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Cedar Lake Speedway

Lanigan wins USA Nat'ls, grabs $50,000 payday

August 4, 2012, 4:56 pm
From staff reports
Darrell Lanigan steers toward victory in the final laps. (mikerothphotography.com)
Darrell Lanigan steers toward victory in the final laps. (mikerothphotography.com)

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. (Aug. 4) — In race where multiple drivers lined up to challenge Darrell Lanigan, no one successfully could.

The World of Outlaws Late Model Series points leader dominated the 25th annual USA Nationals at Cedar Lake Speedway for a $50,000 payday and his record-tying fourth in a row on the series. He has a record-setting 11 WoO victories in 2012.

The Union, Ky., driver led all 100 laps, most of them by a full straightaway, in taking one of Dirt Late Model racing’s richest purses. He took the checkers by four lengths ahead of Jimmy Owens of Newport, Tenn., who valiantly cut down a straightaway lead over the final 10 laps but couldn’t get close enough to make a serious challenge on Lanigan's car, which had a bar on the left-rear of his car fall off at the finish.

Owens’s long-time racing buddy Mike Marlar of Winfield, Tenn., was third while Brian Shirley of Chatham, Ill., was fourth. Polesitter Frank Heckenast Jr. of Frankfort, Ill., rounded out the top five.

The race was slowed by three cautions, two of them involving fourth-starting Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., who ran as high as second and challenged Lanigan near the race’s midpoint. He fell from contention with a turn-two spin on lap 60 when the lapped car of Scott James clipped him, then was out of the race altogether on lap 76 when he got too hight entering turn one and piled into the turn-one fence. Other than having the wind knocked out of him, O'Neal wasn’t hurt, but his Moring Motorsports car required two wreckers to remove.

The third caution appeared on lap 61 for a slowing Jason Feger after he was sandwiched in a frontstretch skirmish.

Notes: Dennis Erb Jr. pulled to the infield on the third lap. ... Tim McCreadie parked on the ninth lap. ... Nick Anvelink pulled to the infield on lap 14; he was the first driver lapped. ... Bub McCool retired on lap 17. ... Ross Camponovo parked on lap 26. ... Shane Clanton pulled to the pits on lap 30. ... Shannon Babb went a lap down on lap 34 and retired three laps later. ... Kent Robinson was out on lap 39. ... Brian Birkhofer gamely tried to regain his lost lap near the race’s midpoint, but retired on lap 53. ... Tyler Reddick pulled off on lap 56. ... Billy Moyer ran much of the race with a broken left-front suspension. He pitted for repairs on lap 60, couldn’t fix it, then retired on the next caution a lap later. ... Temperatures cooled into the lower 60s for the feature event. ... Scott James of Lawrenceburg, Ind., started the feature by virtue of his Corn Belt Clash victory in Thursday’s event opener. He was involved in both O’Neal’s cautions, the second time when he had nowhere to go.

USA Nationals: (1) Darrell Lanigan, (2) Jimmy Owens, (3) Mike Marlar, (4) Brian Shirley, (5) Frank Heckenast Jr., (6) Scott Bloomquist, (7) Clint Smith, (8) Brady Smith, (9) Bobby Pierce, (10) Rick Eckert, (11) Scott James, (12) Chad Simpson, (13) Don O'Neal, (14) Jason Feger, (15) Billy Moyer, (16) Tyler Reddick, (17) Brian Birkhofer, (18) Chub Frank, (19) Kent Robinson, (20) Shannon Babb, (21) Shane Clanton, (22) Ross Camponovo, (23) Pat Doar, (24) Bub McCool, (25) Nick Anvelink, (26) Tim McCreadie, (27) Dennis Erb Jr. Fast qualifier (among 53 cars): Chad Simpson, 13.270 seconds. Heat race winners: B. Smith, Babb, Lanigan, Moyer, Shirley. Dash winner: Heckenast. Consolation winners: Bloomquist, Clanton, Camponovo. Last-chance winner: Doar. Provisional starters: James, McCreadie, McCool.

Saturday's preliminary results:

WoO last-chance results

Pat Doar, Kent Robinson, Nick Anvelink, Chris Simpson, Brandon Sheppard, Jimmy Mars, Jake Redetzke, Morgan Bagley, Lance Matthees, Jack Sullivan, Fim Fuller, Billy Moyer Jr., Vic Coffey, Jason Rauen. | Complete USA Nationals coverage

WoO last-chance lineup

(Top three to main event)
Row 1: Pat Doar, Nick Anvelink
Row 2: Kent Robinson, Jake Redetzke
Row 3: Chris Simpson, Morgan Bagley
Row 4: Bub McCool, Brandon Sheppard
Row 5: Jimmy Mars, Billy Moyer Jr.
Row 6: Jack Sullivan, Vic Coffey
Row 7: Lance Matthees, Jason Rauen
Row 8: Tim Fuller

WoO consolation results

(12 laps; top two transfer; finishers 3-7 to last-chance race)

First consolation: Scott Bloomquist, Dennis Erb Jr., Pat Doar, Jake Redetzke, Bub McCool, Billy Moyer Jr., Lance Matthees, Tim Isenberg, Walker Arthur, Duane Treadwell, Charlie McKenna, Chad Williamson.

Second consolation: Shane Clanton, Chub Frank, Nick Anvelink, Chris Simpson, Brandon Sheppard, Jack Sullivan, Jason Rauen, Tim McCreadie, Mark Burgtorf, Pete Parker, Mike Spatola, Scott James.

Third consolation: Ross Camponovo, Bobby Pierce, Kent Robinson, Morgan Bagley, Jimmy Mars, Vic Coffey, Tim Fuller, Mike Fryer, Dustin Hapka Bryan Wennen, Jill George. Scratched: Rodney Melvin.

WoO consolation race lineups

First consolation
Row 1: Scott Bloomquist (0), Pat Doar (11)
Row 2: Jake Redetzke (27), Dennis Erb Jr. (28)
Row 3: Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr), Lance Matthees (90)
Row 4: Tim Isenberg (9T), Bub McCool (57j)
Row 5: Walker Arthur (87), Charlie McKenna (22)
Row 6: Duane Treadwell (55), Chad Williamson (57)
Second consolation
Row 1: Shane Clanton (25), Nick Anvelink (15)
Row 2: Chub Frank (1*), Mike Spatola (89)
Row 3: Chris Simpson (32), Jason Rauen (98)
Row 4: Scott James (81), Jack Sullivan (1)
Row 5: Mark Burgtorf (15), Tim McCreadie (39)
Row 6: Brandon Sheppard (1), Pete Parker (10)
Third consolation
Row 1: Bobby Pierce (32), Kent Robinson (7r)
Row 2: Morgan Bagley (14m), Ross Camponovo (18)
Row 3: Jimmy Mars (28), Tim Fuller (19)
Row 4: Vic Coffey (32c), Bryan Wennen (40)
Row 5: Rodney Melvin (27), Dustin Hapka (18)
Row 6: Mike Fryer (5m), Jill George (22)

NASCAR feature finish

(1) Brady Smith, (2) Don Shaw, (3) Tim Isenberg, (4) Brent Larson, (5) Pat Doar, (6) Lance Matthees, (7) John Kaanta, (8) Steve Laursen, (9) Nick Anvelink, (10) Darrell Nelson, (11) Nick Herrick, (12) Rick Hanestad, (13) Rick Egersdorf, (14) Bret Swedberg, (15) Tom Naeyaert, (16) Jim Carlson, (17) Scott Greer, (18) Mike Nutzmann, (19) Caley Emerson, (20) Mike Bear, (21) Greg Nippoldt, (22) Paul Parker, (23) Chris Olson, (24) Chad Mahder.

NASCAR feature lineup

Row 1: Tim Isenberg, Brady Smith
Row 2: Chris Olson, Chad Mahder
Row 3: Lance Matthees, Caley Emerson
Row 4: Steve Laursen, Don Shaw
Row 5: Mike Bear, Rick Hanestad
Row 6: Nick Anvelink, Nick Herrick
Row 7: Pat Doar, Greg Nippoldt
Row 8: Brent Larson, Tom Naeyaert
Row 9: Rick Egersdorf, Jim Carlson
Row 10: John Kaanta, Darrell Nelson
Row 11: Paul Parker, Mike Nutzmann
Row 12: Scott Greer, Brett Swedberg

NASCAR consolation results

John Kaanta, Darrell Nelson, Paul Parker, Mike Nutzmann, Scott Greer, Brett Swedberg, Scott Gilbert, Ben Hanke, Jeff Sayler, Chad Williamson, Ryan Johnson, Tim Buhler: Scratched: Jake Redetzke, Dustin Virkus.

NASCAR consolation lineup

Row 1: Darrell Nelson, Paul Parker
Row 2: Tim Buhler, John Kaanta
Row 3: Mike Nutzmann, Brett Swedberg
Row 4: Scott Greer, Ben Hanke
Row 5: Chad Williamson, Jake Redetzke
Row 6: Ryan Johnson, Jeff Sayler
Row 7: Scott Gilberts, Dustin Virkis

NASCAR heat race results

First heat: Nick Herrick, Nick Anvelink, Rick Hanestad, Lance Matthees, Pat Doar, Tom Naeyaert, Darrell Nelson, John Kaanta, Scott Greer, Jake Redetzke, Scott Gilberts.

Second heat: Mike Bear, Brady Smith, Don Shaw, Chad Mahder, Greg Nippoldt, Rick Egersdorg, Paul Parker, Mike Nutzmann, Ben Hanke, Ryan Johnson, Dustin Virkis.

Third heat: Tim Isenberg, Caley Emerson, Chris Olson, Steve Laursen, Brent Larson, Jim Carlson, Tim Buhler, Brett Swedberg, Chad Williamson, Jeff Sayler.

NASCAR heat race lineups

First heat
Row 1: Nick Herrick (6), Tom Naeyaert (9N)
Row 2: Scott Gilberts (21), Nick Anvelink (15)
Row 3: Rick Hanestad (71), Lance Matthees (90)
Row 4: Jake Redetzke (27), Scott Greer (5G)
Row 5: Darrell Nelson (44), Pat Doar (11)
Row 6: John Kaanta (85)
Second heat
Row 1: Paul Parker (10P), Rick Egersdorf (17)
Row 2: Mike Nutzmann (2), Mike Bear (24)
Row 3: Dustin Virkis (60), Ben Hanke (2)
Row 4: Don Shaw (42s), Greg Nippoldt (55)
Row 5: Brady Smith (2), Chad Mahder (55)
Row 6: Ryan Johnson (9)
Third heat
Row 1: Jeff Sayler (5), Tim Isenberg (9T)
Row 2: Caley Emerson (15E), Chris Olson (18)
Row 3: Jim Carlson (33), Chad Williamson (57)
Row 4: Tim Buhler (7B), Brent Larson (B1)
Row 5: Brett Swedberg (3), Steve Laursen (19)

25th USA Nationals starting lineup

Row 1: Heckenast, Lanigan
Row 2: Eckert, O'Neal
Row 3: Owens, Marlar
Row 4: B. Smith, Moyer
Row 5: Shirley, Babb
Row 6: Feger, C. Smith
Row 7: Reddick, Birkhofer
Row 8: Chad Simpson, Bloomquist
Row 9: Clanton, Camponovo
Row 10: Erb, Frank
Row 11: Pierce, Doar
Row 12: Robinson, Anvelink
Row 13: James, McCreadie
Row 14: McCool
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