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  • Kevin Kovac
    A convert from big-block modified racing, Kevin is a senior writer and editor with DirtonDirt.com. He lives in Ephrata, Pa.
  • Todd Turner
    Todd lives in Louisville, Ky., and serves as managing editor for DirtonDirt.com.
  • Dave Argabright
    Dave lives in Fishers, Ind., and has been an auto racing broadcaster and writer for more than 30 years.
  • Dustin Jarrett
    Dustin lives in Ada, Ohio, and is the announcer at the legendary Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.
  • Robert Holman
    Robert lives in Lynchburg, Tenn., and is DirtonDirt.com's weekend editor. He also operates Jimmy Gray Motorsports, a Middle Tennessee team.
  • Kelley Carlton
    Kelley Carlton lives in Woodruff, S.C., and is the director of the Ultimate Super Late Model Series. He also operates a marketing, public relations and event management firm.
  • Michael Rigsby
    Michael lives in Bloomington, Ill., and serves as CEO and videographer for DirtonDirt.com
Todd Turner Dave Argabright Kevin Kovac Robert Holman Kelley Carlton
April 27, 2017

Ignorance is bliss, right?

Sometimes we take the little things for granted. When your racing includes any kind of travel — even just a 30-mile weekly ride — you have to have somewhat decent equipment to get your car safely to the track and back. It hasn’t always been that way.

I remember my stepdad’s old single-axle trailer that he used in the ’70s. That thing was short and bowed in the middle from the heavy weight of those old ’55 Chevys. Back then I never thought much about getting to the races. You just MORE

April 13, 2017

Tire-rule curveballs


Just when drivers think they have something figured out, a rule comes along that changes what they think they know. Toward the end of last season, a couple of sanctioning bodies and tracks began experimenting with their tire rules. Tire rules in our sport are already about as varied as paint schemes, so naturally, as promoters and series directors began tweaking those tire rules, those little adjustments have been almost as varied.

Last August, officials at Eldora Speedway, which is a MORE

April 6, 2017

New chapter for Landers


We should be talking right now about how Jared Landers is chasing a Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series championship this year. We should be discussing the Batesville, Ark., driver’s ascension to certified star status in the Dirt Late Model world.

Unfortunately, we’re not. Landers has been out of sight, if not exactly out of mind, since last summer when his burgeoning career took a sudden, dramatic detour into uncertainty, and only in the last couple weeks has he finally emerged from the MORE

March 30, 2017

Lessons in consistency

It’s commonly known in racing circles that I’m a disciple of B.J. Parker. The Southern All Star Series founder hired me many years ago and was a major contributor to my racing business and, more importantly, life education until the day he died in April 2011.

I have deservedly given B.J. much of the credit for where I am today in the racing world. But a great part of working for B.J. was the staff he already had in place when I came to work with the Southern All Stars. Of course, there was my MORE

March 30, 2017

Slow down, go fast

I’ve heard a lot of racers — usually old geezers — say that you have to slow down to go fast. Believe it or not, a simple Google search of that phrase actually results in a slew of websites geared toward modern business practices. After a quick read through, you notice that most point to the same thing.

Slowing down relieves stress, eliminates mistakes and in the long run actually helps businesses gain productivity. That’s the overwhelming sentiment of the articles I read.

One website even MORE