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September 2020

Jackson 100 Saturday: Teaser

Jackson 100 Saturday: Feature

Jackson 100 Saturday: Recap

Tri-City Saturday: Feature

WoO @ Thunder Mountain: Recap

WoO @ Thunder Mountain: Feature

Jackson 100 Friday: Feature

Jackson 100 Friday: Recap

Tri-City Friday: Feature

WoO @ Thunder Mountain Friday: Recap

WoO @ Thunder Mountain Friday: Feature

Tri-City Thursday: Teaser

Tri-City Thursday: Feature

Florence Speedway: Recap

Florence Speedway: Feature

Florence Speedway: Heats

TBT: Knoxville Nationals '14

WoO @ Thunder Mountain: Preview

Ultimate HofA @ Richmond: Feature

Ultimate HofA @ Richmond: Recap

Ultimate HofA @ Richmond: Heats

Sycamore Harvest 50: Feature

Sycamore Harvest 50: Recap

MSCCS @ Revolution Saturday: Feature

MSCCS @ Revolution Saturday: Heats

Sycamore Harvest 50: Heats

Lucas Oil @ I-80 Saturday: Recap

Lucas Oil @ I-80 Saturday: Feature

Eriez September Sweep Saturday: Feature

Hilltop Weekend on the Hill: Feature

Hilltop Weekend on the Hill: Heats

MSCCS @ Revolution Friday: Heats

MSCCS @ Revolution Friday: Feature

Eriez September Sweep Friday: Heats

Lucas Oil @ I-80 Friday: Teaser

Lucas Oil @ I-80 Friday: Recap

Lucas Oil @ I-80 Friday: Feature

Summer Nationals @ Peoria: Feature

Eriez September Sweep Friday: Feature

Summer Nationals @ Peoria: Heats

Lucas Oil @ I-80 Thursday: Recap

Lucas Oil @ I-80 Thursday: Feature

Fairbury One for the Road: Heats

Fairbury One for the Road: Recap

Fairbury One for the Road: Feature

Iron-Man @ Lake Cumberland: Recap

Raceway 7 September Shootout: Heats

Iron-Man @ Lake Cumberland: Feature

Raceway 7 September Shootout: Feature

Tri-City Motor Saturday: Recap

Tri-City Motor Saturday: Feature

Atomic Fireball 50: Feature

Atomic Fireball 50: Heats

Iron-Man @ Lake Cumberland: Heats

Intercontinental Saturday: Heats

Intercontinental Saturday: Teaser

Intercontinental Saturday: Recap (7-10)

Intercontinental Saturday: Recap (1-6)

Intercontinental Saturday: Feature

Intercontinental Saturday: RaceDay

Tri-City Motor Friday: Recap

Intercontinental Friday: Teaser

Tri-City Motor Friday: Odd feature

Intercontinental Friday: Recap (1-5)

Tri-City Motor Friday: Even feature

Intercontinental Friday: Feature

Intercontinental Friday: Heats

Intercontinental Friday: Recap (6-10)

Intercontinental Friday: RaceDay

Intercontinental Thursday: Teaser

Intercontinental Thursday: Recap (1-5)

Intercontinental Thursday: Feature

Intercontinental Thursday: Heats

Intercontinental Thursday: Recap (6-10)

Intercontinental Thursday: RaceDay

TBT: World 100 '98

Road to Eldora: The road ends

Road to Eldora: First in line

Road to Eldora: Earl's house

Road to Eldora: Big E's equine tradition

Road to Eldora: Wagon Wheel

VideoCast: Sept. 8 (Eldora preview)

Road to Eldora: Best Performance

Road to Eldora: Teaser

Road to Eldora: Moran Slip N' Slide

Road to Eldora: Muskingum County

Road to Eldora: Moran shop tour

CRUSA @ Cochran: Feature

Road to Eldora: Wylie Moran

Intercontinental: Best region?

All-Stars @ Wythe: Recap

All-Stars @ Wythe: Feature

All-Stars @ Wythe: Heats

Atomic: Feature

Merritt Sunday: Heats

ULMS @ Selinsgrove: Feature

Merritt Sunday: Feature

Beckley USA 100: Heats

Beckley USA 100: Recap

Beckley USA 100: Feature

Clash @ Cherokee: Feature

Road to Eldora: Atomic’s Brad McCown

Road to Eldora: Atomic Speedway history

Fall Nat’ls @ Tazewell: Recap

Fall Nat’ls @ Tazewell: Feature

Road to Eldora: Fast Freddie Carpenter

Fall Nat’ls @ Tazewell: Consy

Atomic: Heats

MLRA @ Wheatland: Feature

Fall Nat'ls @ Smoky Mountain: Recap

Fall Nat'ls @ Smoky Mountain: Feature

Elkins Skidmore Memorial: Heats

Elkins Skidmore Memorial: Recap

Elkins Skidmore Memorial: Feature

Lucas Oil @ Portsmouth: Recap

ULMS @ Port Royal: Feature (I)

Fall Nat'ls @ Smoky Mountain: Heats

Lucas Oil @ Portsmouth: Feature

MARS @ Fairbury: Feature

WoO @ Lancaster: Recap

WoO @ Lancaster: Feature

WoO @ Lancaster: Heats

MARS @ Fairbury: Recap

Road to Eldora: Throngs at Fairbury

Road to Eldora: Wenger by a straightaway

Road to Eldora: Walking to Fairbury

ULMS @ Bedford: Feature

ULMS @ Bedford: Recap

MARS @ Farmer City Friday: Feature

WoO @ Lavonia: Heats

WoO @ Lavonia: Recap

WoO @ Lavonia: Feature

MARS @ Farmer City Friday: Recap

Lucas Oil @ Ponderosa: Recap

Lucas Oil @ Ponderosa: Feature

Road to Eldora: Unzicker talks Illinois

Road to Eldora: Dewey's Drive-In

Road to Eldora: Jason Feger Racing

MARS @ Farmer City Thursday: Heats

MARS @ Farmer City Thursday: Recap

MARS @ Farmer City Thursday: Feature

Road to Eldora: Babb’s farm teaser

Road to Eldora: A ride with Squirrel

Road to Eldora: The Flatland Flash

Road to Eldora: Babb's life on the farm

Road To Eldora: DirtonDirt debates

Road to Eldora: DirtonDirt headquarters

Road to Eldora: DirtonDirt productions

Road to Eldora: Jet Ski sliders

Road To Eldora: Pierce Posse

Road to Eldora: Pierce’s approach
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