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DirtonDirt.com Frequently Asked Questions

September 6, 2007, 8:42 pm

What is DirtonDirt.com?

DirtonDirt.com is a website that provides news coverage, results and features on all types of Dirt Late Model racing. Information is dispensed by videos, photographs, text stories and other formats.

How frequently does DirtonDirt.com publish?

Literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week as events warrant. Regular features appear throughout the week while results and other coverage of events primarily appear during the weekend and Mondays as information is available. At major events, DirtonDirt.com staffers provide frequent updates from the racetrack. Viewers have access to the site anytime, including the ability to search through archived stories, photos and videos.

Who is publishing DirtonDirt.com?

The owners and founders are Michael Rigsby and Amber Vander Pluym. Rigsby is a former television sports anchor for the NBC affiliate in Madison, Wis., and handles DirtonDirt.com video reports. Vander Pluym, the director of marketing and promotions, has four years experience with some of the largest radio conglomerates. Todd Turner, who has worked more than a dozen years as an editor, writer and photographer of Dirt Late Model racing, most recently with National Dirt Digest, serves as chief writer and editor.

What makes DirtonDirt.com different than other dirt racing sites I've bookmarked?

Providing original content and easy-to-find information are the main missions of DirtonDirt.com. Dirt Late Model fans view video reports, read driver features and enjoy media exclusive to DirtonDirt.com. But even routine information not exclusive to DirtonDirt.com — series race reports, press releases, weekly track results — is edited and logically categorized to provide reports without needless surfing to dozens of sites where clicking the correct link or finding the right story isn't always easy.

How do I find stories about my favorite series?

Generally, series are divided among the regions listed in the red navigation bars on primary pages. The National section primarily includes World of Outlaws Late Model Series and Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series coverage, along with major independent events and other news that broadly affects the sport. Regional series can be found within their corresponding regional sections: North, South, Midwest and West. (Crate Late Model series have their own section and the Weekly area focuses on local racing.) Hovering over the red regional tabs on DirtonDirt.com's main page shows which series are covered by which region and provides links to series schedules.

What do I receive for being a DirtonDirt.com premium subscriber?

Complete access to everything on the DirtonDirt.com site, including archived stories, video reports and slideshows. Much of the content at DirtonDirt.com is free, but some content may be restricted to subscribers.

How much does a DirtonDirt.com subscription cost?

A dollar a week. Monthly subscriptions are $8.35, but subscribing for a year at $69.99 provides a significant savings.

How does the billing work?

If you subscribe monthly with a credit card, you will be billed $8.35. The next billing will be at the conclusion of your first month and monthly thereafter to ensure uninterrupted access to the site. If you'd like to cancel your subscription, contact us and you won't be charged the next billing cycle. If you subscribe annually with a credit card, you'll be charged $69.99. When your subscription is nearing annual renewal, you'll receive a notification at the top of the website in the month previous to the renewal.

Can I share my account?

Subscriptions are designed for personal use only. Subscribers allowing others to sign on to their account are at risk for sharing credit card and personal information they may wish to keep private.

How does DirtonDirt.com decide which stories, photos and videos are for subscribers only?

Exclusive staff-produced video reports, text stories and slideshows are most likely to require a subscription. Most stories and photos from contributors as well as from series and track reporters/photographers will generally be non-premium. In some cases, reports from a race or a story will have a mix of free and premium content. For instance, a basic race story and a photo for an event might be free, but a video report, sidebar stories, slideshow and extra notes about the same event is subscriber-only content.

Why aren't there many stories or results about events preceding September 2007?

Basically, we had to start somewhere. Inputting stories from all of 2007 wasn't possible, so with our Sept. 4, 2007, start date, we decided that the DirtonDirt.com world would begin with Labor Day weekend.

Why is Hagerstown (Md.) Speedway in the North Region? Don't you know geography?

For DirtonDirt.com's purposes, massaging traditional U.S. regions was necessary to spread out coverage more equally and logically. For instance, Maryland tracks are grouped with Pennsylvania in the North Region partly because of shared drivers and partly to beef up the smallest Dirt Late Model region. For the same reason, some eastern Ohio tracks (including Raceway 7 and Skyline Speedway) are included in the North Region, along with tracks in northern Virginia and northern West Virginia.

How do I become a contributing photographer or writer for DirtonDirt.com?

Visit the contact page and let us know if you're a writer or a photographer. Plan to send us samples of your work. Alternatively, you can track down a DirtonDirt.com staff member at the track (Amber, Michael and Todd wear ID-card lanyards).

Sometimes when I log in, I still can't access premium material. Why?

This can be a problem with some users of Internet Explorer. To adjust your settings to make sure you can access the premium information, follow these instructions.

Can I follow DirtonDirt.com on Twitter?

Certainly. We use our Twitter account to update followers with breaking stories and provide details about special content on the site. Follow us here.