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DirtonDirt.com exclusive

UMP DIRTcar Summernationals coverage index

July 1, 2017, 9:39 am
Bobby Pierce claimed his third title. (Jim DenHamer)
Bobby Pierce claimed his third title. (Jim DenHamer)

DirtonDirt.com’s coverage of the 29 scheduled races of the UMP DIRTcar Summernationals from June 14-July 15; also visit the schedule page, the series history section and downloadable statistical recap:

Thurday, July 20

Blog: Perfect attendance on series
Photos: Perfect attendance on series

Wednesday, July 19

Quick Time: Comparing best tour performers

Tuesday, July 18

Story: Summernationals by the numbers

Monday, July 17

Story: Pierce is Mr. Summernationals
Sidebar: Oakshade demoralizes Unzicker
Points: Final statistics through 25 races

Saturday, July 15

RaceWire: Oakshade live updates
Notebook: Eitniear impresses with crate
Video: Champion Bobby Pierce
Video: Oakshade feature highlights
Video: Oakshade postrace interviews
Video: Oakshade heat highlights
Video: Oakshade Summernationals Minute
Photos: Oakshade slideshow

Friday, July 14

RaceWire: Pierce edges Schlenk at Oakshade
Video: Oakshade feature highlights
Video: Oakshade postrace interviews
Video: Oakshade heat highlights
Video: Oakshade Summernationals Minute
Photos: Oakshade slideshow

Thursday, July 13

RaceWire: Moyer Jr. rules Merritt
Sidebar: Hard charging hard on Feger
Video: Merritt feature highlights
Video: Merritt postrace interviews
Video: Merritt heat highlights
Video: Merritt Summernationals Minute
Photos: Merritt slideshow

Wednesday, July 12

Notebook: Marcoullier's hard shot at Hartford
DirtWire: Thunderbird rained out

Tuesday, July 11

RaceWire: Moyer Jr. wins at Hartford
Video: Hartford feature highlights
Video: Hartford postrace interviews
Video: Hartford heat highlights
Video: Hartford Summernationals Minute
Photos: Hartford slideshow

Monday, July 10

Story: Pierce marches toward title

Sunday, July 9

RaceWire: Feger survives at Kickapoo
Video: Kickapoo feature highlights
Video: Kickapoo postrace interviews
Video: Kickapoo heat highlights
Video: Kickapoo Summernationals Minute
Photos: Kickapoo slideshow

Saturday, July 8

RaceWire: Pierce grabs Highland victory
Notebook: Eclectic mix invades tour
Video: Highland feature highlights
Video: Highland postrace interviews
Video: Highland heat highlights
Video: Highland Summernationals Minute
Photos: Highland slideshow

Friday, July 7

RaceWire: Marlar wins at Farmer City
Sidebar: Macon eludes B-Shepp again
Video: Farmer City feature highlights
Video: Farmer City postrace interviews
Video: Farmer City heat highlights
Video: Farmer City Summernationals Minute
Photos: Farmer City slideshow

Thursday, July 6

RaceWire: Pierce wins Herald & Review 100
Video: Macon feature highlights
Video: Macon postrace interviews
Video: Macon heat highlights
Video: Macon Summernationals Minute
Photos: Macon slideshow

Wednesday, July 5

Column: Weaver's lost sponsorship
Story: Frank steady on Summernationals
DirtWire: Belle-Clair stop washed out

Tuesday, July 4

RaceWire: Sheppard's fifth in row pays $14,900
Video: Fayette County feature highlights
Video: Fayette County postrace interviews
Video: Fayette County heat highlights
Video: Fayette County Summernationals Minute
Photos: Fayette County slideshow

Monday, July 3

RaceWire: Sheppard rules Quincy
Sidebar: Tour benefits Florida driver
Video: Quincy feature highlights
Video: Quincy postrace interviews
Video: Quincy heat highlights
Video: Quincy Summernationals Minute
Photos: Quincy slideshow

Sunday, July 2

RaceWire: B-Shepp's roll continues at Lincoln
Video: Lincoln feature highlights
Video: Lincoln postrace interviews
Video: Lincoln heat highlights
Video: Lincoln Summernationals Minute
Photos: Lincoln slideshow

Saturday, July 1

RaceWire: B-Shepp wins showdown
Video: I-55 feature highlights
Video: I-55 postrace interviews
Video: I-55 heat highlights
Video: I-55 Summernationals Minute
Photos: I-55 slideshow

Friday, June 30

Feature: Winning B-Shepp enjoys drop-in
DirtWire: Terre Haute rained out

Thursday, June 29

RaceWire: Sheppard hangs on at Plymouth
Video: Plymouth feature highlights
Video: Plymouth postrace interviews
Video: Plymouth heat highlights
Video: Plymouth Summernationals Minute
Photos: Plymouth slideshow

Wednesday, June 28

Sidebar: Babb enjoying resurgence
Preview: WoO, UMP stars facing off

Tuesday, June 27

RaceWire: Moyer Jr. rules Charleston
Video: Charleston feature highlights
Video: Charleston postrace interviews
Video: Charleston heat highlights
Video: Charleston Summernationals Minute
Photos: Charleston slideshow

Monday, June 26

RaceWire: Dennis Erb Jr. rules Clarksville
Notebook: Pierce takes low road
Video: Clarksville feature highlights
Video: Clarksville postrace interviews
Video: Clarksville heat highlights
Video: Clarksville Summernationals Minute
Photos: Clarksville slideshow

Sunday, June 25

RaceWire: Texan sweeps Tri-State
Video: Tri-State feature highlights
Video: Tri-State postrace interviews
Video: Tri-State heat highlights
Video: Tri-State Summernationals Minute
Photos: Tri-State slideshow

Saturday, June 24

RaceWire: Fairbury's live updates
Notebook: Tri-City driver gives up seat
Video: Fairbury feature highlights
Video: Fairbury postrace interviews
Video: Fairbury heat highlights
Video: Fairbury Summernationals Minute
Photos: Fairbury slideshow
Points: Statistics through eight races

Friday, June 23

RaceWire: Erb edges Jackson on last lap
DirtWire: Accident destroy's Ashby's trailer
Sidebar: Oregon driver ventures East
Video: Tri-City feature highlights
Video: Tri-City postrace interviews
Video: Tri-City heat highlights
Video: Tri-City Summernationals Minute
Photos: Tri-City slideshow

Thursday, June 22

RaceWire: Pierce overcomes Erb
Blog: Intrigue of the miniseres
Video: Spoon River feature highlights
Video: Spoon River postrace interviews
Video: Spoon River heat highlights
Video: Spoon River Summernationals Minute
Photos: Spoon River slideshow

Wednesday, June 21

DirtWire: Farley rained out
Column: Is Moyer curtain call in offing?
Notebook: Larson gets tough lesson

Tuesday, June 20

RaceWire: Moyer wins in Jacksonville
DirtWire: Eye injury sidelines Parga
Video: Jacksonville feature highlights
Video: Jacksonville postrace interviews
Video: Jacksonville heat highlights
Video: Jacksonville Summernationals Minute
Photos: Jacksonville slideshow

Monday, June 19

DirtWire: Moyer Jr. declared Peoria winner

Sunday, June 18

RaceWire: Babb wins $5,000
Video: Daugherty feature highlights
Video: Daugherty postrace interviews
Video: Daugherty heat highlights
Video: Daugherty Summernationals Minute
Photos: Daugherty slideshow

Saturday, June 17

RaceWire: Rain halts Peoria main
Sidebar: Shirley off WoO tour
Video: Peoria feature highlights (partial)
Video: Peoria heat highlights
Video: Peoria Summernationals Minute
Photos: Peoria slideshow

Friday, June 16

RaceWire: Moyer pockets $7,500
Sidebar: Feger adjusts to Longhorn
Notebook: Gundaker's best series finish
Video: Sycamore feature highlights
Video: Sycamore postrace interviews
Video: Sycamore heat highlights
Video: Sycamore Summernationals Minute
Photos: Sycamore slideshow

Thursday, June 15

RaceWire: Pierce grabs Kankakee victory
Video: Kankakee feature highlights
Video: Kankakee postrace interviews
Video: Kankakee heat highlights
Video: Kankakee Summernationals Minute
Photos: Kankakee slideshow

Wednesday, June 14

RaceWire: Moyer slips by Boggs at Brownstown
Video: Brownstown feature highlights
Video: Brownstown postrace interviews
Video: Brownstown heat highlights
Video: Brownstown Summernationals Minute
Photos: Brownstown slideshow

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