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Daily Dirt 02/08/2023 11:28:26

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July 16
Oakshade Raceway,
Wauseon, OH
Sanction: DIRTcar Summer Nationals (Birthday Race) - $10,000
Information provided by: Series reports (last updated July 22, 6:04 am)
Moran repels Schlenk, grabs win at Oakshade
Birthday Race
  1. Devin Moran
  2. Rusty Schlenk
  3. Bobby Pierce
  4. Payton Freeman
  5. Devin Shiels
  6. Colin Shipley
  7. Drew Smith
  8. Ken Hahn
  9. Mark Voigt
  10. Joe Godsey
  11. Rusty Smith
  12. Casey Noonan
  13. Steve Kester
  14. Billy Moyer Jr.
  15. Rob Anderzack
  16. Doug Tye
  17. Dusty Moore
  18. Brad Eitniear
  19. Terry Rushlow
  20. Jeep Van Wormer
  21. Herb Reich
  22. Hillard Miller
  23. Rich Ruff
  24. Jeff Roth
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Jim DenHamer
Devin Moran hoists the big paycheck at Oakshade.
What won the race: Turning back repeated challenges from former track champ Rusty Schlenk, Devin Moran of Dresden, Ohio, earned $10,000 Saturday at Oakshade Raceway in the DIRTcar Summer Nationals-sanctioned Birthday Race. Moran took the checkers 0.975 of a second ahead of Schlenk, who briefly slipped by Moran with nine laps remaining before Moran's crossover move put him back up front. Moran led laps 10-40 on a track roughed up by rain the previous night.
Quotable: "I was kind of Pokey Joeing around the bottom trying to keep my car underneath of me, just trying not to break anything, and then Rusty come sliding in there," Moran said of the lap-41 battle. "And I knew I was going to have to get after it after that. I could make (turns) one and two decent if I hit it right, and (turns) three and four I didn't feel that good. But yeah, this Tye Twarog Racing Longhorn was bad to the bone. I'm glad to get it in victory lane again."
Key notes: Moran notched his fourth career series victory. ... Ten drivers completed 40 laps. ... Colin Shipley led the first nine laps but got too high in turn two and slipped back. ... Brad Eitniear's car got upside down on the backstretch on the 19th lap, drawing a red flag; he wasn't injured. ... Besides the red flag, the race was slowed by four cautions (Rusty Smith's turn-four spin on lap 14; Rob Anderzack's backstretch spin on lap 15; Drew Smith slowing on lap 26; and Joe Godsey's lap-32 flat tire). ... Rough conditions greeted drivers after overnight rain, but the track spent nearly an hour reworking the surface before the 40-lap feature. ... Casey Noonan set fast time, but his car's nosepiece folded under in the first heat, forcing him pitside. He ran as high as seventh after taking a provisional in the feature. ... Ryan Missler had a flat left-rear tire in the second heat while holding the third and final transfer spot. ... Rusty Smith spun out of second in turn four on the final lap of the third heat; he started with a provisional. ... Steve Kester was forced to a backup car after time trials.. ... Oakshade hosted the tour for the 26th time.
Winner's sponsors: Moran’s Tye Twarog Racing Longhorn Chassis is powered by a Clements Racing Engine and sponsored by Tye Twarog Performance Parts, C&W Trucking, Big D's, Tommy Pope Construction, Accu-Force, M&M Painting & Construction, Car Source Auto, McHugh Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Red Oak Pub, VP Racing Fuels, Lucas Oil, FK Rod Ends, Hoosier Racing Tire, The Joie of Seating, igimage.com, Eddie's Sunoco and Muskingum County Speedway.
Points chase: After Oakshade: 1. Bobby Pierce (1,422); 2. Brian Shirley (1,085); 3. Payton Freeman (1,045); 4. Jason Feger (1,020); 5. Joe Godsey (979); 6. Mark Voigt (765); 7. Ryan Unzicker (717); 8. Billy Moyer Jr. (703); 9. Jeff Roth (676); 10. Shannon Babb (617).
Current weather: Clear, 72°F
Car count: 57
Fast qualifier: Casey Noonan
Time: 14.607 seconds
Polesitter: Colin Shipley
Heat race winners: Bobby Pierce, Billy Moyer Jr., Colin Shipley, Devin Moran, Terry Rushlow, Payton Freeman
Consolation race winners: Dusty Moore, Casey Noonan, Jeff Roth
Provisional starters: Mark Voigt, Casey Noonan, Rusty Smith, Jeff Roth
Next series race: July 22, Tri-City Motor Speedway (Auburn, MI) $10,000
Editor's note: Results and race details are unofficial.
From series and staff reports

WAUSEON, Ohio — Updates from Saturday’s DIRTcar Summer Nationals event at Oakshade Raceway, highlighted by the $10,000-to-win Birthday Race (results unofficial):


Turning back repeated challenges from former track champ Rusty Schlenk, Devin Moran of Dresden, Ohio, earned $10,000 Saturday at Oakshade Raceway on the DIRTcar Summer Nationals. Moran took the checkers 0.975 of a second ahead of Schlenk, who briefly slipped by Moran with nine laps remaining before Moran's crossover move put him back up front. Moran led laps 10-40 on a track roughed up by rain the previous night.

Feature lineup

(50 laps)

Row 1: Colin Shipley, Payton Freeman
Row 2: Devin Moran, Bobby Pierce
Row 3: Billy Moyer Jr., Terry Rushlow
Row 4: Joe Godsey, Rusty Schlenk
Row 5: Hillard Miller, Devin Shiels
Row 6: Rich Ruff, Rob Anderzack
Row 7: Drake Troutman, Steve Kester
Row 8: Doug Tye, Herb Reich
Row 9: Drew Smith, Jeep Van Wormer
Row 10: Dusty Moore, Brad Eitniear
Row 11: Mark Voigt, Casey Noonan
Row 12: Rusty Smith, Jeff Roth

Consolation race results

B-main (12 laps; top two transfer): Dusty Moore, Brad Eitniear, Matt Lindsey, Jake Rendel, Joe Chalmers, Nicholas Fenner, Jim Plotts, Mick Quin, Drake Troutman, Mark Voigt, Brandon Moore, Jeff Roth, Jeff Robertson, Casey Noonan, Brad Wade, Chris Keller.

FIrst C-main (eight laps; top two transfer): Casey Noonan, Brandon Moore, Cody Laney, Josh Robertson. Scratched: Dan Gehring, Rusty Smith, Ryan Missler, Jimmy Houston, B.J. Gregory, Jeff Geis, Joel Morton, Jacob Gamber, Steve Reeves, Chad Doxsee.

Second C-Main (eight laps; top two transfer): Jeff Roth, Jeff Robertson, Bill Reeves, Steve Miller. Scratched: Thomas Hunziker, Stephen Mills, Carter Schlenk, Kevin Mack, Adam Lantz, Chris Sanders, Frank Heckenast Jr., Matthew Chapman, Bob Mayer.

Heat race results

(10 laps; top three transfer)

First heat: Bobby Pierce, Joe Godsey, Drake Troutman, Ken Hahn, Dan Gehring, Cody Laney, Nicholas Fenner, Jeff Roth, Jacob Gamber, Casey Noonan.

Second heat: Billy Moyer Jr., Rusty Schlenk, Steve Kester, Chris Keller, Mick Quin, Brnadon Moore, Ryan MIssler, Brandon Moore, B.J. Gregory, Steve Reeves.

Third heat: Colin Shipley, Hillard Miller, Doug Tye, Joe Chalmers, Jake Rendel, Jimmy Houston, Jeff Geis, Josh Robertson, Rusty Smith, Chad Doxsee.

Fourth heat: Devin Moran, Devin Shiels, Herb Reich, Dusty Moore (complete finish unavailable).

Fifth heat: Terry Rushlow, Rich Ruff, Drew Smith, Matt Lindsey, Brad Wade, Bill Reeves Jr., Matthew Chaapman, Adam Lantz, Jeff Robertson.

Sixth heat: Payton Freeman, Rob Anderzack, Jeep Van Wormer, Brad Eitniear, Jim Plotts, Stephen Mills, Carter Schlenk, Chris Sanders, Bob Mayer.

Time trials

Driver (car no.), hometown
First group
Casey Noonan (1N), Sylvania, Ohio, 14.607
Bobby Pierce (32), Oakwood, Ill., 14.820
Drake Troutman (7T), Hyndman, Pa., 15.033
Joe Godsey (14G), Edinburgh, Ind., 15.157
Ken Hahn (27), Gibsonburg, Ohio, 15.736
Dan Gehring (D3), Pettisville, Ohio, 15.882
Jeff Roth (14R), Bentonville, Ark., 16.297
Nicholas Fenner (22), Morenci, Mich., 16.491
Cody Laney (47j), Torrance, Calif., 16.752
Jacob Gamber (G15), Wauseon, Ohio, no time
Second group
Billy Moyer Jr. (21), Batesville, Ark., 14.725
Rusty Schlenk (91), McClure, Ohio, 14.895
Ryan Missler (50), Bellevue, Ohio, 14.957
B.J. Gregory (56), Swanton, Ohio, 15.201
Chris Keller (67), Adrian, Mich., 15.490
Brandon Moore (39), Bryan, Ohio, 15.753
MIck Quin (23nz), Hawks Bay, New Zealand, 15.988
Joel Morton (36), Hudson, Mich., 16.886
Steve Reeves (28), Sherwood, Ohio, 18.156
Steve Kester (77), Holland, Ohio, no time
Third group
Rusty Smith (71), Sylvania, Ohio, time unavailable
Colin Shipley (44s), Bowling Green, Ohio, time unavailable
Hillard Miller (53), Defiance, Ohio, time unavailable
Doug Tye (4D), Collinsville, Ill., time unavailable
Jeff Geis (87), Wauseon, Ohio, time unavailable
Jake Rendel (06), Adrian, Mich., time unavailable
Joe Chalmers (31), Perth, Western Australia, time unavailable
Josh Robertson (P3), Defiance, Ohio, time unavailable
Jimmy Houston (19), Swanton, Ohio, time unavailable
Chad Doxsee (10), Swanton, Ohio, time unavailable
Fourth group
Devin Shiels (51), Britton, Mich., 14.888
Thomas Hunziker (38), Bend, Ore., 15.024
Devin Moran (9), Dresden, Ohio, 15.033
Frank Heckenast Jr. (99jr), Frankfort, Ill., 15.142
Herb Reich (34), Ann Arbor, Mich., 15.499
Dusty Moore (75), Swanton, Ohio, 15.609
Mark Voigt (30), Marine, Ill., 15.828
Steve Miller (95), Toledo, Ohio, 16.093
Kevin Mack (55), Defiance, Ohio, 16.227
Fifth group
Drew Smith (71), Sylvania, Ohio, 14.976
Terry Rushlow (63), Holland, Ohio, 15.031
Matthew Chapman (9m), Adrian, Mich., 15.082
Brad Wade (23), Dundee, Mich., 15.143
Rich Ruff (R4), Adrian, Mich., 15.590
Matt Lindsey (49), Adrian, Mich., 15.766
Adam Lantz (59), Wauseon, Ohio, 15.979
Jeff Robertson (P3), Defiance, Ohio, 16.739
Bill Reeves Jr. (22jr), Bryan, Ohio, 17.088
Sixth group
Payton Freeman (F1), Commerce, Ga., 14.992
Rob Anderzack (8), Swanton, Ohio, 15.098
Jeep Van Wormer (55), Pinconning, Mich., 15.138
Brad Eitniear (22), Wauseon, Ohio, 15.533
Jim Plotts (20), Holgate, Ohio, 15.564
Chris Sands (E55), Morenci, Mich., 16.019
Carter Schlenk (LIL91), McClure, Ohio, 16.605
Bob Mayer (42), Holland, Ohio, 16.854
Stephen Mills (8m), Adrian, Mich., 16.941

Saturday’s schedule

(All times local)

5:30 p.m. - Drivers’ meeting
6 p.m. - On-track activity
- Late Model hot laps
- Modified hot laps/qualifying
- Late Model time trials (2 laps)
- Super stock hot laps
Opening ceremonies
- Late Model heats (10 laps)
- Modified heats (10 laps)
- Super Stock heats
- Late Model C-main (10 laps)
- Modified consolation (12 laps)
- Late Model B-main (12 laps)
- Super Stock consolations
Feature races
- Late Models (50 laps)
- Modifieds (25 laps)
- Super stocks

Feature lineup

Row 1: Shipley, Freeman
Row 2: Moran, Pierce
Row 3: Moyer Jr., Rushlow
Row 4: Godsey, Schlenk
Row 5: Miller, Shiels
Row 6: Ruff, Anderzack
Row 7: Troutman, Kester
Row 8: Tye, Reich
Row 9: D. Smith, Van Wormer
Row 10: D. Moore, Eitniear
Row 11: Voigt, Noonan
Row 12: R. Smith, Roth

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