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2015: Special event winners and track champions

(show schedule)

(If no designation, division is unsanctioned Super Late Models)


Deep South Speedway - None
East Alabama Motor Speedway - Montana Dudley
East Alabama Motor Speedway (Limited) - Tyler Thomason
Fort Payne Motor Speedway - Darrell Hayes
Fort Payne Motor Speedway (Crate) - Bill Frey
Moulton Speedway - Unavailable
Penton Raceway (NeSmith Crate) - None
Shelby County Speedway (Crate) - None
Talladega Short Track - Tim Roszell
Talladega Short Track (Limited) - Jay Schiller
Talladega Short Track (NeSmith Crate) - Cruz Skinner


Twin City Raceway (Limited) - Shawn Hutchings


Crawford County Speedway (Limited) - Chris Lewis
Crowley’s Ridge Raceway (Limited) - John Hill
Northeast Arkansas Speedway - Charlie Cole
Riverside International Speedway - Nathan Brown


Antioch Speedway - Jeff Decker
Antioch Speedway (Limited) - Larry Damitz
Placerville Speedway (Limited) - Dominic Stone
Santa Maria Speedway - Clay Daly
Silver Dollar Speedway (Limited) - Ryan McDaniel


Colorado Motor Sports Park - Scott Cimfl


Delaware International Speedway - Andrew Mullins
Delaware International Speedway (Crate) - Matt Hill
Georgetown Speedway - None
Georgetown Speedway (Crate) - None


Bubba Raceway Park - Tyler Clem
Bubba Raceway Park (Limited) - Sonny Thompson
East Bay Raceway Park - Bryan Bernhardt
East Bay Raceway Park (Limited) - Paul Gibbs
Hendry County Motorsports Park (Limited) - Tracy Butler
North Florida Speedway (Limited) - None
Putnam County Speedway (Limited) - Sonny Thompson
Volusia Speedway Park - Travis Staats
Volusia Speedway Park (Limited) - Steve Shead


Albany Motor Speedway - Tristan Sealy
Albany Motor Speedway (Limited) - Tristan Sealy
Boyd’s Speedway (Limited) - None
Boyd’s Speedway (Crate) - None
Cochran Motor Speedway (Limited) - Wesley Robertson
Dixie/Rome Speedways - Shawn Chastain
Dixie/Rome Speedways (Limited) - Don Jenkins
Dixie/Rome Speedways (Crate) - Zach Pilcher
Golden Isles Speedway (Limited) - Woodrow Mullis
Hartwell Speedway (Limited) - Chris Woods
Hartwell Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Grant Jordan
Lavonia Speedway (Limited) - David McCoy
Lavonia Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - David McCoy
Needmore Speedway - Kelly Walker
Needmore Speedway (Limited) - Jeffrey Summerlin
North Georgia Speedway (Limited) - None
North Georgia Speedway (Crate) - None
Oglethorpe Speedway Park (Crate) - Robbie Cowart
Screven Motor Speedway (Crate) - Grant Grotyohann
Senoia Raceway - Clint Smith
Senoia Raceway (Limited) - Joey Armistead
Senoia Raceway (Crate) - Bobby Mills
Swainsboro Raceway (Crate) - Henry Carter
Waycross Motor Speedway (Limited) - None
West Georgia Speedway (Limited) - Unavailable


Belle-Clair Speedway (UMP) - Daryn Klein
Fairbury American Legion Speedway (UMP) - Kevin Weaver
Fairbury-Farmer City (UMP) - Kevin Weaver
Farmer City Raceway (UMP) - McKay Wenger
Farmer City Raceway (UMP Crate) - Dakota Ewing
Highland Speedway (UMP) - Chad Zobrist
Kankakee County Speedway (UMP) - Mike Spatola
Kankakee County Speedway (UMP Crate) - Chad Osterhoff
La Salle Speedway (UMP) - Rich Bell
Lincoln Speedway (UMP Crate) - Nick Bauman
Macon Speedway (UMP Crate) - Guy Taylor
Peoria Speedway (UMP) - Todd Bennett
Peoria Speedway (Limited) - James Carmody
Route 45 Raceway (UMP Crate) - Josh Jackson
Quad City Speedway (IMCA) - Matt Ryan
Quincy Raceway (UMP) - Mark Burgtorf
Spoon River Speedway (UMP Crate) - Nick Bauman
Sycamore Speedway - Jay Brendle
Sycamore Speedway (Limited) - Jordan Jackowiak
Tri-City Speedway (UMP) - Billy Laycock


Brownstown Speedway - Chad Stapleton
Brownstown Speedway (Crate) - Marty O'Neal
Daugherty Speedway (UMP Crate) - Mike Staggs
Twin Cities Raceway Park - Steve Barnett
Twin Cities Raceway Park (Crate) - Mike Bechelli


Adams County Speedway (NASCAR) - Paul Glendenning
Benton County Speedway (IMCA) - John Emerson
Davenport Speedway (IMCA) - Matt Ryan
Dubuque Speedway (IMCA) - Justin Kay
Farley Speedway (IMCA) - Tyler Bruening
Hamilton County Speedway (IMCA) - Ryan Griffith
Independence Motor Speedway (IMCA) - Tyler Droste
Iowa State Fairgrounds Speedway (IMCA) - Jeff Aikey
Jackson County Speedway (IMCA) - Matt Ryan
Shelby County Speedway (IMCA) - Todd Cooney
West Liberty Raceway (IMCA) - Kevin Kile


Caney Valley Speedway (DIRTcar) - Joe Gorby
Lakeside Speedway (Limited) - Tim Shields
Salina Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Chris Kratzer


191 Speedway - Derek Fisher
191 Speedway (Limited) - Nicky Pennington
201 Speedway - Chris Combs
Florence Speedway - Robby Hensley
Florence Speedway (Crate) - Grant Garrison
Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway (UMP) - Tim Brown
Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway (UMP Crate) - Kevin Poole
Paducah International Raceway (UMP Crate) - Levi Ashby
Ponderosa Speedway - Michael Chilton
Ponderosa Speedway (Crate) - Zane Powell
Richmond Raceway - Jason Barrett
Richmond Raceway (Crate) - Chris Johnson
Willard Speedway - Terry Hicks
Willard Speedway (Limited) - Richie Edwards


Baton Rouge Raceway (Crates) - Bennett Bishop


Hagerstown Speedway - Andy Anderson/Marvin Winters
Hagerstown Speedway (Limited) - Scott Palmer
Potomac Speedway - Jason Covert
Potomac Speedway (Limited) - Daryl Hills
Potomac Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Ben Bowie


Cherry Raceway (UMP) - Greg Gokey
Crystal Motor Speedway - Scott Baker
Hartford Motor Speedway (UMP) - J.R. Hotovy
I-96 Speedway (UMP) - Scott Fisk
Merritt Speedway (UMP) - Eric Spangler
Silver Bullet Speedway - Chad Anklam
Tri-City Motor Speedway - David Hilliker
Winston Speedway - Kyle Borgman


Grand Rapids Speedway (WISSOTA) - Jeff Massingill
Fiesta City Speedway (WISSOTA) - Corey Nelson
Hibbing Raceway (WISSOTA) - Harry Hanson
I-94 Speedway (WISSOTA) - Cody Skytland
Proctor Speedway (WISSOTA) - Harry Hanson
Viking Speedway (WISSOTA) - Cody Skytland


Columbus Speedway (Limited) - Blake Koenigsberger
Columbus Speedway (602 Stock) - Jimmy Anderson
Greenville Speedway - Doug Showah
Greenville Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Greg Fore
Hattiesburg Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Shannon Lee
Jackson Motor Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Doug Sanchagrin
Magnolia Motor Speedway - Jamie Tollison
Magnolia Motor Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Kyle Shaw
North Mississippi Motor Sports Speedway (Limited) - None
North Mississippi Motor Sports Speedway (602 Stock) - None
Whynot Motorsports Park (NeSmith Crate) - Randy Boyd


Callaway Raceway (ULMA) - Todd McCoin
Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 (UMP) − Scott Weber
I-35 Speedway (Limited) - Buz Kaster
Legit Raceway Park - Kaleb Stolba
Lucas Oil Speedway (ULMA) - Justin Russell
Monett Speedway (DIRTcar) - Leslie Essary
Randolph County Raceway (ULMA) - Chris Smyser


Billings Motorsports Park (WISSOTA) - Kelly Hample
Electric City Speedway (WISSOTA) - None
Gallatin Speedway (WISSOTA) - Kelly Hample


Boone County Raceway (Limited) - Robert Osborne
Dawson County Raceway (Limited) - Cale Osborn
I-80 Speedway (NASCAR) - Matt Buller
I-80 Speedway (Limited) - Billy Koons Jr.
Junction Motor Speedway (NASCAR) - Andrew Kosiski
Off Road Speedway (Limited) - Robert Osborne
U.S. 30 Raceway (Limited) - Doug Tomka

New Mexico

Southern New Mexico Speedway (Limited) - Scott Logston
Roadrunner Speedway (Limited) - Jim Boutelle

New York

Black Rock Speedway (Limited) - None
Can-Am Motorsports Park (RUSH Crate) - Charlie Sandercock
Freedom Motorsports Park (RUSH Crate) - Randy Hall
Fulton Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Chris Fleming
Little Valley Speedway - Mike Knight
Little Valley Speedway (Limited) - Bruce Miller
Stateline Speedway - Greg Oakes
Stateline Speedway (Limited) - Ryan Scott
Stateline Speedway (Crate) - Jason Genco
Woodhull Raceway (Limited) - Glenn Whritenour

North Carolina

Antioch Speedway (Limited) - None
Antioch Speedway (SECA Crate) - None
Carolina Speedway (Limited) - Jonathan Edwards
Carolina Speedway (SECA Crate) - Trent Ivey
Clary’s Speedway (Limited) - Brandon Hux
Clary's Speedway (Crate) - Jim Dotson
County Line Raceway (Limited) - Christian Joyner
Dixieland Speedway (Limited) - Brent Robinson
Dublin Motor Speedway (Limited) - Robbie Turner
East Lincoln Speedway (Limited) - Carter Fischlein
Fayetteville Motor Speedway (Limited) - Eric Menscer
Friendship Motor Speedway (SECA Crate) - Chris Cheek
Harris Speedway (SECA Crate) - Thomas Robinson
Tri-County Racetrack - Shawn Chastain
Tri-County Racetrack (Limited) - Charlie Parker
Tri-County Racetrack (Crate) - Jason Deal

North Dakota

River Cities Speedway (WISSOTA) - Dustin Strand


Atomic Speedway (AMRA) - Rod Conley
Attica Raceway Park (UMP) - Doug Drown
Eldora Speedway (UMP) - Matt Westfall
Fremont Speedway (Crate) - Dustin Sautter
Hilltop Speedway - Kyle Moore
Jackson County Speedway (Limited) - Billy Staker
Legendary Hilltop Speedway (AMRA) - Tyler Carpenter
Moler Raceway Park - John Whitney
NAPA Wayne County Speedway - Doug Drown
NAPA Wayne County Speedway (RUSH Crates) - Charlie Duncan
Oakshade Raceway (UMP) - Brian Ruhlman
Oakshade Raceway (Limited) - Mathew Chapman
Portsmouth Raceway Park - Audie Swartz
Portsmouth Raceway Park (Limited) - Mike Myers
Raceway 7 (CARS Crates) - Chad Wright
Skyline Speedway (AMRA) - Freddie Carpenter
Southern Ohio Speedway (Limited) - Stephen Breeding


Flint Creek Speedway (Limited) - Kyle Davis
Outlaw Motorsports Park - Kerney Weaver
Outlaw Motorsports Park (Limited) - Mike Withrow
Salina Highbanks Speedway (Limited) - Jeff Metcalf
Southern Oklahoma Speedway (Limited) - Larry White


Coos Bay Speedway (Limited) - Toby McIntyre
Cottage Grove Speedway (Limited) - Curtis Towns
Madras Speedway (Limited) - Rick Maul
Willamette Speedway (DIRTcar) - Rob Mayea
Willamette Speedway (Limited) - Brian Smith


Bedford Speedway - D.J. Troutman
Bedford Speedway (Limited) - Donnie Farlling
Bedford Speedway (Semi-Late) - Jim Salyer
Dog Hollow Speedway - Scott Rhodes
Dog Hollow Speedway (CARS Crates) - Mike Laughard
Eriez Speedway - Darrell Bossard
Eriez Speedway (Limited) - Ryan Scott
Eriez Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Kyle Zimmerman
Grandview Speedway (NASCAR) - Chuck Schutz
Hesston Speedway (Limited) - Ralph Morgan Jr.
Hummingbird Speedway (Limited) - Paul Kot
Lernerville Speedway (DIRTcar) - Alex Ferree
Marion Center Speedway - Billy Eash
Marion Center Speedway (Limited) - Tom Shaffer
Marion Center Speedway (Crate) - Dave Blazavich
Path Valley Speedway (Limited) - Wes Bonebrake
Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (DIRTcar) - Alex Ferree
Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Josh Holtgraver
Port Royal Speedway - Mike Lupfer
Racing for Heroes Raceway (Limited) - Nick Laffredo
Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex - Tim Senic
Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex (RUSH Crate) - Garrett Paugh
Selinsgrove Speedway - Jeff Rine
Susquehanna Speedway Park (Limited) - Chase Billet
Thunder Mountain Speedway (Limited) - Denny Fenton
Trail-way/Lincoln Speedways (Limited) - Travis Mease
Williams Grove Speedway (Limited) - Billy Wampler

South Carolina

Carolina Speedway (Limited) - None
Cherokee Speedway (SECA Crate) - Adam Yarbrough
Lancaster Motor Speedway (Limited) - Ben Watkins
Lancaster Motor Speedway (SECA Crate) - Timbo Mangum
Laurens County Speedway (Limited) - Brad Rachels
Laurens County Speedway (SECA Crate) - Terry Bullard
Travelers Rest Speedway (SECA Crate) - Thomas Robinson

South Dakota

Black Hills Speedway (WISSOTA) - John Bey
Brown County Speedway (WISSOTA) - Kent Arment
Casino Speedway (WISSOTA) - Chad Becker
Dakota State Fair Speedway (WISSOTA) - Scott Ward
Miller Central Speedway (WISSOTA) - David McDonald
Wagner Speedway (Limited) - Ben Sukup


411 Motor Speedway (Limited) - Jason Cardwell
Camden Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Dennis Bush
Clarksville Speedway (UMP) - Caleb Ashby
Clarksville Speedway (UMP Crate) - Gavin Schmidt
Cleveland Speedway (Limited) - Lamar Scoggins
Cleveland Speedway (Crate) - Ethan Hunter
Crossville Raceway (Steel-head) - Perry Delaney
Crossville Raceway (Limited) - Floyd Turner
Duck River Raceway Park - Josh Putnam
Duck River Raceway Park (Limited) - Matt Odeneal
Duck River Raceway Park (Crate) - Danny Gill
I-75 Raceway (Limited) - Ruben Mayfield
Lexington 104 Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Dennis Bush
Tazewell Speedway (Limited) - Josh Collins
Tennessee National Raceway (Limited) - Oakley Johns
Thunderhill Raceway - Points finale Nov. 14
Wartburg Speedway (Limited) - Keith Longmire
Winchester Speedway - Jerry Ashley
Winchester Speedway (Limited) - Randy Gifford
Winchester Speedway (Crate) - Cody Ballard


Battleground Race Park (NeSmith Crate) - Robbie Starnes
El Paso Speedway Park (Limited) - Scott Logston
Shady Oaks Speedway (Limited) - Landon Farquer
South Texas Speedway (Limited) - Landon Farquer


Eastside Speedway (Limited) - Jeremy Coffey
Natural Bridge Speedway (Limited) - Greg Roberson
Virginia Motor Speedway (Limited) - Justin Williams
Virginia Motor Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Tyler Bare
Winchester Speedway - J.T. Spence
Winchester Speedway (Limited) - Jonathan DeHaven
Winchester Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Darin Henderson
Wythe Raceway (Fastrak Crate) - Mike Ayers

West Virginia

Elkins Raceway - Cody Hardesty
Elkins Raceway (Fastrak Crate) - Daniel Hill
I-77 Raceway Park (AMRA) - Tyler Carpenter
I-77 Raceway Park (Semi-Late) - Buddy Brogan
Lizard Creek Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Ted Johnson
Ohio Valley Speedway (AMRA) - Ed Shuman
Princeton Speedway - Chris Meadows
Princeton Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Henry Hornsby III
Tyler County Speedway - Derek Doll
Tyler County Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Daniel Hill


Amsoil Speedway (WISSOTA) - Darrell Nelson
Cedar Lake Speedway (NASCAR) - Pat Doar
Dodge County Speedway (Limited) - Tim Buhler
Luxemberg Speedway (Limited) - Brett Swedberg
Manitowoc County Expo Speedway (WDLMA) - Tim Buhler
Mississippi Thunder Speedway (USRA) - Lance Hofer
Plymouth Dirt Track (WDLMA) - Brad Mueller
Red Cedar Speedway (WISSOTA) - Mike Prochnow
Shawano Speedway (Limited) - Ron Berna


Casper Speedway (Limited) - Jason Schierkolk
Gillette Thunder Speedway (WISSOTA) - Eric Mass
Gillette Thunder Speedway (Limited) - John Robertson
Sheridan Speedway (Limited) - John Robertson


Castrol Raceway - Brad Kerrison


Red River Co-op Speedway (WISSOTA) - Mike Balcaen


Brighton Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Charlie Sandercock
Humberstone Speedway (RUSH Crate) - Dennis Lunger Jr.
South Buxton Raceway (UMP) - Dale Glassford


Estevan Motor Speedway (WISSOTA) - Aaron Turnbull

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