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2019: Special event winners and track champions

(show schedule)

(If no designation, division is unsanctioned Super Late Models)


East Alabama Motor Speedway (Limited) - None

East Alabama Motor Speedway (602 Crate) - None

ECM Speedway (Limited) - Brandon Brown

ECM Speedway (602 Crate) - Cole Brown

Fort Payne Motor Speedway - D.J. Hayes

Fort Payne Motor Speedway (604 Crate) - Mark Sutton

Fort Payne Motor Speedway (602 Crate) - Jessie Hughes

Hollis Speedway (Limited) - David Dickerson

Moulton Speedway (Limited) - None

North Alabama Speedway (Crate) - Matthew Brocato

North Alabama Speedway (602 Crate) - Bryson Mitchell

Talladega Short Track - Dallas Cooper

Talladega Short Track (Limited) - Joe Noojin

Talladega Short Track (Durrence Layne 604 Crate) - David Kay

Talladega Short Track (Durrence Layne 602 Crate) - Justin Angle

Tri-County Speedway (604 Crate) - Josh Huss

Tri-County Speedway (602 Crate) - Nick Lambeth


Crowley’s Ridge Raceway (Limited) - Steven Crocker

Old No. 1 Speedway (Limited) - Steven Crocker

Riverside International Speedway (Crate) - Brandon Poppenheimer


Antioch Speedway (DIRTcar) - Richard Papenhausen

Antioch Speedway (Limited) - Kimo Oreta

Placerville Speedway (Limited) - Ray Trimble


Delaware International Speedway - Amanda Whaley

Delaware International Speedway (Crate) - Matt Hill


All-Tech Raceway - Bo Allen

All-Tech Raceway (Limited) - Richard Ferry

Bubba Raceway Park (Limited) - None

East Bay Raceway Park (Crate) - Keith Nosbisch

Hendry County Speedway (Limited) - Shan Smith

North Florida Speedway (Limited) - Hunter Sweet

Southern Raceway (Durrence Layne Crate) - Bo Slay

Southern Raceway (602 Crate) - Jason Messick

Volusia Speedway Park - Donnie Chappell

Volusia Speedway Park (Limited) - Dennis Williams

Volusia Speedway Park (602 Crates) - Brenden Smith


Blue Ridge Motorsports Park (Limited) - Daven Dilbeck

Blue Ridge Motorsports Park (604 Crate) - Jason Deal

Blue Ridge Motorsports Park (602 Crate) - Colton Berrong

Boyd’s Speedway (Limited) - Justin Litchford

Boyd’s Speedway (Crate) - Bryan Pritchard

Cochran Motor Speedway (Durrence Layne Crate) - Parker Martin

Dixie/Rome Speedways - Michael Page

Dixie/Rome Speedways (Limited) - Dalton Polston

Dixie/Rome Speedways (604 Crate) - Logan Palmer

Dixie/Rome Speedways (602 Crate) - Chris Hough

Golden Isles Speedway (Limited) - None

Hartwell Speedway (Limited) - Grant Jordan

Hartwell Speedway (Crate) - Danny Sanders

Lavonia Speedway (Limited) - Kenny Collins

Lavonia Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - John Price

Needmore Speedway (Limited) - Unreported

Needmore Speedway (602 Crate) - Unreported

North Georgia Speedway - None

Oglethorpe Speedway Park (Durrence Layne Crate) - Shane Riner

Screven Motor Speedway - None

Senoia Raceway (Limited) - Jacques Daniel

Senoia Raceway (604 Crate) - Marty Massey

Senoia Raceway (602 Crate) - Jason Williams

Toccoa Raceway (Limited) - Drew Benfield

Toccoa Raceway (Fastrak Crate) - Drew Collins

Toccoa Raceway (602 Crate) - Crandall Turner

West Georgia Speedway (Limited) - None

Winder-Barrow Speedway (Limited) - John Anderson


Belle-Clair Speedway (DIRTcar) - Rusty Griffaw

Fairbury American Legion Speedway (DIRTcar) - Ryan Unzicker

Farmer City Raceway (DIRTcar) - Donny Walden

Farmer City Raceway (DIRTcar Crate) - Logan Moody

Highland Speedway (DIRTcar) - Mark Voigt

Jacksonville Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Brandon Eskew

Kankakee County Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Chad Osterhoff

Lincoln Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Jake Little

Macon Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Dakota Ewing

Peoria Speedway (DIRTcar) - Mike Chasteen Jr.

Quad City Speedway (IMCA) - Matt Ryan

Quincy Raceway (DIRTcar Crate) - Denny Woodworth

Spoon River Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Logan Moody

Sycamore Speedway (Limited) - Greg Cantrell Jr.

Tri-City Speedway (DIRTcar) - Michael Kloos

Tri-City Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Aaron Heck


Brownstown Speedway - Devin Gilpin

Brownstown Speedway (Crate) - Shelby Miles

Shadyhill Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Kyle Cooper

Twin Cities Raceway Park (Crate) - Joey Kramer


34 Raceway (IMCA) - Matt Ryan

300 Speedway (IMCA) - None

Benton County Speedway (IMCA) - Curtis Glover

Davenport Speedway (IMCA) - Matt Ryan

Dubuque Speedway (IMCA) - Jeremiah Hurst

Hamilton County Speedway (Limited) - Ryan Griffith

Independence Motor Speedway (IMCA) - Curt Martin

Marshalltown Speedway (IMCA) - Jeremiah Hurst

Maquoketa Speedway (IMCA) - Andy Nezworski

Pepsi Lee County Speedway (IMCA) - Tommy Elston

Shelby County Speedway - Allan Hopp

Shelby County Speedway (Limited) - Jacob Brown

West Liberty Raceway (IMCA) - None


Caney Valley Speedway - Gary Gorby

Lakeside Speedway (Limited) - Don Marrs


Florence Speedway - Trevor Landrum

Florence Speedway (Crate) - Brad Rickels

Lake Cumberland Speedway - Michael Chilton

Mountain Motor Speedway - Stephen Martin

Ponderosa Speedway - None

Ponderosa Speedway (Crate) - None

Richmond Raceway - Derek Fisher

Richmond Raceway (Crates) - A.J. Hicks


Baton Rouge Raceway (Crates) - Brandon Buhler

Chatham Speedway (Crates) - Tanner Kellick

Thunder Valley Speedway - Brandon Hightower


Greater Cumberland Raceway - None

Hagerstown Speedway (Limited) - James Lichliter

Potomac Speedway - Jamie Lathroum

Potomac Speedway (Limited) - Derick Quade

Potomac Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Darren Alvey


Crystal Motor Speedway - Scott Baker

I-96 Speedway (DIRTcar) - Chad Finley

Merritt Speedway (DIRTcar) - David Mielke

Mid-Michigan Raceway Park - None

Thunderbird Speedway (DIRTcar) - Rich Neiser

Tri-City Motor Speedway - Derrick Hilliker

Winston Speedway - Ryan VanderVeen


Grand Rapids Speedway (WISSOTA) - Derek Vesel

Fiesta City Speedway (WISSOTA) - Damin Eilers

Hibbing Raceway (WISSOTA) - Derek Vesel

I-94 Speedway (WISSOTA) - Don Shaw

I-94 Speedway (Limited) - Ben Wolden

Madison Speedway (Limited) - D.J. Tesch

Proctor Speedway (WISSOTA) - Tim McMann

Viking Speedway (WISSOTA) - Don Shaw


Columbus Speedway (Durrence Layne 604 Crate) - Unreported

Columbus Speedway (Durrence Layne 602 Crate) - Unreported

Greenville Speedway - Mike Palasini Jr.

Greenville Speedway (Durrence Layne Crate) - Christopher Showah

Hattiesburg Speedway (Durrence Layne Crate) - Shannon Lee

Jackson Motor Speedway (Durrence Layne 604 Crate) - Sid Scarbrough

Jackson Motor Speedway (Durrence Layne 602 Crate) - Zack Owens

Magnolia Motor Speedway (Durrence Layne 604 Crate) - Randall Beckwith

Magnolia Motor Speedway (Durrence Layne 602 Crate) - Colby Ponds

Whynot Motorsports Park (Durrence Layne 604 Crate) - Jim McDuffie

Whynot Motorsports Park (Durrence Layne 602 Crate) - Tody Ratcliff


Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 (DIRTcar) − Rusty Griffaw

I-35 Speedway (Limited) - Tommy Cordray

Lake Ozark Speedway (ULMA) - Cole Henson

Legit Raceway Park - Kaleb Stolba

Lucas Oil Speedway (ULMA) - Johnny Fennewald

Nevada Speedway - Rusty Skaggs


Big Sky Speedway (WISSOTA) - Kelly Hample

Electric City Speedway (WISSOTA) - Jim Zaremski

Gallatin Speedway (WISSOTA) - Kinzer McCord


Boone County Raceway (IMCA) - Cory Dumpert

I-80 Speedway (NASCAR) - Josh Leonard

I-80 Speedway (Limited) - Jacob Brown

Junction Motor Speedway (IMCA) - Cory Dumpert

Off Road Speedway (IMCA) - Robert Osborne

U.S. 30 Speedway (IMCA) - Tad Pospisil

New Hampshire

Rumtown Speedway (Limited) - Brad Shanks

New Mexico

Vado Speedway Park (DIRTcar) - Jake Gallardo

New York

Freedom Motorsports  Park - David Scott

Fulton Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Chad Homan

Genesee Speedway (RUSH Crate) - J.J. Mazur

Outlaw Speedway (RUSH Crate): None

Stateline Speedway - Max Blair

Stateline Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Max Blair

Woodhull Raceway (Limited) - Jason Knowles

North Carolina

311 Motor Speedway (604 Crate) - Timmie Harrelson

311 Motor Speedway (602 Crate) - Dalton Jacobs

Carolina Speedway (Limited) - Unreported

County Line Raceway (Limited) - Michael Rouse

Dixieland Speedway (Limited) - Billy Hubbard

East Lincoln Speedway (Limited) - Chris Smith

Fayetteville Motor Speedway (Limited) - Shaun Harrell

Friendship Motor Speedway (Crate) - None

Friendship Motor Speedway (602 Crate) - None

Halifax County Motor Speedway (Limited) - Mason Price

Tri-County Racetrack (Limited) - Jason Deal

North Dakota

Devils Lake Speedway (WISSOTA) - Brad Seng

River Cities Speedway (WISSOTA) - Shane Edginton


Atomic Speedway - Mark Frazier

Attica Raceway Park (DIRTcar) - Doug Drown

Eldora Speedway (DIRTcar) - Ricky Weiss

Hilltop Speedway - J.R. Gentry

Moler Raceway Park - John Whitney

Oakshade Raceway (DIRTcar) - Devin Shiels

Portsmouth Raceway Park - Shannon Thornsberry

Portsmouth Raceway Park (Limited) - Billy Staker

Raceway 7 (RUSH Crates) - Darrell Bossard

Wayne County Speedway - Doug Drown


Coos Bay Speedway - Preston Luckman

Coos Bay Speedway (Limited) - Braden Fugate

Cottage Grove Speedway (Limited) - Brian Smith

Madras Speedway (Limited) - Jason Johnson

Willamette Speedway - Joey Tanner

Willamette Speedway (Limited) - B.J. Donofrio


BAPS Motor Speedway (Limited) - Bobby Beard

Bedford Speedway - Andy Haus

Bedford Speedway (Limited) - Taylor Farlling

Bedford Speedway (Semi-Late) - Bob Jay

Bradford Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Ward Schell

Clinton County Motor Speedway (Limited) - Jim Yoder

Dog Hollow Speedway - None

Dog Hollow Speedway (RUSH Crates) - None

Dog Hollow Speedway (Semi-Late) - None

Eriez Speedway - Max Blair

Eriez Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Max Blair

Hesston Speedway (Limited) - Greg "Spike" Moore

Hesston Speedway (Semi-Late) - Bill Replogle

Hidden Valley Speedway - Bob Dorman

Hummingbird Speedway - Paul Kot

Hummingbird Speedway (Semi-Late) - Nick Erskine

Latrobe Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Troy Shields

Lernerville Speedway (DIRTcar) - Ken Schaltenbrand

Path Valley Speedway (Limited) - Randy Burkholder

Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Ben Policz

Port Royal Speedway - Dylan Yoder

Port Royal Speedway (Limited) - Andrew Yoder

Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex (Limited) - Unreported

Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex (RUSH Crate) - Unreported

Selinsgrove Speedway - Coleby Frye

Thunder Mountain Speedway - Chris Hackett

Thunder Mountain Speedway (Semi-Late) - Jon Lee

South Carolina

Cherokee Speedway (SECA Crate) - Layton Sullivan

Cherokee Speedway (602 Crate) - Blake Pryor

Lake View Motor Speedway (Limited) - Johnny Pridgen

Lancaster Motor Speedway (SECA Crate) - Timbo Mangum

Laurens County Speedway (Limited) - Frank Coates

Laurens County Speedway (SECA Crate) - Brad Rachels

Laurens County Speedway (602 Crate) - Colt Smith

Sumter (SECA Crate) - None

South Dakota

Black Hills Speedway (WISSOTA) - Eric Mass

Brown County Speedway (WISSOTA) - Chad Becker

Casino Speedway (WISSOTA) - Chad Becker

Miller Central Speedway (WISSOTA) - Chad Becker

Wagner Speedway (Limited) - Gale Vogt


411 Motor Speedway (604 Crate) - Trevor Sise

411 Motor Speedway (602 Crate) - Clyde Stanton

Camden Speedway (Durrence Layne Crate) - Ben Garner

Clarksville Speedway (DIRTcar) - Larry Barber Jr.

Clarksville Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Hunter Blackwell

Clarksville Speedway (602 Crate) - Elvin Sawyer

Crossville Speedway (Crate) - Colton Proffitt

Duck River Raceway Park - Scott Cook

Duck River Raceway Park (Limited) - Matt Odeneal

Duck River Raceway Park (604 Crate) - Randy Gifford

I-75 Raceway (Limited) - Johnny Ridings

Tazewell Speedway (Limited) - Brian Shockley

Tennessee National Raceway (Limited) - Eric Hickerson

Thunderhill Raceway (Limited) - Justin Weaver

Thunderhill Raceway (Crate) - Brock Hall

Volunteer Speedway (604 Crate) - Tim Byrd

Volunteer Speedway (602 Crate) - Chris Coffey

Wartburg Speedway (Limited) - Darrick York


Big O Speedway (DIRTcar) - Jim Moon

I-37 Raceway Park (Limited) - Tommy Grimes

South Texas Speedway (Limited) - Matt Fox


Natural Bridge Speedway (Limited) - Derrick Rankin

Natural Bridge Speedway (Crate) - Dustin Ferguson

Virginia Motor Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Justin Williams

Winchester Speedway - Tyler Horst

Winchester Speedway (Limited) - Derick Quade

Winchester Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Devin Brannon

Wythe Raceway (Fastrak Crate) - None

West Virginia

Beckley Motorsports Park (Limited) - John Vandale

Beckley Motorsports Park (Crate) - Michael Bland

Elkins Raceway - Shane Hitt

Elkins Raceway (Fastrak Crate) - Derrick Shaw

I-77 Speedway - Chris Carpenter

I-77 Speedway (Limited) - Zach Milbee

Lizard Creek Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Dallas Hatfield

Ohio Valley Speedway - Ryan Cline

Princeton Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Unreported

Tyler County Speedway - Kyle Thomas

Tyler County Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Kyle Thomas


Cedar Lake Speedway (NASCAR) - Jesse Glenz

Cedar Lake Speedway (Limited) - Dan Gullickson

Gondik Law Speedway (WISSOTA) - Deven VanHouse

Lafayette County Speedway (Limited) - Jamie Pfeiffer

Mississippi Thunder Speedway (USRA) - Lance Hofer

Plymouth Dirt Track - Justin Schmidt

Red Cedar Speedway (WISSOTA) - Mike Prochnow

Shawano Speedway (Limited) - Nick Anvelink


Casper Speedway (WISSOTA) - None

Gillette Thunder Speedway (WISSOTA) - Teresa Schuler

Sheridan Speedway (WISSOTA) - Casey Skyberg


Red River Co-op Speedway (WISSOTA) - Shane Edginton


Brighton Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Charlie Sandercock

Humberstone Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Rob Pietz

Southern Ontario Motor Speedway (DIRTcar) - Jake Hooker

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