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Lernerville Speedway

Firecracker 100 weekend lineups and results

June 29, 2013, 7:43 pm
From series and staff reports

SARVER, Pa. (June 29) — Lineups and results from Saturday's finale of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com weekend at Lernerville Speedway (lineups and results are unofficial):

Feature finish

Second-starting Josh Richards came out on top of a battle of attrition to record a weekend sweep in the seventh annual Firecracker 100 Presented by GottaRace.com. Richards took the lead from polesitter Scott Bloomquist on the 16th lap and held it for the remainder of the distance on a lightning-quick surface to record a $30,000 victory. Bloomquist, Shane Clanton, John Blankenship, Rick Eckert and Tim McCreadie each pressured Richards for the race lead at various points in the main event, but none were able to muscle their way past the front-running Richards. McCreadie topped Darrell Lanigan in a battle for second over the closing laps, while 20th-starting Gregg Satterlee and third-starting Jared Landers rounded out the race's top five finishers.

The 100-lapper was slowed by ten cautions and a pair of red flags. The first red flag appeared as a safety precaution following a lap-33 caution for Chub Frank and allowed drivers to switch helmets and replace tear-offs after mud from the tacky surface accumulated and hampered drivers' vision. Eric Wells got upside down entering turn three with six laps to go to draw the second red flag. Wells went for a wild ride but walked away unharmed.

Russ King topped Boom Briggs for a $3,000 payday in the Uncle Sam 30 non-qualifers race on a night where the start of action was delayed roughly two hours by rain.

Firecracker 100: (1) Josh Richards, (2) Tim McCreadie, (3) Darrell Lanigan, (4) Gregg Satterlee, (5) Jared Landers, (6) Steve Francis, (7) Tim Fuller, (8) Shane Clanton, (9) Morgan Bagley, (10) Clint Smith, (11) Rick Eckert, (12) Eric Wells, (13) Bub McCool, (14) Dale McDowell, (15) Scott Bloomquist, (16) Davey Johnson, (17) John Blankenship, (18) Mike Marlar, (19) Austin Hubbard, (20) Jonathan Davenport, (21) Brian Birkhofer, (22) Dan Stone, (23) Chub Frank, (24) John Garvin Jr., (25) Steve Shaver, (26) Dave Hess Jr., (27) Jimmy Mars, (28) Alex Ferree.

Feature lineup

Row 1: Scott Bloomquist (0), Josh Richards (1)
Row 2: Jared Landers (5), Shane Clanton (25)
Row 3: Dale McDowell (17m), Brian Birkhofer (15B)
Row 4: Davey Johnson (1j), Darrell Lanigan (29)
Row 5: Tim McCreadie (39), Jimmy Mars (28)
Row 6: Mike Marlar (5B), Austin Hubbard (11)
Row 7: Jonathan Davenport (49), Rick Eckert (24)
Row 8: Steve Shaver (6), John Blankenship (23)
Row 9: Tim Fuller (19), Bub McCool (57j)
Row 10: Steve Francis (15), Gregg Satterlee (22)
Row 11: Dan Stone (21D), Chub Frank (1*)
Row 12: Morgan Bagley (14m), Dave Hess Jr. (44)
Row 13: Eric Wells (18), Clint Smith (44)
Row 14: John Garvin Jr. (J4), Alex Ferree (10)

Consolation finishes

First consolation: Steve Francis, Chub Frank, Clint Smith.

Second consolation: Gregg Satterlee, Morgan Bagley.

Third consolation: Dan Stone, Dave Hess Jr., David Watts.

Consolation lineups

(Top two transfer)

First consolation
Row 1: Chub Frank (1*), Steve Francis (15)
Row 2: Russ King (56), Clint Smith (44)
Row 3: Brady Smith (2), Andrew Reaume (88)
Row 4: Michael Norris (72), Chris Rhodes (9)
Row 5: Tony Burke (23), Herman Bertolini (7x)
Row 6: Derek Stefanick (44), Brandon Wearing (B1)
Row 7: Michael Holmes (91)
Second consolation
Row 1: Gregg Satterlee (22), Morgan Bagley (m14)
Row 2: Boom Briggs (99B), Mason Zeigler (25z)
Row 3: Mike Pegher Jr. (1), Eric Wells (18)
Row 4: Dan Angelicchio (14), Ben Miley (99)
Row 5: Chris Casner (23), Tommy Beck (1B)
Row 6: Jim Rasey (32), Garrett Krummert (29)
Row 7: Ross Camponovo (18), Justin Kann (66)
Third consolation
Row 1: Dan Stone (21D), Ron Davies (71)
Row 2: Alex Ferree (10), David Watts (04)
Row 3: Dave Hess Jr. (44), John Garvin Jr. (J4)
Row 4: Todd Bachman (66), Brian Tavenner (37)
Row 5: Jason Rider (76), Kevin Wilson (618)
Row 6: Ken Schaltenbrand (29), Derrick Casner (41)
Row 7: Craig Vosbergen (8), Jason Fosnaught (J19)

Heat finishes

(Top three transfer)

First heat: Josh Richards, Davey Johnson, Jonathan Davenport, Chub Frank, Russ King, Brady Smith, Michael Norris, Tony Burke, Derek Stefanick, Michael Holmes.

Second heat: Shane Clanton, Darrell Lanigan, Rick Eckert, Steve Francis, Clint Smith, Andrew Reaume, Chris Rhodes, Herman Bertolini, Brandon Wearing.

Third heat: Brian Birkhofer, Tim McCreadie, Steve Shaver, Gregg Satterlee, Boom Briggs, Mike Pegher Jr., Dan Angelicchio, Chris Casner, Jim Rasey. Scratched: Ross Camponovo.

Fourth heat: Dale McDowell, Jimmy Mars, John Blankenship, Morgan Bagley, Mason Zeigler, Eric Wells, Ben Miley, Tommy Beck, Garrett Krummert. Scratched: Justin Kann.

Fifth heat: Jared Landers, Mike Marlar, Tim Fuller, Dan Stone, Alex Ferree, Dave Hess Jr., Todd Bachman, Jason Rider, Ken Schaltenbrand. Scratched: Craig Vosbergen.

Sixth heat: Scott Bloomquist, Austin Hubbard, Bub McCool, Ron Davies, David Watts, John Garvin Jr., Brian Tavenner, Kevin Wilson, Derrick Casner, Jason Fosnaught.

Heat lineups

(Top three transfer to the Firecracker 100)
First heat
Row 1: Josh Richards (1), Davey Johnson (1j)
Row 2: Russ King (56), Jonathan Davenport (49)
Row 3: Chub Frank (1*), Brady Smith (2)
Row 4: Michael Norris (72), Tony Burke (23t)
Row 5: Michael Holmes (91), Derek Stefanick (44g)
Second heat
Row 1: Shane Clanton (25), Darrell Lanigan (29)
Row 2: Rick Eckert (24), Steve Francis (15)
Row 3: Clint Smith (44), Andrew Reaume (88)
Row 4: Brandon Wearing (B1), Herman Bertolini (7x)
Row 5: Chris Rhodes (CR9), Bump Hedman (B22)
Third heat
Row 1: Steve Shaver (6), Gregg Satterlee (22)
Row 2: Tim McCreadie (39), Brian Birkhofer (15b)
Row 3: Boom Briggs (99b), Dan Angelicchio (14)
Row 4: Mike Pegher Jr. (1c), Jim Rasey (32)
Row 5: Chris Casner (c33), Ross Camponovo (18c)
Fourth heat
Row 1: Eric Wells (18), Dale McDowell (17m)
Row 2: Jimmy Mars (28), Morgan Bagley (14m)
Row 3: John Blankenship (23), Jared Miley (H1)
Row 4: Justin Kann (66k), Garrett Krummert (29k)
Row 5: Tommy Beck (1b), Mason Zeigler (25z)
Fifth heat
Row 1: Jared Landers (5), Dan Stone (2s)
Row 2: Mike Marlar (5b), Tim Fuller (19)
Row 3: Dave Hess Jr. (44h), Alex Ferree (10)
Row 4: Jason Rider (76), Todd Bachman (66)
Row 5: Ken Schaltenbrand (29s), Craig Vosbergen (8)
Sixth heat
Row 1: Austin Hubbard (11), Scott Bloomquist (0)
Row 2: John Garvin Jr. (J4), Bub McCool (57j)
Row 3: Ron Davies (71d), David Watts (04)
Row 4: Derrick Casner (41), Brian Tavenner (37)
Row 5: Jason Fosnaught (J19), Kevin Wilson (618)

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