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November 9, 2017

Purses: Dolly vs. Kim

Over the last couple weeks the topic of Late Model purses has come up a few times. We don’t usually sit around and talk about purse structures — maybe we should more often — so to have the topic pop up more than once in a two-week span is a little rare.

Getting a purse right, whether it be for a big race or just a weekly show, can be a tricky proposition. To me, getting it right means the promoter makes money and the racers, from the winner all the way down to the first guy who didn’t MORE

October 26, 2017

No clear path with concussions

Despite the best efforts of officials, both with sanctioning bodies and at scores of tracks around the country, it seems as though it’s been a record year for concussions in Dirt Late Model racing.

A pair of midwesterners — Jay Sale of Edmond, Okla., and Jesse Stovall of Billings, Mo. — were taken out of championship battles after suffering concussions this year. Sale was leading the Sooner Late Model Series when he suffered a concussion on Sept. 9, while Stovall was trying to defend his MORE

October 12, 2017

Our sport's wedge issue


As the racing season has progressed, the number of drivers I’ve heard complain about the bodies on the current Late Models has grown. Most have registered complaints on deck heights.

There have been general grumblings about the growing use of technology to find more speed in our sport. Like many, I think it would be novel to eliminate some of it, mainly due to the ever-increasing cost that is associated with it. But I’m in agreement with most I’ve talked to when I say that it’s so MORE