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Arizona Motorplex

Live updates from Tucson's Winter Extreme

January 20, 2013, 3:39 am
By Todd Turner
DirtonDirt.com managing editor

TUCSON, Ariz. (Jan. 20) — Action is under way Sunday at Tucson International Raceway for the last six rounds of action at the inaugural Winter Extreme. Sunday's program includes heat races, consolations and a $10,000-to-win main event:

Sunday's feature finish

Winter Extreme (Jan. 20): (1) Shane Clanton, (2) Morgan Bagley, (3) Pat Doar, (4) Billy Moyer, (5) Tim Fuller, (6) John Anderson, (7) R.C. Whitwell, (8) Terry Phillips, (9) Rob Sanders, (10) Lance Matthees, (11) Chase Junghans, (12) Billy Moyer Jr., (13) Kyle Beard, (14) Don Shaw, (15) Nick Bartels, (16) Justin Kay, (17) Jordan Yaggy, (18) John Lowrey, (19) Jimmy Mars, (20) Chris Simpson, (21) Clay Daly, (22) Jason Papich, (23) Will Vaught, (24) Brad Williams, (25) Mike Balcaen. Heat race winners (among 39 cars): Clanton, Bagley, Anderson, Moyer Sr. Consolation winner: Whitwell. Provisional starter: Williams.

Sunday’s feature lineup

Row 1: John Anderson (2), Billy Moyer (21)
Row 2: Shane Clanton (25), Morgan Bagley (14m)
Row 3: Chris Simpson (32), Jimmy Mars (28)
Row 4: Tim Fuller (19), Chase Junghans (18)
Row 5: Lance Matthees (90), Jason Papich (91P)
Row 6: John Lowrey (8), Jordan Yaggy (77)
Row 7: Pat Doar (11), Justin Kay (15k)
Row 8: Don Shaw (42), Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr)
Row 9: R.C. Whitwell (24), Clay Daly (32B)
Row 10: Terry Phillips (75), Will Vaught (1v)
Row 11: Nick Bartels (27), Kyle Beard (86)
Row 12: Rob Sanders (10N), Mike Balcaen (10)
Row 13: Brad Williams (23)

Sunday's consolation finish

Consolation (top eight transfer): R.C. Whitwell, Clay Daly, Terry Phillips, Will Vaught, Nick Bartels, Kyle Beard, Rob Sanders, Mike Balcaen, Brad Williams, David Breazeale, Rob Mayea, Garrett Alberson, Steve Drake, Tony Toste, Tim Isenberg, John Kuchar, Dave Deetz, Randy Shafer, James Chavez Jr., Paul Guglielimoni, Trevor Glaser, Ron Davies.

Sunday's consolation lineup

Row 1: Clay Daly (32B), R.C. Whitwell (24)
Row 2: Ron Davies (71D), Terry Phillips (75)
Row 3: Nick Bartels (27), Rob Sanders (10N)
Row 4: Will Vaught (1v), Mike Balcaen (10)
Row 5: Kyle Beard (86), Steve Drake (11x)
Row 6: David Breazeale (10), Tim Isenberg (9T)
Row 7: Brad Williams (23), Trevor Glaser (2)
Row 8: Garrett Alberson (43), Dave Deetz (12a)
Row 9: Tony Toste (91T), Jame Chavez Jr. (94)
Row 10: Rob Mayea (37), Jimmy Whisler (28)
Row 11: Randy Shafer (58B), Paul Guglielmoni (22G)
Row 12: John Kuchar (02)

Sunday's heat race finishes

First heat: Shane Clanton, Chase Junghans, Lance Matthees, Don Shaw, R.C. Whitwell, Ron Davies, Steve Drake, Trevor Glaser, Tony Toste, Randy Shafer.

Second heat: Morgan Bagley, Jimmy Mars, Chris Simpson, Pat Doar, Nick Bartels, Will Vaught, David Breazeale, James Chavez Jr., Paul Guglielmoni.

Third heat: John Anderson, Jason Papich, Jordan Yaggy, Clay Daly, Justin Kay, Mike Balcaen, Tim Isenberg, Brad Williams, Rob Mayea, John Kuchar.

Fourth heat: Billy Moyer, John Lowrey, Tim Fuller, Billy Moyer Jr., Rob Sanders, Kyle Beard, Terry Phillips, Dave Deetz, Jimmy Whisler.

Sunday's heat race lineups

(Top four transfer by passing points)
First heat

Row 1: Don Shaw (42), Shane Clanton (25)
Row 2: Chase Junghans (18), Randy Shafer (58B)
Row 3: Steve Drake (11x), Lance Matthees (90)
Row 4: R.C. Whitwell (24), Tony Toste (91T)
Row 5: Trevor Glaser (2), Ron Davies (71D)
Second heat
Row 1: James Chavez Jr. (94), Morgan Bagley (14m)
Row 2: Nick Bartels (27), Jimmy Mars (28)
Row 3: David Breazeale (10), Pat Doar (11)
Row 4: Will Vaught (1), Chris Simpson (32)
Row 5: Garrett Alberson (43), Paul Guglielmoni (22G)
Third heat
Row 1: Jordan Yaggy (77), Jason Papich (91P)
Row 2: John Kuchar (02), Clay Daly (32B)
Row 3: Rob Mayea (37), Mike Balcaen (10)
Row 4: Tim Isenberg (9T), John Anderson (2)
Row 5: Justin Kay (15k), Brad Williams (23)
Fourth heat
Row 1: John Lowrey (8), Rob Sanders (10N)
Row 2: Billy Moyer (21), Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr)
Row 3: Jimmy Whisler (28), Dave Deetz (12a)
Row 4: Tim Fuller (19), Kyle Beard (86)
Row 5: Terry Phillips (75)

Sunday's race lineup

Modified heats (10 laps)
X-mod heats (6 laps)
Late Model heats (10 laps)
Modified consolation (15 laps)
Late Model consolation (15 laps)
X-Mod feature (15 laps)
Modifed feature (25 laps)
Late Model feature (50 laps)

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