnie Dotson, David Watts, Billy Beachler, Dale Timms, Andy Anderson, David Whitener, Shane Hitt, Russell Erwin, Ryan Frazee, Michael Smith, Chris Chandler, Nick Davis.

First heat

Finish (15 laps): Corey Gordon, Tyler Millwood, Matt Quade, Brett Hamm, Austin Holcombe, Jonathan Raley, Davis Lipscombe, Timbo Mangum, Matt Glanden, Tyler Bare, Clay Coghlan, Luke Hyre, Jeremy Pilkerton.

Round 2 heat lineups

First heat
Row 1: Luke Hyre, Jonathan Raley
Row 2: Tyler Millwood, Corey Gordon
Row 3: Davis Lipscombe, Matt Quade
Row 4: Jeremy Pilkerton, Austin Holcombe
Row 5: Travis Pennington, Matt Glanden
Row 6: Clay Coghlan, Timbo Mangum
Row 7: Tyler Bare, Brett Hamm
Second heat
Row 1: Donnie Dotson, Matthew Nance
Row 2: Billy Beachler, Dale Timms
Row 3: Michael Smith, Ryan Frazee
Row 4: Ross Bailes, Chris Chandler
Row 5: David Watts, David Whitener
Row 6: Andy Anderson, Russell Erwin
Row 7: Shane Hitt, Nick Davis
Third heat
Row 1: Jake Knowles, Matt Long
Row 2: Ethan Wilson, Vaughan, Haywood
Row 3: Tyler Carpenter, Clay Harris
Row 4: Ron Geehring, Spencer Hughes
Row 5: Mark Whitener, T.J. Brittain
Row 6: Marcus Minga, Jared Powell
Row 7: Troy Williams, Forrest Trent
Fourth heat
Row 1: Jensen Ford, Corey Dunn
Row 2: Parker Martin, Trevor Collins
Row 3: Justin McRee, Nick Schlager
Row 4: Nick Hoffman, Dale Hollidge
Row 5: Jacob Hawkins, Tyler Smith
Row 6: Jason Welshan, Kyle Thomas
Row 7: Michael Goudie, Dillon Brown
Fifth heat
Row 1: Mike Franklin, Joe Pete
Row 2: Will Prichard, Cody Overton
Row 3: Kyle Lukon, Derrick Shaw
Row 4: Alex Ferree, Charlie Sandercock
Row 5: Sid Scarbrough, Corey Almond
Row 6: Brandon Overton, Darrell Dow
Row 7: Trey Pearson, Mark Parks
Sixth heat
Row 1: Samuel Bryant, Justin Williams
Row 2: Troy Frazier, Dennis Franklin
Row 3: Petie Coffey, Andy Picklesimer
Row 4: Al Sawver Jr., David Smith
Row 5: Trevor Feathers, Jimmy Sharpe Jr.
Row 6: Andy Ogle, Cameron Ramsey
Row 7: Kenny Moreland, Christian Hanger
Seventh heat
Row 1: Frankie Beard, Jason Fitzgerald
Row 2: Walker Arthur, Ches Chester
Row 3: Chris Blackwell, Colton Flinner
Row 4: Michael Duritsky, Michael Brown
Row 5: Pearson Lee Wiliams, Garrett Paugh
Row 6: Joey Love, Justin Hudspeth
Row 7: Joe Martin, Jacob Brown
Row 8: Carson Ferguson
Eighth heat
Row 1: Logan Roberson, Bobby Thompson
Row 2: Joshua Bishop, Jeff Matthews
Row 3: Brandon Umberger, Nick Love
Row 4: Benji Hicks, Brad Rigdon
Row 5: Jesse Lowe, Kyle Lear
Row 6: Bryan Benton, Trent Ivey
Row 7: Kyle Hardy, Chuck Bowie

Round 1 recap

Timbo Mangum of Rock Hill, S.C. and Kyle Hardy of Stephens City, Va., were among drivers recording dominating victories in first round heats. Mangum outran Forrest Trent by 2.133 seconds to win the fourth heat, while Hardy finished 2.642 seconds head of Ross Bailes to win the sixth heat. Other heat winners in round one included Fastrak Racing Series points leader Carson Ferguson of Charlotte, N.C.; Jared Powell of Charlottesville, Va.; Russell Erwin of Beaverdam, Va.; Tyler Bare of Rockbridge Bath, Va., and Kenny Moreland of Waldorf, Md.

Powell won the second heat after apparent winner Andy Anderson was light at the scales. Anderson wasn’t the only driver who ran into trouble in the post-race weigh-in. Travis Pennington had his runner-up finish in the first heat disallowed as did Mark Whitener, who crossed the line second in the seventh heat. Matt Long and Corey Gordon were also among drivers who were light at the scales.

Unofficially, after the first round of heats, Logan Roberson (76.12 points) of Waynesboro, Va., leads the passig points standings over Dennis Franklin (70.84), Ross Bailes (65.56), Kyle Lukon (65.08) and Brandon Overton (64.28).

Eighth heat

Finish (15 laps): Kenny Moreland, Jacob Brown, Benji Hicks, Jason Welshan, Colton Flinner, Matt Long, David Watts, T.J. Brittain, Parker Martin, Austin Holcombe, Donnie Dotson, Darrell Dow, Petie Coffey.

Seventh heat

Finish (15 laps): Brandon Overton, Dennis Franklin, Chuck Bowie, Joe Martin, Tyler Smith, Corey Dunn, Jake Knowles, Will Prichard, Cameron Ramsey, Chris Blackwell, Chris Chandler, Nick Love, Jeremy Pilkerton. Disqualified: Mark Whitener (light).

Sixth heat

Finish (15 laps): Kyle Hardy, Ross Bailes, Brett Hamm, Spencer Hughes, Brandon Umberger, Matt Quade, Ches Chester, Jensen Ford, Jacob Hawkins, Justin Hudspeth, Troy Frazier, Andy Ogle, Joe Pete, Corey Almond.

Fifth heat

Finish (15 laps): Tyler Bare, Trent Ivey, Jimmy Sharpe Jr., Justin Williams, Dale Hollidge, Walker Arthur, Nick Davis, Jeff Matthews, Mike Franklin, Joey Love, David Lipscombe, Ryan Frazee, Ron Geehring, Sid Scarbrough.

Fourth heat

Finish (15 laps): Timbo Mangum, Forrest Trent, Garrett Paugh, Corey Gordon, Clay Harris, Shane Hitt, Trevor Feathers, Joshua Bishop, Jason Fitzgerald, Charlie Sandercock, Samuel Bryant, Bryan Benton, Michael Smith, Nick Hoffman.

Third heat

Finish (15 laps): Russell Erwin, Dillon Brown, Kyle Lear, Tyler Carpenter, Alex Ferree, Pearson Lee Williams, Bobby Thompson, Dale Timms, Tyler Millwood, Frankie Beard, Nick Schlager, David Smith, Clay Coghlan, Troy Williams.

Second heat

Finish (15 laps): Jared Powell, Logan Roberson, Jesse Lowe, Michael Brown, Mark Parks, Billy Beachler, Matt Glanden, Jonathan Raley, Al Sawver, Justin McRee, Derrick Shaw, Vaughan, Michael Goudie. Disqualified: Andy Anderson (light).

First heat

Finish (16 laps): Carson Ferguson, Christian Hanger, Kyle Lukon, David Whitener, Michael Duritsky, Trey Pearson, Kyle Thomas, Brad Rigdon, Luke Hyre, Ethan Wilson, Matthew Nance, Andy Picklesimer, Marcus Minga, Trevor Collins. Disqualified: Travis Pennington (light).

Round 1 heat lineups

First heat
Row 1: Carson Ferguson, Christian Hanger
Row 2: Trey Pearson, Kyle Thomas
Row 3: Marcus Minga, David Whitener
Row 4: Travis Pennington, Brad Rigdon
Row 5: Michael Duritsky, Andy Picklesimer
Row 6: Kyle Lukon, Trevor Collins
Row 7: Ethan Wilson, Matthew Nance
Row 8: Luke Here
Second heat
Row 1: Mark Parks, Michael Goudie
Row 2: Jared Powell, Andy Anderson
Row 3: Matt Glandon, Jesse Lowe
Row 4: Michael Brown, Al Sawver Jr.
Row 5: Derrick Shaw, Justin McRee
Row 6: Vaughan Haywood, Billy Beachler
Row 7: Jonathan Raley, Logan Roberson
Third heat
Row 1: Dilllon Brown, Troy Williams
Row 2: Russell Erwin, Clay Coghlan
Row 3: Kyle Lear, Pearson Lee Williams
Row 4: David Smith, Alex Ferree
Row 5: Nick Schlager, Tyler Carpenter
Row 6: Dale Timms, Tyler Millwood
Row 7: Bobby Thompson
Fourth heat
Row 1: Forrest Trent, Shane Hitt
Row 2: Timbo Mangum, Bryan Benton
Row 3: Garrett Paugh, Trevor Feathers
Row 4: Charlie Sandercock, Nick Hoffman
Row 5: Clay Harris, Michael Smith
Row 6: Corey Gordon, Joshua Bishop
Row 7: Jason Fitzgerald, Samuel Bryant
Fifth heat
Row 1: Nick Davis, Tyler Bare
Row 2: Trent Ivey, Joey Love
Row 3: Jimmy Sharpe Jr., Sid Scarbrough
Row 4: Dale Hollidge, Ron Geehring
Row 5: Ryan Frazee, Davis Lipscombe
Row 6: Jeff Matthews, Walker Arthur
Row 7: Justin Williams, Mike Franklin
Sixth heat
Row 1: Brett Hamm, Kyle Hardy
Row 2: Justin Hudspeth, Andy Ogle
Row 3: Corey Almond, Jacob Hawkins
Row 4: Spencer Hughes, Ross Bailes
Row 5: Matt Quade, Brandon Umberger
Row 6: Ches Chester, Troy Frazier
Row 7: Joe Pete, Jensen Ford
Seventh heat
Row 1: Chuck Bowie, Joe Martin
Row 2: Cameron Ramsey, Brandon Overton
Row 3: Tyler Smith, Mark Whitener
Row 4: Chris Chandler, Jeremy Pilkerton
Row 5: Nick Love, Chris Blackwell
Row 6: Dennis Franklin, Will Prichard
Row 7: Corey Dunn, Jake Knowles
Eighth heat
Row 1: Jacob Brown, Kenny Moreland
Row 2: Darrell Dow, Jason Welshan
Row 3: T.J. Brittain, David Watts
Row 4: Austin Holcombe, Benji Hicks
Row 5: Colton Flinner, Petie Coffey
Row 6: Cody Overton, Parker Martin
Row 7: Matt Long, Donnie Dotson

Driver roster (numerical)

Driver (car no.), hometown
Dale Hollidge (0), Mechanicsville, Md.
Mark Parks (00), Forest, Va.
Carson Ferguson (00F), Charlotte, N.C.
Troy Frazier (0F), Mt. Claire, W.Va.
David Watts (0FOUR), Buchanan, Va.
Matt Glanden (01), Denton, Md.
Petie Coffey (01c), Wayneboro, Va.
Travis Pennington (01P), Stapleton, Ga.
Jason Welshan (01w), Maryville, Tenn.
Joshua Bishop (J1), Statesboro, Ga.
Timbo Mangum (T1), Rock Hill, S.C.
Andy Anderson (1K), Bunker Hill, W.Va.
Dennis Franklin (2), Gaffney, S.C.
Jared Powell (2*), Charlottesville, Va.
Frankie Beard (2B), Hartwell, Ga.
Ron Gehring (2G), Monroe, N.C.
Justin Williams (2w), Concord, Va.
Luke Hyre (H2o), Rock Cave, W.Va.
Garrett Paugh (03), Elkins, W.Va.
Michael Smith (4), Rogersville, Tenn.
Matthew Nance (4N), Ronda, N.C.
T.J. Brittain (05), Rome, Ga.
David Whitener (5), Middleburg, Fla.
Vaughan Haywood (5*), Deltaville, Va.
Darrell Dow (5J), Chesapeake, Va.
Mark Whitener (5w), Middleburg, Fla.
Clay Harris (6), Jupiter, Fla.
Clay Coghlan (6c), Gatlinburg, Tenn.
Dillon Brown (6D), Gaffney, S.C.
Jacob Brown (6J), Gaffney, S.C.
Parker Martin (6JR), Milledgeville, Ga.
Cody Overton (6O), Evans, Ga.
Jason Fitzgerald (7), Middleburg, Fla.
Corey Almond (7A), Appomattox, Va.
Cameron Ramsey (7R), Buena Vista, Va.
Chris Chandler (8), Weaverville, N.C.
Brandon Overton (8B), Evans, Ga.
Jeremy Pilkerton (8J), Loveville, Md.
Joe Pete (8P), Delmar, Md.
Ches Chester (9), Twin City, Ga.
Brad Rigdon (09), Chesapeake, Va.
Jacob Hawkins (10), Fairmont, W.Va.
Joe Martin (10s), Punxsatawney, Pa.
David Smith (11), Inman, S.C.
Trevor Collins (11c), Seaford, Del.
Ryan Frazee (11F), Addison, Pa.
Spencer Hughes (11s), Meridian, Miss.
Brandon Umberger (12U), Rural Retreat, Va.
Chuck Bowie (14c), Welcome, Md.
Donnie Dotson (15), West Union, W.Va.
Chris Blackwell (17B), St. Pauls, N.C.
Logan Roberson (17R), Waynesboro, Va.
Ethan Wilson (18E), Fayetteville, N.C.
Jesse Lowe (18x), Crossville, Tenn.
Marcus Minga (19), Tupelo, Miss.
Trevor Feathers (20), Winchester, Va.
Nick Hoffman (20H), Mooresville, N.C.
Corey Dunn (21), Milledgeville, Ga.
Billy Beachler (21B), Franklin, W.Va.
Nick Schlager (22), Royston, Ga.
Russell Erwin (22E), Beaverdam, Va.
Corey Gordon (23), Charlotte, N.C.
Austin Holcombe (23H), Elm City, N.C.
Kenny Moreland (24), Waldorf, Md.
Jonathan Raley (25), Leonardtown, Md.
Jimmy Sharpe Jr. (26JR), Vidalia, Ga.
Tyler Carpenter (27), Parkersburg, W.Va.
Justin Hudspeth (27H), Ronda, N.C.
Derrick Shaw (27s), Buckhannon, W.Va.
Christian Hanger (29), Winchester, Tenn.
Tyler Bare (30), Rockbridge Bath, Va.
Michael Brown (32), Bufford, S.C.
Tyler Smith (32s), Kingsport, Tenn.
Jeff Matthews (33), Brandon, Fla.
Sid Scarbrough (33S), Florence, Miss.
Tyler Millwood (33x), Kingston, Ga.
Michael Goudie (38), Muskoka, Ontario
Nicolas Love (38L), Hughesville, Va.
Justin McRee (F44), Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Matt Quade (47), Avenue, Md.
Colton Flinner (48), Allison Park, Pa.
Bobby Thompson (51), Concord, Va.
Bryan Benton (52), Duncansville, Pa.
Benji Hicks (55), Mount Airy, N.C.
Shane Hitt (55H), Buckhannon, W.Va.
Matt Long (55L), Concord, N.C.
Charlie Sandercock (57), Belleville, Ontario
Kyle Thomas (57T), Pennsboro, W.Va.
Trey Pearson (59), Hilliard, Fla.
Jake Knowles (66), Rome, Ga.
Andy Ogle (68), Cosby, Tenn.
Davis Lipscombe (71), Mechanicsville, Va.
Mike Franklin (74), Winchester, Va.
Brett Hamm (75), Newberry, S.C.
Will Prichard (77), Elizabeth City, N.C.
Kyle Hardy (79), Stephens City, Va.
Joey Love (80), LaPlata, Md.
Jensen Ford (83), Piney Flats, Tenn.
Walker Arthur (87), Forest, Va.
Ross Bailes (87B), Clover, S.C.
Trent Ivey (88), Union, S.C.
Michael Duritsky (90j), Masontown, Pa.
Nick Davis (92), Gumboro, Del.
Samuel Bryant (99), Farfield, Va.
Dale Timms (99T), Hodges, S.C.
Troy Williams (100), Norfolk, Va.
Forrest Trent (101), Talbott, Tenn.
Pearson Lee Williams (121), Dublin, Ga.
Kyle Lear (151), Severna Park, Md.
Kyle Lukon (184), Burgettstown, Pa.,
Alex Ferree (184x), Valencia, Pa.
Al Sawyer Jr. (215), Hampstead, Md.
Andy Picklesimer (376), Ooltewah, Tenn.

Pre-race setup

The Fastrak Racing Series sanctions the 16th annual Fastrak World Championship at Virginia Motor Speedway, a half-mile oval outside near Jamaica about 55 miles east of Richmond owned and promoted by Bill Sawyer. A first-place prize of $50,000 — a record for Crate Late Models — has been posted for Saturday night’s 75-lap A-main as VMS celebrates its 50th anniversary season.

The two-day event kicks off Friday with hot laps and two rounds of heats for the Crate Late Model competitors, along with a identical two-round heat-race format for open wheel modified entrants. No time trials will be contested for the Crate Late Model division; heat races will be aligned by a draw and combined passing points from the prelims will set the lineups for Saturday’s main event.

The top 16 drivers in heat race passing points will be locked into the 75-lap feature, while remaining drivers will run consolation races on Saturday to secure feature starting spots.

Feature lineup

Row 1: Roberson, Overton
Row 2: Bailes, Lukon
Row 3: Lear, Williams
Row 4: Hamm, Hanger
Row 5: Ivey, Sharpe Jr.
Row 6: M. Brown, Hicks
Row 7: Harris, D. Brown
Row 8: Hardy, Trent
Row 9: Fitzgerald, Bare
Row 10: Erwin, Ferree
Row 11: M. Whitener, Carpenter
Row 12: Ford, Dunn
Row 13: Hollidge, Chester
Row 14: Dotson, Almond

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