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Daily Dirt 08/16/2022 14:45:00

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June 25
Lernerville Speedway,
Sarver, PA
Sanction: RUSH Crate Late Model Series (Bill Emig Memorial) - $20,000
Information provided by: Staff reports (last updated June 26, 4:25 pm)
Whitener defends Emig Memorial, bags $20,000
Bill Emig Memorial
  1. Mark Whitener
  2. Joe Martin
  3. Dillon Brown
  4. Logan Roberson
  5. Michael Duritsky
  6. David Pangrazio
  7. Michael Norris
  8. Colton Flinner
  9. Kyle Lukon
  10. Will Thomas
  11. Justin Kann
  12. Chub Frank
  13. Bryce Davis
  14. Mason Zeigler
  15. Matt Latta
  16. Mike Wonderling Jr.
  17. Jeremy Wonderling
  18. Jason Knowles
  19. Trevor Collins
  20. Ryan Montgomery
  21. Andrew Hennessy
  22. John Waters
  23. Amanda Robinson
  24. Charlie Sandercock
  25. Brady Wonderling
  26. Daryl Charlier
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Howie Balis
Mark Whitener poses in victory lane after his $20,000 Bill Emig Memorial victory.
What won the race: Mark Whitener of Middleburg, Fla., repeated his victory in the RUSH Crate Late Model Series-sanctioned Bill Emig Memorial, leading all 50 laps Saturday at Lernerville Speedway to pocket a tour-record $20,000 top prize. He was rarely challenged en route to capturing the race for the second straight year by 0.893 of a second over Joe Martin of Mayport, Pa.
Quotable: “I’ve got one $25,000 victory so this makes the second biggest one I’ve ever had," said the 41-year-old Whitener. “It takes a lot to put these types of events on with sponsors and getting people here. She (RUSH’s Vicki Emig) runs a really good and respectable series. They tech motors, shocks, tires, fuel — everything. It's an awesome series to race. You can come here legally and win, and that’’s where we are. I had an awesome race car and this is awesome. I live 13 hours away, just sit in the seat and drive this thing, so it means a lot of be able to come up here and win this race.”
Key notes: Whitener was in the same car he piloted to a $10,000 victory in last year’s event — an XR1 Rocket car owned by retired state trooper Dirk Neal of Punxsutawney, Pa. The machine is housed Integra Shocks rep Brian Daugherty's shop. … Whitener also received a championship diamond ring from D&V Jewelers valued at $5,000. ... Martin held the runner-up position for the final 20 laps. ... Dillon Brown of Gaffney, S.C., moved into third on a lap-36 restart and finished there. ... Logan Roberson of Waynesboro, Va., finished fourth after gaining that position on lap 47. ... After running in the top five — and as high as second — for the majority of the race, David Pangrazio of Batavia, N.Y., faded in the closing laps and finished sixth. ... Saturday's feature, completed after the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series-sanctioned Firecracker 100, was slowed by four incidents, including a 10-minute red flag on lap eight for a multi-car incident on the homestretch. ... The race lasted 35 minutes, with 17 competitors completing all 50 laps.
On the move: After utilizing a provisional starting position, Will Thomas of Sharpsville, Pa., started 26th and finished 10th.
Winner's sponsors: Whitener drove a Dirk Neal-owned Rocket Chassis sponsored by CRW Home Center, Brackman Chevrolet-Buick, Huey Brothers Well Services, Fisher Furniture and Richmond Insurance.
Points chase: Before Lernerville: 1. Logan Roberson (586); 2. Joe Martin (573); 3. Brady Wonderling (544); 4. Jeremy Wonderling (544); 5. Breyton Santee (513).
Current weather: Clear, 86°F
Car count: 56
Fast qualifier: Mark Whitener
Time: 17.730 seconds
Polesitter: Mark Whitener
Heat race winners: Mark Whitener, Michael Norris, Michael Duritsky, David Pangrazio, Joe Martin, Charlie Sandercock
Consolation race winners: Jeremy Wonderling, Amanda Robinson, Trevor Collins
Provisional starters: Brady Wonderling, Will Thomas
Next series race: July 1, Dog Hollow Speedway (Strongstown, PA) $3,000
Editor's note: Results and race details are unofficial.
From staff and series reports

SARVER, Pa. (June 23) — Updates from the RUSH Crate Late Model Series-sanctioned Bill Emig Memorial that includes qualifying on Thursday, heats on Friday and B-mains and the $20,000-to-win feature Saturday at Lernerville Speedway (results unofficial):


Mark Whitener of Middleburg, Fla., repeated his victory in the RUSH Crate Late Model Series-sanctioned Bill Emig Memorial, leading all 50 laps Saturday at Lernerville Speedway to pocket a tour-record $20,000 top prize. He was rarely challenged en route to capturing the race for the second straight year by 0.893 of a second over Joe Martin of Mayport, Pa.

Consolation results

(12 laps; top two transfer)

First consolation finish: Jeremy Wonderling, Matt Latta, Logan Jaquay, Josh Ferry, Austin Allen, Noah Brunell, Jim Rasey, Jonathan Stockdale, Eli Mayhew, Michael Goudie, Rob Coffaro (DNS) Will Thomas, Mike Laughard.

Second consolation finish: Amanda Robinson, Justin Kann, Aaron Miller, Zachary Kane, R.J. Dallape, Levi Crowl, Andy Michael, Chuck Recker, Cole Petrelle, Chad Sines, Ryan Goudie (DNS) Bo Lockwood, Breyton Santee.

Third consolation finish: Trevor Collins, Ryan Montgomery, Ethan Wilson, Shane Crotty, Ryan Frazee, Ashton Briggs, Braeden Dillinger, Brady Wonderling, Kurt Stebbins, John Boring, Jake Gunn (DNS) Cody Dawson.

Dash results

(6 laps)

Finish: Mark Whitener, David Pangrazio, Michael Norris, Michael Duritsky, Charlie Sandercock, Joe Martin.

Heat race results

(10 laps; top three transfer)

First heat: Mark Whitener, Logan Roberson, John Waters, Jeremy Wonderling, Matt Latta, Josh Ferry, Austin Allen, Eli Mayhew, Noah Brunell, Michael Goudie.

Second heat: Michael Norris, Jason Knowles, Daryl Charlier, Will Thomas, Logan Jaquay, Jim Rasey, Jonathan Stockdale, Rob Coffaro, Mike Laughard.

Third heat: Michael Duritsky, Chub Frank, Colton Flinner, Chad Sines, Cole Petrelle, Aaron Miller, Bo Lockwood, Ryan Goudie, Zachary Kane.

Fourth heat: David Pangrazio, Mike Wondering, Kyle Lukon, Levi Crowl, Amanda Robinson, Justin Kann, R.J. Dallape, Chuck Recker, Andy Michael, Breyton Santee.

Fifth heat: Joe Martin, Mason Zeigler, Andrew Hennessy, Trevor Collins, Braeden Dillinger, Ryan Frazee, Kurt Stebbins, Shane Crotty, Jake Gunn.

Sixth heat: Charlie Sandercock, Dillon Brown, Bryce Davis, Ryan Montgomery, Brady Wonderling, Ethan Wilson, Ashton Briggs, Cody Dawson, John Boring.

Time trials

First group   

  1. Mark Whitener (1N), Middleburg, Fla., 17.730
  2. Michael Norris (N1), Sarver, Pa., 17.736
  3. Michael Duritsky Jr. (90J), Masontown, Pa., 17.869
  4. Logan Roberson (17R), Waynesboro, Va., 17.943
  5. Daryl Charlier (3RK), Bulger, Pa., 17.960
  6. Cole Petrelle (84P), Follansbee, W.Va., 18.000
  7. Jeremy Wondering (3J), Wellsville, N.Y., 18.064
  8. Jim Rasey (32), Southington, Ohio, 18.099
  9. Chad Sines (15), Orwell, Ohio, 18.202
  10. Josh Ferry (33), Cochranton, Pa., 18.250
  11. Jason Knowles (4), Addison, N.Y., 18.260
  12. Chub Frank (1*), Bear Lake, Pa., 18.335
  13. Matt Latta (21L), Conneaut Lake, Pa., 18.339
  14. Logan Jaquay (99*), Bear Lake, Pa., 18.412
  15. Colton Flinner (5x), Allison Park, Pa., 18.423
  16. Austin Allen (32A), Canisteo, N.Y., 18.443
  17. Will Thomas (9T), Sharpsville, Pa., 18.446
  18. Aaron Miller (20), Greenwood, N.Y., 18.552
  19. Noah Brunell (31B), New Alexandria, Pa., 18.599
  20. Jonathan Stockdale (31), Novelty, Ohio, 18.698
  21. Bo Lockwood (57L), Brookville, Pa., 19.007
  22. John Waters (11L), Whitesville, N.Y., 19.035
  23. Mike Laughard (38L), Twin Rocks, Pa., 19.080
  24. Ryan Goudie (00), Gravenhurst, Ontario, 19.177
  25. Michael Goudie (38G), Gravenhurst, Ontario, 19.243
  26. Rob Coffaro (24c), Slippery Rock, Pa., 19.410
  27. Zachary Kane (10), Washington, Pa., 19.456
  28. Eli Mayhew (1020XX), Picton, Ontario, 19.509

Second group   

  1. Amanda Robinson (4R), Georgetown, Del., 17.984
  2. Andrew Hennessy (87), Picton, Ontario, 17.986
  3. Dillon Brown (6), Gaffney, S.C., 18.061
  4. Mike Wondering (18), Wellsville, N.Y., 18.114
  5. Joe Martin (10S), Punxsutawney, Pa., 18.156
  6. Charlie Sandercock (57), Belleville, Ontario, 18.205
  7. Breyton Santee (9), Conneaut, Ohio, 18.303
  8. Mason Zeigler (58), Chalk Hill, Pa., 18.335
  9. Bryce Davis (94), Canisteo, N.Y., 18.454
  10. David Pangrazio (136), Elba, N.Y., 18.508
  11. Trevor Collins (72), Seaford, Del., 18.511
  12. Ryan Montgomery (4s), Fairmont, W.Va., 18.542
  13. Justin Kann (66), Huntingdon, Pa., 18.582
  14. Ethan Wilson (18E), Fayetteville, N.C., 18.617
  15. Ryan Frazee (17), Addison, Pa., 18.695
  16. Levi Crowl (5C), Clear Spring, Md., 18.718
  17. Kurt Stebbins (26), Wellsville, N.Y., 18.723
  18. Brady Wondering (Z1), Wellsville, N.Y., 18.753
  19. Kyle Lukon (184), Burgettstown, Pa., 18.813
  20. Jake Gunn (14G), McDonald, Pa., 18.833
  21. Ashton Briggs (11A), Erie, Pa., 18.843
  22. R.J. Dallape (75D), Boswell, Pa., 18.981
  23. Braeden Dillinger (14D), Dawson, Pa., 19.058
  24. Cody Dawson (36), Laurel, Del., 19.167
  25. Andy Michael (17x), Allegany, N.Y., 19.198
  26. Shane Crotty (99B), Corry, Pa., 19.231
  27. John Boring (58B), Valley Grove, W.Va., 19.358
  28. Chuck Recker (6R), Pittsburgh, Pa., no time

Feature lineup

Row 1: Whitener, D. Pangrazio
Row 2: Norris, Duritsky
Row 3: Sandercock, Martin
Row 4: Roberson, M. Wonderling
Row 5: Knowles, Zeigler
Row 6: Frank, D. Brown
Row 7: Waters, Lukon
Row 8: Charlier, Hennessy
Row 9: Flinner, Davis
Row 10: J. Wonderling, Robinson
Row 11: Collins, Latta
Row 12: Kann, Montgomery
Row 13: B. Wonderling, Thomas
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