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2011: Special event winners and track champions

(show schedule)

(If no designation, division is unsanctioned Super Late Models)


Deep South Speedway (Crate) - Larry Cifra
East Alabama Motor Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Scott Knowles
Flomaton Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Kevin Maher
Fort Payne Motor Speedway (Limited) - Unavailable
Green Valley Speedway - Unavailable
Moulton Speedway - Brandon King
Moulton Speedway (Late Model Stock) - Caleb Coan
North Alabama Speedway - Unavailable
Penton Raceway (NeSmith Crate) - Paul Walters
Talladega Short Track - Jason Wilson
Talladega Short Track (Limited) - Dustin Stewart
Talladega Short Track (NeSmith Crate) - Adam Gauldin


Twin City Raceway - Joey Essex


Batesville Motor Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Roger Witt
Centerville Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Travis Ashley
Crowley's Ridge Speedway (Limited) - Jeff Cagle
Drew County Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Cody Kierre
Northeast Arkansas Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Travis Ashley
Riverside International Speedway (Limited) - Justin Glover


Ocean Speedway (Crate) - Clay Daly
Petaluma Speedway - Jeff Decker
Placerville Speedway (Limited) - Thomas Arbogast
Santa Maria Speedway - Clay Daly
Silver Dollar Speedway (Limited) - David Larabee


I-76 Speedway (Limited) - Jeff Meeker


Delaware International Speedway - Donald Lingo Jr.


Bubba Raceway Park (Limited) - Ivedent Lloyd Jr.
East Bay Raceway Park - Bryan Bernhardt
East Bay Raceway Park (Limited) - Scotty Williams
North Florida Speedway (Limited) - Adam Bedenbaugh
Putnam County Speedway (Limited) - J.O. Nobles
Southern Raceway - Joseph Joiner
Volusia Speedway Park (DIRTcar) - Donnie Chappell


441 Speedway (Limited) - Allen Rowland
Boyd's Speedway (Limited) - Jamie Perry
Boyd's Speedway (Crate) - Jason Welshan
Cochran Motor Speedway (Limited) - Keith Edge
Dixie Speedway - Michael Page
Dixie Speedway (Limited) - Michael Brewer
Dixie Speedway (Crate) - Donald McIntosh
Douglas Motor Speedway - No champion
Gordon Park Speedway (Crate) - Unavailable
Hartwell Speedway (Limited) - Jimmie Johnson
Hartwell Speedway (Crate) - Frankie Beard
North Georgia Speedway - Derek Ellis
North Georgia Speedway (Limited) - Tod Hernandez
North Georgia Speedway (Crate) - Jeff Smith
Oglethorpe Speedway Park (Limited) - Robbie Cowart
Screven Motor Speedway (Limited) - Ronald Thomas
Senoia Raceway (Limited) - Lavon Sparks
Senoia Raceway (NeSmith Crate) - Doug Ludwig
Swainsboro Raceway (Crate) - Ches Chester
Waycross Motor Speedway (Limited) - Rhett Carter/Russell Brown Jr.


Belle-Clair Speedway (UMP) - Mike Hammerle
Fairbury American Legion Speedway (UMP) - Eric Smith
Farmer City Raceway (UMP) - Eric Smith
Freeport Raceway Park (Limited) - Unavailable
Highland Speedway (UMP) - Chad Zobrist
Kankakee County Speedway (UMP) - Mike Provenzano
La Salle Speedway (UMP) - Mike Provenzano
Lincoln Speedway (UMP Crate) - Nick Bauman
Macon Speedway (UMP) - Brian Diveley
Peoria Speedway (UMP) - Steve Lance Jr.
Quad City Speedway (IMCA) - Ray Guss Jr.
Quincy Raceway (IMCA) - Justin Reed
Shepp's Speedway (UMP) - Matt Taylor
Shepp's Speedway (UMP Crate) - Nick Bauman
Spoon River Speedway (UMP Crate) - Jerry Lierly
Sycamore Speedway - Johnny Heath
Sycamore Speedway (Limited) - Steven Gardner
Tri-City Speedway (UMP) - Chad Zobrist
Tri-City Speedway (UMP Crate) - Dustin Griffin


Brownstown Speedway - Mike Jewell
Union County Speedway - Bob Franklin


34 Raceway (IMCA) - Denny Woodworth
Adams County Speedway (NASCAR) - Paul Glendenning
C.J. Speedway (Limited) - Jay Chenoweth
Davenport Speedway (IMCA) - Ray Guss Jr.
Dubuque Speedway (IMCA) - Terry Neal
Farley Speedway (IMCA) - Andy Eckrich
Hamilton County Speedway (IMCA) - Todd Cooney
Independence Motor Speedway (IMCA) - Jon Passick
Iowa State Fairgrounds Speedway (IMCA) - Todd Cooney
Jackson County Speedway (IMCA) - Ray Guss Jr.
Shelby County Speedway (IMCA) - Jay Stewart
West Liberty Raceway (IMCA) - Andy Eckrich


Caney Valley Speedway (DIRTcar) - Gary Gorby


191 Speedway - James Williamson
Bluegrass Speedway - Tim Rivers
Florence Speedway - Josh Williams
Lake Cumberland Speedway - Johnny Wheeler
Lucky 7 Speedway - Oscar McCown
Paducah International Raceway (UMP) - Kevin Cole
Paducah International Raceway (UMP Crate) - Cary King
Ponderosa Speedway - Victor Lee
Richmond Raceway - Aaron Hatton


Baton Rouge Raceway (Crate) - Robert Nevels
Jones Motor Speedway - No champion


Allegany County Speedway (Limited) - Matt Sponaugle
Hagerstown Speedway - Roy Deese Jr.
Hagerstown Speedway (Limited) - Pete Weaver
Potomac Speedway - David Williams
Potomac Speedway (Limited) - Ben Bowie


Cherry Raceway (UMP) - Ben Hidy
Crystal Motor Speedway - Roger Wing
Hartford Motor Speedway (UMP) - Phil Ausra
I-96 Speedway (UMP) - Tom Sprague Jr.
Merritt Raceway (UMP) - David Hilliker
Mount Pleasant Speedway (UMP) - Mark Andersen
Owendale Speedway (Limited) - Bill Murawski
Thunderbird Speedway (UMP) - Rich Neiser
Tri-City Motor Speedway - Kyle Borgman
Winston Speedway (UMP) - Rich Neiser


Deer Creek Speedway (WISSOTA) - Mike Prochnow
Fiesta City Speedway (WISSOTA) - Corey Nelson
Grand Rapids Speedway (WISSOTA) - Harry Hanson
Hibbing Raceway (WISSOTA) - Kyle Peterlin
I-94 Speedway (WISSOTA) - Joey Ogston
Proctor Speedway (WISSOTA) - Harry Hanson
Viking Speedway (WISSOTA) - Shaun Peterson


Columbus/Magnolia Motor Speedway - Tim Davis
Columbus/Magnolia Motor Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Shay Knight
Corinth Speedway (Late Model Stock) - Howard Means
Greenville Speedway - Mike Palasini Jr.
Greenville Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Duke Palasini
Hattiesburg Motorports Park (NeSmith Crate) - Michael Arnold
Jackson Motor Speedway - Jimmy Cliburn
Jackson Motor Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Landon Frith
Whynot Motorsports Park (NeSmith Crate) - Jim McDuffie


Butler Motor Speedway - Unavailable
Callaway Raceway (ULMA) - Jake Griffin
Central Missouri Speedway (ULMA) - Jason Bodenhamer
I-55 Raceway (UMP) - Jeff Johns
Lake Ozark Speedway (ULMA) - Brandon Imhoff
Lucas Oil Speedway (ULMA) - Rylan Long
Malden Speedway (NeSmith Crate) - Mason Oberkramer
Monett Speedway (DIRTcar) - Justin Wells
Nevada Speedway - Donnie Timmerman
Scotland County Speedway (ULMA) - Jake Griffin
West Plains Motor Speedway (Crate) - Roger Witt


Electric City Speedway (WISSOTA) - Kelly Hample


Boone County Raceway (Limited) - Tad Pospisil/Mark Lueken
I-80 Speedway (NASCAR) - Bill Leighton Jr.
Junction Motor Speedway (NASCAR) - Les Siebert
Mid-Nebraska Speedway (Grand Nationals) - Josh Leonard
Riviera Raceway (Limited) - Chad Jensen

New Jersey

New Egypt Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Rob Ormsbee

New Mexico

Southern New Mexico Speedway (DIRTcar) - Ron Frazier

New York

Black Rock Speedway (Limited) - Mike Wonderling Jr.
Brewerton Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Dale Caswell
Can-Am Motorsports Park (Crate) - Lee Gill
Fulton Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Tim Sears Jr.
Little Valley Speedway - Dick Barton
Little Valley Speedway (Limited) - Jeremy Wonderling
Stateline Speedway - Dutch Davies
Stateline Speedway (Crate) - Ed Carley
Woodhull Raceway (Limited) - Glenn Whritenour

North Carolina

311 Motor Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Noel Tucker
Carolina Speedway (Limited) - David Yandle
Carolina Speedway (NDRA Crate) - Ron Parker
Cleveland County Speedway (NDRA Crate) - Steve Hendren
County Line Raceway (Limited) - James Batten
Dixieland Speedway (Limited) - Troy Williams
Dublin Motor Speedway (Limited) - Willie Milliken
Fayetteville Motor Speedway - Undecided
Fayetteville Motor Speedway (Limited) - Undecided
Friendship Motor Speedway (NDRA Crate) - Kent Peckham
Tri-County Racetrack - George Mashburn
Tri-County Racetrack (Limited/Crate) - Bobby Panter

North Dakota

River Cities Speedway (WISSOTA) - Brad Seng


Attica Raceway Park (UMP) - Ryan Missler
Brushcreek Motorsports Complex - Chris Shannon
Eldora Speedway (UMP) - Brian Ruhlman/Jon Henry
Hilltop Speedway - Steve Prince
K-C Raceway (AMRA) - Delmas Conley
Lakeville Speedway - Charlie Duncan
Moler Raceway Park - Barry Doss
Muskingum County Speedway - Devin Moran
Oakshade Raceway (UMP) - Rusty Schlenk
Portsmouth Raceway Park - Chris Wilson
Portsmouth Raceway Park (Limited) - John Melvin
Raceway 7 (Fastrak Crate) - Max Blair
Sharon Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Josh Double
Skyline Speedway (AMRA) - Chris Garnes
Southern Ohio Speedway - R.J. Conley


Coos Bay Speedway (Limited) - Kelly McIntyre
Cottage Grove Speedway (DIRTcar) - Mark Carrell
Sunset Speedway Park (Crate) - Sonny Modaff
Willamette Speedway (DIRTcar) - Rob Mayea
Willamette Speedway (Limited) - David Cronk


Bedford Speedway - Jack Pencil
Bedford Speedway (Limited) - Tim Smith Jr.
Clinton County Raceway - Bryan Bernheisel
Dog Hollow Speedway - Sammy Stile
Dog Hollow Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Andrew Satterlee
Eriez Speedway - Dave Hess Jr.
Eriez Speedway (Limited) - Chris Ottaway
Eriez Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Kyle Zimmerman
Grandview Speedway (NASCAR) - Chuck Schutz
Hesston Speedway (Limited) - Rance Garlock
Hummingbird Speedway (Limited) - Dwayne Brooks
Lernerville Speedway (DIRTcar) - Dave Hess Jr.
Lincoln Speedway (Limited) - Gene Knaub
Marion Center Speedway - Clate Copeman
Marion Center Speedway (Limited) - Rod Phillips
Path Valley Speedway (Limited) - Brad Kling
Penn-Can Speedway (Limited) - Tracy Gregory
Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (DIRTcar) - Michael Davis
Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Colton Flinner
Port Royal Speedway - Scott Haus
Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex - Scott Rhodes
Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex (Fastrak Crate) - John Over
Selinsgrove Speedway - Jeff Rine
Susquehanna Speedway Park (Limited) - Justin Ehrhart
Thunder Valley Raceway - Greg Fetters
Thunder Valley Raceway (Semi-Late) - Jim Sayler
Tri-City Speedway - Robbie Blair
Tri-City Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Robbie Blair
Williams Grove Speedway (Limited) - Gene Knaub

South Carolina

Carolina Speedway (Limited) - Johnny Pridgen
Cherokee Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Undecided
Lancaster Motor Speedway (NDRA Crate) - Timbo Mangum
Laurens County Speedway - Mike Measamer
Modoc Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Wendell Chavous
Westminster Speedway (Limited) - David McCoy
Westminster Speedway (Crate) - Ty Lowe

South Dakota

Black Hills Speedway (WISSOTA) - Eric Mass
Brown County Speedway (WISSOTA) - Kent Arment
Casino Speedway (WISSOTA) - Chad Becker
Dakota State Fair Speedway (WISSOTA) - Kent Arment
Wagner Speedway (Limited) - Ben Sukup


411 Motor Speedway (Limited) - Josh Collins
Clarksville Speedway (UMP) - Caleb Ashby
Clarksville Speedway (UMP Crate) - Gil Smith
Clayhill Motorsports Park (Crate) - Chris Tays
Cleveland Speedway - Todd Morrow
Cleveland Speedway (Limited) - Undecided
Crossville Speedway (Limited) - Reuben Mayfield
Duck River Speedway - Scott Cook
Duck River Speedway (Two-Barrel) - Matt Odeneal
Tazewell Speedway (Limited) - Travis Fultz
Tennessee National Raceway - Eric Hickerson
Tennessee National Raceway (Limited) - Undecided
Thunderhill Raceway - Ray McElhiney
Volunteer Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Dale Ball
Wartburg Speedway (Limited) - Dan Tipton
Winchester Speedway - Brad Skinner
Winchester Speedway (Two-Barrel) - Mark Haddon


Devil's Bowl Speedway - Wendall Bolden
El Paso Speedway Park (DIRTcar) - Garrett Alberson
I-37 Raceway (Limited) - Trey Votion


Eastside Speedway (Limited) - Undecided
Natural Bridge Speedway (Limited) - Justin Williams
Virginia Motor Speedway (Limited) - Scott Adams
Winchester Speedway - D.J. Myers
Winchester Speedway (Semi-Late) - Kris Eaton
Wythe Raceway (Fastrak Crate) - Jensen Ford

West Virginia

Elkins Raceway - Tim Senic
Elkins Raceway (Fastrak Crate) - Kris Southern
I-77 Raceway Park (AMRA) - Chris Garnes
I-77 Raceway Park (Semi-Late) - Roger Bowling
Ohio Valley Speedway (AMRA) - Jeff Burdette
Princeton Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Tate Hughes
Thunder Mountain Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Aaron Barley
Tyler County Speedway - Paul Wilmoth Jr.
Tyler County Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Daniel Hill


Amsoil Speedway (WISSOTA) - Darin Meierotto
Cedar Lake Speedway (NASCAR) - Rick Hanestad
Lafayette County Speedway (Limited) - Scott Riechers
Manitowoc County Expo Speedway (WDLMA) - Tim Buhler
Plymouth Dirt Track (WDLMA) - Brad Mueller
Red Cedar Speedway (WISSOTA) - Chad Mahder
Shawano Speedway (WISSOTA) - Ron Berna
Shawano Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Dave Fieber


Casper Speedway (Limited) - Jeff Gorsuch
Gillette Thunder Speedway (WISSOTA) - Eddie Kirchoff


Castrol Raceway (WISSOTA) - Brad Cameron


Brighton Speedway (DIRTcar Crate) - Greg Belyea
Humberstone Speedway (Fastrak Crate) - Darren Peters
South Buxton Raceway (UMP) - Kirk Hooker